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After the News of her father Oliver's death, Amelia was supposed to take up her place as Alpha of the shifters back home in Scotland a witch being that she inherited her mother's legacy rather than her father's the leader of shifters imagine that so she ran to find the one person who could love him and help her in her time of need one of the only people she trusted to help her. Her 'Uncle' Vincent Dimare the legendary Phoenix and leader of his race

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As much as Amelia loved her father there was a point in time she wanted nothing to do with him. He was a tyrant and a terrible man. the day she met her 'Uncle' Winny her father changed for the better all thanks to her Uncle. the story of how they met wasn't a happy one actually that day had torn Amelia apart emotionally.
Amelia was bored so she decided to go for a walk you would think that in Scotland the locals such as Amelia wouldn't get lost but here she was walking down the street completely lost at eleven o clock at night. The chill of the night was seeping through her clothes chilling her to the bone even if she wanted to go home she wouldn't not now not knowing what she did her Father Oliver had beaten her mother Adella and herself again and this time it landed her mother in the hospital you would think that as a witch that Amelia would be able to heal her mother right? wrong she couldn't hence the hospital. it was that night that she met the man she would come to see as an uncle and surrogate father figure in her eyes.

Amelia sat on the bench at the park that she found bleeding from her face her lips busted up and her ribs she was sure was broken in several places. she closed her eyes trying to will the immense pain she felt away knowing her father would soon send someone to collect her as he did every time she tried to run away from him  She was stubborn and refused to fall into the role she was born into she was tired of being something she wasn't. She heard the wind blowing in the trees calming herself as she felt someone sit next to her she opened her eyes and turned to see a man looking at her in concern his eyes 

" Am I bothering you, Sir? because I can leave and go elsewhere if I am?" she asked with a wince as she tried to move and get up to leave so she didn't bother him.   


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