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I need your help (Jacob and Rose)

tumblr_n4mci9uDz31rlb6iho1_400.gif The thought of being able to go outside in the daylight use to make the Vampiress Queen laugh. There was no way there could be magic that strong to abide by the laws of nature to allow the very definition of darkness to walk among those in the light. Times have changed however, now there was a possibility for Rose and the rest of her people to walk into the bright days and enjoy their life. And she owed it all to a single person who introduced them to her. Jacob Beckett. 

Rose had met Jacob when she still ruled back in Romania over a millenium ago, he had come to her and her parents proclaiming that he could provide such magic that would allow her kind to walk freely, without dying. Of course Rose's parents thought it was ludicrious and black magic but Rose saw it as a step going forward for her kingdom, and since she was Queen at the time she approved of Mr. Becketts plan to proceed. There were multiple trials and errors that came with it, and some of her kind died, causing Rose both physical and mental pain since she was connected to all her kind. 

Rose was about to tell Jacob to stop the process when she saw him again testing it out on another subject of hers. Rose braced herself for the pain that was to follow when the woman stepped out into the sun but when nothing happened Rose stared in disbelief. Finally. Finally there was hope that it worked. 

That was years ago. Now with the daylight rings mastered Rose and her kind were free to walk around without either one of them feeling the cruelty of the sun. 

As Rose wondered the early morning streets heading towards the building where the council regularly met to discuss whatever needed today, she felt a little irritation forming on her arm. Looking down in both annoyance and curiosity, she saw the sun light ray hitting the small area on her skin that was being aggrivated along with a small reddish hue appearing. 

No. This cant be happening. 

Rose's first response was to pull away her arm from the sun, but she could only go so far as the morning sun was approaching fast. So Rose did what any sane Vampire would do. She ran. 

She wasn't getting far however as the sun chased after her, hitting a couple spots that would make her cry out in pain while seeing a stream of smoke arise from the areas it touched. 

Not paying attention to her surroundings, Rose ran into someone which caused her to fall on her behind. "Help me!" She cried out only to see it was someone she didn't she would see in a long time. Jacob.

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    tumblr_inline_mwj1veNpB01rsud01.gifJacob had been through a lot through his life, from being shunned from his family after being turned into vampire, and when they found out he was still a warlock, they attempted to kill him. He was the abomination. Of course, being a new vampire, he thirsted for blood, as his parents tried to kill him, he ended up ending their lives.

    As he cried over their lifeless bodies, he looked up to the moon that shown above him, and cursed out loud. How could he have been so dumb. Quickly trying to bring them back, repeating the ressurection spell over and over, he became drained, but with his heart already dead, and non beating, it didn't kill him.

    Being able to ressurect his mother, he looked her in the eyes, a single tear ran down his pale cheek, his crystal blue hues shown of hurt and betrayal.

    "I will always love you, though you tried to kill me.. Now you must suffer with no one to love you." With that he took off fast.


    Mastering his magic and vampirism, Jacob became the most powerful being on earth, for what he knew. He was after all, named a Heretic.

    Finding his way to the castle of the Queen and King, where he met the stunning Queen; Rose; where he swore he could help her walk in the sun. The young vampire was skeptical at first.

    Through many trial and errors, he was able to make one for everyone of his kind. Rose and him became close, and her husband didn't like it. Forbidding him to ever return to the castle, Jake snuck a simple kiss to roses cheek, and left. Leaving behind a beautiful ring, that he spelled just for her to walk in the light. He called this one the 'queens amulent.'.

    With a note attatched to it, black-gun-plated-victorian-ring-with-white-cubic-zirconia-stones-rings.jpg?1549859965&profile=RESIZE_180x180

    "You will always be mine.
    -the heretic"





    Turning the corner of the building, he just left, a small force ran into him, and he looked down to see someone he never thought he'd see, Jacon took in her appearance. "Rose?" He noticed she was burning up. He pulled her inside a dark ally way, and looked at her ring. She wasn't wearing the one he left for her, the one that was the most powerful of all. It saddned him.

    "What's going on? Where'd you get this ring?" He knew it wasn't one of his due to the fact he knew all that he has made, since he's put his soul into each and everyone of the rings he made.

    With out thinking, he wrapped her into his arms, and took her into the back way of a bar he was good friends with.

    "Where's the ring I gave you?" He was hurt.


