Fighting was something she knew how to do she's known how to protect herself since she was twelve years old it came naturally to her magic was a different story. she could do it but it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows it was hard work which is why she was lucky when she met Anastasia or Ana her Witch coven leader and regent. Amelia was tired of not being able to protect the ones she cares about not by physical means but by magical means she wasn't able to protect her mother Adella when she needed to so she made a vow to herself to 'get strong to protect those you love become a warrior.'

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Amelia woke up like every other day got dressed headed to the gym then after four hours went and grabbed coffee buying two knowing that her leader would like it if she did hope it might put her in a good mood.

"Ana I brought you coffee before we start today I thought you might want it," she said with a grin still in her work out clothes as she handed the woman her coffee "And just because I brought you coffee doesn't mean you go easy on my training either Ana though I appreciate you taking the time to teach and train me" she giggled as she finished the last bit of her coffee she waited for Ana to speak  

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    Though Ana liked to rely on magic from time to time, she also knew of the many ways others could either use someones magic against them or worse, block out their magic to where the witch or warlock were practically defenseless. Hence why knowing how to physically defend ones self was important and so when Amelia requested that the High Priestess teach her how to protect and defend herself against an outside threat, she was more than happy to do so, especially when it came to her Council members, Mia being their newest addition.

    Having had woken up bright and early that morning to get some Coven related things done in her office, Ana nearly cancelled on Mia when she remembered their training session. However, knowing how important it was, she willed herself to go anyways and seeing as the Coven Estate didn’ta48641fc85c49cf4d9bba8e08b6f2efa.gif have a large backyard area, she figured the forest would be their next best bet. So after finishing up in her office, a few minutes before their meeting was to take place, she cleaned up and went to go change in her workout clothes before heading out.

    The drive to the forest didn’t take too long and seeing as she made it before Mia, she chose to occupy her time for a bit until she heard a car pull up. Turning around just as she came over, she offered her a warm smile. Seeing her with the iced coffee had a sense of relief to pass by the witch as she didn’t hesitate to take the cup from her, while giving her another smile. “You are a life saver, Mia.” She said as she took a sip, welcoming the caffeine as it travelled down her throat.

    Setting the cup down then, she let out a small laugh upon hearing her council members next words, giving her a playful look. “You should know by now that I don’t go easy on anyone. Ever.” She told her, amusingly. “Now, you don’t need to thank me. I’m more than happy to help.” She admitted with a small shrug. “Ready to spar?”

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    "Can't have you caffeine deficient now can we?" she said with a smirk as she finished her coffee quickly setting her empty cup down next to her bag on the ground. "It's been a while since I've sparred with anyone but I won't hold back either as it's not in my nature to do so," she said as she rocked back on her heels after she grabbed her mouth guard and placed it in her mouth  " Do you want protective gear for your head and mouth I have some that would fit you never used ." she asked as she watched Ana intently her eyes scanning for every weak point her coven leader had before laughing quietly " Always Ana." her personality doing a complete 180 then her normal bubbly loving sweet personality. Amelia knew when it was time to let her coven leader see the other side of her come out her more deadly side though she knew Ana would never hurt her intentionally she did say she wouldn't hold back on her as her mind shifted quickly as she positioned herself  with a wickedly evil grin on her face " I wouldn't want to mess up such a pretty face."


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