tumblr_inline_nmloj8Mn6t1ryrjyr_250.gifvSinn was very cautious about how he went about his dealings. The man was impulsive and temperamental and that was just on a good day. However, when it came to his work, he was very careful and meticulous. He didn’t tolerate sloppy work from his colleagues and you can bet he was on their ass if they even had the slightest slip up. Especially since he was the local’s police department favorite suspect even when something had nothing to do with him. It brought him a great sense of joy to see that they couldn’t catch him especially when he knew that they hoped to lock him up one day. Though he knew that day wasn’t coming anytime soon, whenever suspicious activity happened around his compound, he knew that it was a day the police department were fooled into thinking they had their chance. This week wasn’t any different. 

A death had happened on the block his business resided at. The cover was just a local restaurant and it was a deal he cut with the owner. She was a nice older woman that took pride in her little shop and he had cut her a deal to help keep it open if he could handle his business and keep under the radar by giving her an allowance of his making. Apparently her husband was in the business as Sinn used to be when they were younger so it was safe to say she didn’t mind. 

There were only a few people who knew of Sinn around the block, them also doing work that they would rather do in the dark. So when the death happened, he was the first to hear it about through those people. That’s when he heard of the investigations and questioning happening and he knew it would only be a matter of time before someone came knocking on his door. So he decided to do it himself before anyone would come to him. He always hated an element of surprise so he always preferred to face things head on rather than let it spring up on him. That’s exactly what he did. He went to every business on the block, to see what they knew but he knew only a handful of them were really in the same business as him. 

His last stop was with a woman that he hadn’t really had the chance to meet yet. Though he knew that he heard of the business he was in and with all of what he dealt with all day, he was already in an irritated mood. He had heard of the business she ran and it only made him curious of who he’ll be meeting. Entering the bar and restaurant, the incubus took in the crowd that was in there. Time slipped him and he had forgotten about the dinner rush as the sun was barely clinging in the sky. Slightly sighing to himself, he strode over to the bar. Flagging down one of the bartenders, he pulled out the piece of paper with a name on it; the owner’s name that he managed to get from one of his connections. After one glance, the bartender came over, asking for his order which he shook his head and declined the offer of a drink.

tumblr_inline_nmgih7Gqbp1ryrjyr_250.gifv“I’m looking for a Lily Maiela? Is she here tonight?” Sinn asked, his voice certain and held authority, as if he already knew this woman he asked of. He had learned how to master this voice, even from the beginning of his life. He was raised to believe that time shouldn’t be wasted if it can be avoided and he never really had time for pleasantries. Seeing the bartender hesitant, he reached into his pocket to pull out a crisp large bill and slipped into the bartender’s hand. The brief skin contact made it easy for Sinn to convince the woman to oblige. Their kind’s touch can be used to manipulate or convince one to give into their will so it was small enough for her to take the cash then told him she’d go get her before slipping out into the back. Leaning against the bar, he waited for one of them to come back, glancing at his watch. 

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  • Succubus

    Lily has moved rather often over her life. She tends not to stay in any one place long, especially as the years march on and technology progresses, though it also works in her favor. She’s quite adaptable and the advantage of technology is that it makes it so much easier for her to get information on influential people - information that keeps her own business under the radar.

    Of course she puts on a legitimate front. A hotel that also runs a restaurant and bar is far from disreputable and being run so well makes things even harder to see the brothel that runs under the surface. It helps that so many influential people manage to find their way to her doors… repeatedly. These are all things that she’s mastered setting up over the years and many of her previous ventures are still running, though under new management. Lily enjoys keeping everything running, using what would otherwise be seen as illegal or unfortunate work to help get people out of truly unfortunate situations. She takes care of her workers and regularly visits the other hotels to make sure everyone is being cared for to the same standards she set. She’s been in town long enough that she’s fairly secure but she’s been so focused on setting things up that she’s neglected other details since moving here - things like meeting the neighbors. She always intended to get around to it, offer a dinner invitation or the like, but running a business is a time sink. That’s what sees her in the office working on paperwork instead of being out among the others.

    Green eyes lift from transcribing documents from paper to computer when the doors open and the young bartender walks in. Getting requests to see her from customers is not at all unusual so nothing about this puts her on edge quite yet and she smiles at the woman, placing a light hand on her shoulder as she breezes by her on her way to deal with whatever it is the man might want. She doesn’t influence her to anything, she’s not that type anymore. At least not the majority of the time. So then imagine her surprise when the man she sees lounging against the bar gives off a decidedly unnatural feel. Her smile doesn’t waver however and she approaches from around the bar, the jeweled necklace at her tumblr_oec23if5rs1ubpaq0o5_400.gifvcollar shimmering in the low light and heels clicking softly against the wood. The various customers and workers that greet her slows her in her approach, the men and women around all seem to want to take a moment of her time but she does keep it brief out of courtesy. No one that stands around checking their watch like that intends things to take long.

    He certainly seems… impatient. Not something uncommon of her customers, especially first timers, but he gives off a different feel from first time jitters. No, he’s here about something far different from a meal in its various forms. “Hello. I understand you were asking for me. I’m Lily Maiela, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr..?” She holds a hand out in greeting, her smile never slipping and nothing of her inner thoughts showing on her face. Of course she’d heard of the unfortunate matter of someone turning up dead nearby, people gossip after getting a few drinks in them, but she can’t imagine it having anything to do with her. After all, what does she gain by pulling a stunt like that? The police may not be on her tail but she certainly doesn’t want them snooping around and a dead body would be a very good reason for a suspicious one to start. “May I treat you to a drink and we can discuss… whatever problem there is back in my office?”

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