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      tumblr_inline_ng4p50D03S1s9fwwy.gifThe sun was relentless on trying to make the Vampire Queen shrivel like a grape. Had it not been the clumisness of Rose, she would've never run into Jacob. As she Laid there on the floor for a moment before being picked up and brought to a darkened alley way where it gave her time to catch her breathe and cool down from the suns harmful rays. Even though she was already healing from most of the burn areas she wouldn't heal as fast as if she would by drinking blood. She had only been outside for ten minutes and in the sun for two and areas on her skin such as her arm, hand, and legs as she wore a dress were blotted red with blisters. "Shit this hurts." She exclaimed ignoring his question.


      Before she could react she was moving again into an even darker area where she could smell the alcohol that resided in the air. Her guess was a bar. Once she was settled in a chair to continue her healing she finally looked at Jacobs face, who was sitting infront of her, she could see the hurt all over it when he asked her where the ring he made for her was. "Gone." she stated sadly "When Septimus killed me the first time, he got rid of my body and your ring to me." Her cocoa hues filled with sadness. The original ring he made her was gorgeous, purely perfect for her. Septimus didn't think it was however as his jealousy over took him and told Jake to never come back. Rose was surprised she got to keep the ring. 

      Showing him the ring she wore now on her right hand she told him "I thought you made this so when I went to buy one...Jake what am I going to do? I have to be at the council meeting soon but the sun is up." Rose was never known to show fear, she wasn't allowed to, she had to be strong and resillant for her people but for the first time in her life, her words faltered as she asked the Heretic what she would do. 

      A twing of pain radiated her throat as she became thirsty. The sun had taken a lot of her energy already and she needed blood soon. The pain wasn't excrusiating but it was annoying for the Vampiress. Leaning in close so she could place her forehead on his shoulder she breathed in deeply feeling the pain from her legs subside. Examining her hands they weren't blistered but they were still an ugly red color as if Rose had gotten a really bad sunburn. She scoffed at the irony.

    • Heretic

      tumblr_inline_p7igujfNOC1qlt39u_540.gifJacob used his dark leather jacket to shield her from the onlookers. “Rob, get them out!” He shouted as people gawked at the scene before them. Robert was a good friend of Jake; him being a vampire and all, understood why he needed them out. Ushering them out, Robert soon returned back and ran to the back of the establishment and grabbed four blood bags, knowing Jake was going to ask for them. Robert knew this was his Queen, and was surprised to see her in his workplace. Thanking Rob, he took one of the blood bags and ripped it open. It was O- which he knew was the best.

      “Drink, Rose, drink..” He could tell she was weak just by the way she slumped up against him. The ring incident could wait, he wasn’t saddened long, Jake was just really worried. As she drank from the bags, he could tell it wasn’t helping her thirst, she needed it from the main source, so Jake walked outside, and grabbed a woman, who was more than willing to join him at the bar. “You will not scream, you will enjoy this; you’re helping me out.” The woman nodded and held out her wrist. He watched as Rose eyes widened into a doe-like way, and eagerly took the woman’s hand into hers, leaning down and drinking from the veins.

      Jake couldn’t help but want to join, so he did: moving her hair away from her neck, he slowly sank his fangs into her jugular. The woman moaned, as the two fed from her. Feeling her heart-68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f424d444b4b4e6e454b68737833673d3d2d3633323833383536382e313535353966633665626464373536353734383238373739393636382e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720rate slowly began to fall, he stopped, and looked at Rose. “My Queen… We don’t want to kill her”, he said quietly. As soon as he said that Rose nodded and pulled away.

      She was pretty much healed, so this was when Jake’s eyes grew irritated, “This ring wasn’t made by me…” His eyes glowed a deep crimson red as he took the ring into his hand, “Rose this ring is cursed!” He growled out, “Where the hell did you get this?

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      tumblr_inline_nf3cpqI4ZU1s9fwwy.gifBy now Rose was shaking, the burns on her body were trying to put her into shock, something a Vampire as old as herself shouldn't be able to do. With the newer, younger Vampires who were still adapting to that life sure, but Rose? No it shouldn't be possible. Has the sun's morning rays just be that strong today? Rose tried not to think about it as another wave of pain flowed through her. Thankfully Jacob knew already what to do. Hearing him order a man name Rob to get whoever was in the bar out as he shielded Rose from anyone that dared to look.

       His shoulder was the only thing that was keeping her up right now as she felt the heaviness of her eyes wanting to close. NO! She thought. She couldn't fall asleep now, that would only maketumblr_nm7j3spYxC1rmdty4o8_250.gif things a million times worse if she did. She almost didn't even recognize that Jake had tried to get her to drink out of the bag she was so sore and weak. Greedily takeing the bag, she began to feed, quickly sucking the delicate red liquid from its container. It was gone within seconds and she grabbed another and did the same thing. Her hunger never settling. Rose knew she needed more than just the blood bags. Apparently Jake did too. 

