It was as if Isabelle was living her worst nightmare when she'd received a call from the council, a displeased one at that, as they explained what had been going on around town which she had been completely oblivious to until now. Apparently, a string of partially mysterious murders had plagued the city of Vrevale but the one thing that was made obvious, was the fact that the killings gave the police leads that lead right back to the Cambions and without giving it a second thought, fingers were immediately pointed at one person; Isabelle. Instantly, the brunette knew otherwise because her people knew68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f536a4a5279745378774c563158673d3d2d3436323537353238322e313464663261343663653438613533393139343334373233313533352e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720 better; not only that, but she also kept track of everyone so if one or a handful decided to go on a killing spree, the Cambion Queen would know.

What made things worse on her was the fact that the council members seemed to blame her immediately without waiting on an explanation or so much as looking into the murders to realize that her people definitely didn’t have anything to do with them. It was as if she was the odd ball out and so fingers were easily pointed, something Belle was beginning to get sick of, especially since her and her kind were still fairly new to the city and seeing as she’d chosen to live her opposed to the underworld where her presence was needed, the last thing she wanted was to anger the other leaders so sucking it up, she had a meeting with her people at the Cambion manor to see if she could see which one of them were lying to her face. However, they were all clearly telling the truth, but would the leaders believe that? She instantly knew better.

After much debate, Isabelle picked up the phone to give the coroners office a call back after they’d called so she could come see the bodies and she’d original.gifchosen to give Gael a call so he could accompany her because not only was he both her second in command and the head Nephilim for his own kind, he was also her closest friend. “This situation can’t get any worse,” she spoke into the phone once Gael had answered, the stress evident on both her face and in her voice. She’d obviously explained the situation to him and he was on her side so she knew more than ever now that she needed him with her. “The coroners office called, the bodies are ready for us.” The brunette explained with a small sigh, knowing she needed to see these bodies for herself to see what exactly told the other leaders that the murders were done by her kind. “I’ll meet you there.” She said before hanging up reluctantly, grabbing her belongings, and heading out to the medical examiners office.

Deciding that she could use an extra set of eyes, she reached out to the council members but as suspicious as it sounded, no one wanted anything to do with her situation but one; the shifter leader, Clayton. He seemed to be the one person who believed that her people had nothing to do with this and that it was nothing but a set up so when he’d agreed to meet with her and Gael at the office, she felt slightly better about going.

Not long after she’d left the manor, Belle had approached the coroners office, climbing out of her parked car to head inside where she was immediately lead into the back where the few bodies the city had58d86c3ec832d331789cb161e405ae22834f36b9.gifv picked up were laid on a table with nothing but a sheet to cover their bodies and when the sheet was pulled back, she saw why the council had pointed fingers at the Cambions; by the color of their skin, it was clear that the life force was drained from them and though this type of thing could be done by many other species, the one thing that took them apart from the others was the black and green veins that continued to pulse through the corpses body, as if whoever had done this to them had recently done it and with a mission that involved framing the Cambions and their Queen. “Shit,” she mumbled as the door behind her, while she was left alone with the bodies, began to open.

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  • Shifter

    The Shifter was honestly surprised when his phone rang and saw that Isabelle was the one calling him. He had rarely spoken to the Cambion Queen other than at the council meetings but his species and hers didn’t often interact with each other and not for any reason such as rivalry, the Cambions were just newer to town so no one really understood them or what they were. Clayton could relate to the stress and pressure Isabelle must be feeling seeing he too was once the new kid. “Hey, Isabelle what’s up?” Clayton answered normally. He was soon informed that Isabelle would appreciate another set of eyes to come to look at a couple of bodies that popped up dead for some time, and all fingers pointed to Isabelle and her group. All fingers but his and the Nephilim Gael. So it was an easy decision to make in joining Belle. 


    After telling Belle that he would meet her there he swiftly grabbed his coat and truck keys and spent the next ten minutes driving to the coroners’ office his sensitive nose already picking up Isabelle’s scent. Walking through the narrow hallway he tried his best to not breathe in the chemicals, sterile solutions, and dead bodies, instead he focused on Isabelle’s scent which wasn’t exactly pleasant but it was better than dead, rotting bodies. Clayton pushed open the door catching Belle swear over one body.

    “Don’t say that, it makes you sound guilty.” Claytons tone was friendly as if he was trying to make a joke but his face couldn’t match his tone. He appeared beside her looking at the dead, pale carcass, the only color that remained was the black and green veins that were prominent against the chalky flesh. “Shit,” Clayton repeated lowly.

    Sighing he looked over at the Cambion Queen seeing how much this truly was upsetting to her. He had to say something. “I8799392101?profile=RESIZE_584x know this looks bad, Belle, but I still don’t think any one of your people did this.” He gently reached out to rub the small part of her back in comfort. Clayton was a genuine, affectionate person to his friends and even though he and Belle don’t really know each other just yet Clayton could tell Isabelle and her people weren’t the bad guys tonight. “But to cross out all suspicions you’re one hundred percent sure that everyone has been accounted for? Like you said?” Clayton believed Belle, he really does, it was just easier for him to start at the beginning as an outsider to her kind to help her work through this.

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