I've Returned - Rose and Mitica

Stepping down off the plane onto land again gave Mitica a large smile the man looked around the surroundings he couldn’t help but be happy. He was surprising the one and only love of his life Rose his Queen, and Bestfriend, his longest and only friend really. He cared for nothing more than he cared for her, she was the most important thing and person in the world. He had made sure that everything was taken care of back home in the kingdom, that he left nothing unattended before his departure. Now that he was in the town where his Queen now lived full time he was even more excited to see her, he had kept his excitement under control until he was within reach; that was just how Miti was.

Shifting to follow the crowd into the airport he grinned seeing his driver that he had called ahead to meet him to take him to where she now lived. After the drive from the airport to her place he took out his set of keys and carried his bags up to the door unlocking it and heading inside the Mansion. Once inside he set his bags down making his way through the halls he smirked to himself. 

Mitica had been planning this trip for so long he even got in touch with a Warlock who was able to spell a ring to mask his presence from Rose, but knowing Rose he couldn’t put the ring on until the last minute or she would panic more and try to send out a search party while he was on the flight or something. So now that he was close he put the ring on and snuck into her kitchen where he could smell the food. Placing his hands on her eyes he smirked and whispered. “Ghici cine” (“Guess who”) He chuckled at her reaction and wrapped her up in the tightest hug he possibly had ever given her.

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