Last hope ~ Valeria & Thaddeus

Today had begun in an ordinary way; up bright and early in the morning, the Hybrid and her men were quick at work seeing as a number of shipments were scheduled to go out by evening time. Luckily for her, they worked quickly and efficiently and with the barrier still around their underground work station thanks to her witch allies, they were completely hidden from the outside world. By evening time, their shipments were packed and ready to be sent out to buyers and since it'd been a fairly stressful day, Val decided to let everyone take a break for the rest of the night. Looking back, however, she wished she'd at least stayed behind instead of venturing off for a much needed smoke as the sun set completely and darkness followed. Strolling away from the area where the underground workplace was, she pulled a cigarette out of the box in her back pocket, placing it between her lips as she lit it all while walking along the empty sidewalk without a care in the world but when a pair of red and blue headlights flashed her way, the blonde slowed down cautiously.

To the law, media, and everyone in between, Valeria was known as 'Queen' with her true identity hidden, earning quite the name for herself since moving her organization to the states and though it wasn't very low profile like some liked to tell her, no one has yet to figure out what her name was nor what she even looked like. It was a success in itself and though she'd managed to keep a step over the law, tonight seemed to be different. As she removed the cig from between her lips and let out a puff of smoke, she kept her attention elsewhere until, however, one of the cops started to make his way towards 33a4b5efadda2827efd1e93c1c6129c2.gifher. Mentally cursing herself for going on this damn stroll, she tilted her head up and immediately made eye contact with the cop, noting how he had a good amount of backup behind him.

"Valeria Leroux?" The officer questioned as he now stood before her with the hybrid forced to stop in her tracks but instead of responding and confirming that was indeed her name, she chose to keep quiet, simply giving him a look. Earning a dry chuckle from him, he began to twirl a pair of handcuffs around his finger while eyeing her causing Val to arch a brow. "Don't bother answering, we know exactly who you are," he took another step forward now while she stood her ground, anticipating what happened next. "I am arresting you on suspicion of involvement with the individual know as Queen... you do not have to say anything, but it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence. Now, if you will, turn around and put your hands behind your back, Miss. Leroux."

Instead of doing as she was told, Val spoke up. "And what proof do you have of this?" She asked, holding back the smirk that threatened to break through her blank exterior at the fact that she was indeed Queen and yet they didn't even know it. 

"Oh, we have plently." With that being said, the officer was quick to force Valeria to turn around and put her hands behind her back where he slapped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists before leading her towards his police cruiser. She didn't bother fighting because having a feeling they barely had anything on her, she'd be out in a couple hours. The drive to the station didn't take too long and before she knew it, the hybrid was sitting in a small room with her wrists cuffed to the table and a detective sitting across from her, grilling her with question after question that she successfully managed to answer without so much as a hesistation. 

"So, you don't know who this Queen is?" The female detective, Olivia, questioned Val further, a suspicious look on her features. 

Shaking her head while putting on this act of confusion. "Is she the Queen of another country?" She dumbly asked, though deep down she was enjoying this little game because by the looks of it, she was940667fa5f0eda0ab8b02a9b5dcb5d0e.gif really beginning to get under this detectives skin.

"No, she's not...." Olivia let out a sigh, running a frustrated hand down her face. "Look, Valeria, we know you're involved somehow with her. Just tell us where we can find her and you're free to go." The detective tried to pursuade her.

"I'm sorry, detective, but I'm just some girl from Australia. What could I possibly have to do with some Queen?" She faked a realistic looking frown and in response, the detective was on her feet in seconds, leaning over the table to where she was nearly face to face with the hybrid who was still seated.

"You're playing a very dangerous game here, Leroux. I can have you thrown into federal prison for interfering with this case." She practically snarled to which Val sent a smirk her way, fueling the anger inside Olivia further.

"I'd like to see you try." Valeria said with a sneer on her face, clearly enjoying the reaction she was receiving while trying to provoke the detective further by muttering a "go fuck yourself" followed by a smile.

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