Friends forever {Ainslee & Harlow}

    tumblr_nrwfn8Kgk31rp74xfo1_500.gifv   When they first met she needed a friend her uncle had just died and she needed something to keep her mind off of it so she walked into the bar where she saw a girl drinking dancing and having fun she needed that to so she asked if she could join and sure enough the girl let her with a friendly smile she knew then that she would be friends with this girl whose name is Harlow. 


"Thank you Harlow you've really helped me keep my mind off things i needed it " Ainslee said with a smile holding her drink .

"After my uncle died i just really need a friend someone who will always be there for me when i need it you know i hope that person will be you "Ainslee said as she sat down watching everyone else in the bar before turning towards Harlow

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  • Vampire

    Harlow was in one of her usual party moods so she went to the nearest bar, she began to drink with anyone who wanted to drink with her. As the night progressed she ended up dancing on the bar while she drank until a sad looking blonde came in and asked if she could join. Harlow was never one to turn down a new drinking partner. The girl explained that she needed a new friend. Harlow was far too drunk to say no to much of anything. Taking the girls hand Harlow dragged her up onto the bar so the two could dance and enjoy the music. “I'm not one to turn down a friend. Sorry about your family member.” She said over the music.

    Harlow continued to dance and sway to the music though it felt like someone in the bar was watching her, glancing around Harlow smirked to herself. She had spied a very handsome man tucked into a corner table in the shadows watching her. She could have sworn she had seen this man before somewhere, shaking off the feeling she turned back to the woman next to her with a smile.

    • Succubus

      " Thank you " Ainslee decided then she would stop being depressive and enjoy herself for once so she got off her feet and pulled Harlow with her to dance "let's get rid of any worries we have for the night and party and enjoy the night," Ainslee said over the music with a smile and began dancing letting go and dancing like no one is watching " everything okay? " she asked Harlow noticing her glancing around

  • Vampire

    Harlow nodded to Ainslee when she asked if everything was okay “Yes perfect let’s get ourselves some drinks!” Harlow was in one of her typical party until she dropped moods. None the wiser that anything was going on within herself or around the world, she was just focused on getting drunk and enjoying her time at the bar. Shifting to order herself a drink and something for her newfound friend she smiled as she placed the order for them both. Accepting the drinks she danced her way back over to where Ainslee was “How are you enjoying yourself? And the city?” She asked.

    Something about Ainslee told Harlow she was new, she wasn’t sure what it was but something about her made Harlow think this whole scene was new to her. Of all the people she could have picked to be her friend she had to pick the wild child party girl.

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