      Rose watched as Jacob brought back a woman hand in hand and immediately knew what he was doing. She watched him compulse the young woman with wide eyes that was directed more from the hunger than from him compelling a stranger in broad daylight. Taking the young womans hand, her fangs immediate plopped down and she bite into the sensitive flesh and began to drank with greed. Within a few seconds she already felt more powerful, stronger and more healed than she did from the blood bags. There was nothing compared to blood from the source. Glancing her chocolate eyes towards Jacob's icy blue ones, she saw him feeding alongside with her and she gave him a thankful smile. After Jake reminded Rose not to kill the human, the Vampiress nodded and pulled away, licking the human girls wrist and watched it close.

      Turning her attention back to her Heretic she noticed how his characteristics changed as his eyes grew a dark crimson red as Jake told Rose her worst fear. The ring wasn't made by was cursed. Stunned, Rose blinked and tried to remember where she got it. "In a little store runned by other Heretics on the other side of town. They said they get their jewlery from you after you casted your spell on them and sell them." She told him taking a step forward to grasp the ring again "Why would anyone give me a cursed ring?" She mused out and looked at Jake as if he suddenly had all the answers in the world.

    • Heretic

      Jacob looked over his queen and sighed, "They're not any other heretics in town, Rose. They must've been witches pretending to be my kind." He took her hand into his, and growled, "They cursed it with deadmans blood. A certain blood that if not enough will run out of 'juice', I guess you can say. He tilted the ring, showing the crimson redness in it fading. He was so glad he had run into her, it's been hell with out her. She was his best friend. "Listen, youy stay with Rob, while I go get you a ring."

      He just couldn't believe it. Yes there were other Heretics in town, but none that would want to hurt their Queen. Licking his lips from the blood, he kissed rose's head. "Stay here. I'll be back quickly." With that he left.


      631-2.jpg?format=500w&profile=RESIZE_710xIt had a been a good half-hour while he was gone, but he returned with a ring, that he hoped she'd liked. He walked over to her and showed her the ring he had bought, and looked at her with hopefulness in his eyes.

      He opened the blinds that led to the outside rays, and sat the ring on the barstool, and closed his eyes and muttered the incantation. This one was the hardest, since he was constantly doing it, making new rings for each new vampire. Soon enough, he stopped and opened his eyes. "Alright, its done." He handed her the ring, and backed up. "Step outside."

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      Rose felt humiliated once she heard the news from Jacob. No other Heretics? That can't be right. She had felt the pull that there were half vampires, she presumed they were the Heretics. Shaking her head Rose felt the sway of her brown curls move with her action. "I feel like an idiot." She murmured to him. How could she let herself be fooled? Her attention was back on Jacob's words as he told her to stay at the bar. All the Vampiress could do was nod. She didn't want to speak. A kiss to her head was all she felt until she saw Jacob leave.

      Rose sat in the quietness of the bar for a moment, lost in her own thoughts. She didn't understand why there were Witches who gave her a cursed ring. Witches and Vampires have an alliance, mainly due to the half breeds like Jacob who was the best of both worlds. Rose thought about all that she has done with the Witches and she admits, maybe it wasn't enough to them but there was only so much that a Vampire could do for a Witch. Could this be a revenge of some sort? For not doing more?

      Lost in her thoughts the Vampiress didn't realize how much time had passed until her Heretic came back with a small box. Inside the box was a beautiful ring that glistened like the sun, but the diamond in the middle shone like the moon. It was breathtaking, to say the least. As soon as Jacob was done with the spell to enchant it, Rose took the ring gently and placed it on her right-hand ring finger, where it fit like a glove. She examined it on her hand and gave the biggest smile. "It's beautiful, Jacob... you really outdid yourself." She complimented him.

      Dropping her hand to her side she eyed him as he told her to step outside. Taking a couple of encouraging breaths, she decided to tumblr_nabmv0pofL1sx948ro2_500.giftrust him once again. Jacob hasn't done her wrong yet, she doubt he would try to betray her now. Walking towards the door she was lead in by, she could feel her fear and anxiety build up until she pushed against the metal door and stepped out into the sunlight with her eyes closed. At first, the Vampiress waited for the burning to set in so she could run back inside but as she stood there with her eyes remaining closed, that fear began to wash away. She took in the sun's nutrients that it was playing on her skin and let out a small chuckle. 

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