The sun beamed down  from the sky  to let the world know  a new day has started. Ronan stepped out of the precinct, raising his hand to his face to see his surroundings  he had always hated night duty, but  it was a part of his job  and he had to do it  as e slide his hand into   the   green hoodie jacket pocket pulling out his cell phone he pulled up the text message he received  from a fellow warlock of a place he could gather supplies  as the last he had  was disguising  his sisters' hospital room


He walked over to his four by four as his cell phone rang. He pulled it up to the dashboard and heard his boss ask if he'd like a drink. "Ronan sighed as he took a deep breath, replying” yea in a bit. I'll get back to you.

Ronan set off as  he joined the slow traffic  heading into the city. Driving was not as fun unless  you were on a call, you could do  [practically whatever you like as long as it's safe.

Coming to a stop,  Ronan quickly turned on his  sat nav as he typed in the  address of the  shop he was looking for as  the voice of the  machine came alive with a  “at your next intersection turn right”. After reaching his third red light, Ronan reluctantly turned on the radio as music began to play, he was surprised  it was a song he had not in a while. A  British  band attempting country and western,  they were good, but  they couldn't beat  the USA versions.

Along forty-five minutes passed as Ronan pulled up outside  the address as he slapped the door shut looking at the sign before pulling out a piece of paper  to verify it was the  addressed shop  before walking  towards the entrance.

AS the door pushed  open with a ping of a bell, Ronan stepped inside as he looked  around at the  items and ingredients every witch and warlock needed,“ hello “he called out as he walked forward keeping his hand near  his service pistol“ it was an instinct that was forced into him when he joined the pd, but he knew not every silence was bad may  the owner never heard  him, or she was out the back. Pulling  out a list  as he  looked around  picking out the items he needed,  stopping  at the last he  looked around not being able to find the last 2 items “hello ?”

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  • Witch

    e8b4d2e9852fc8c85cafb4cfa1feddc28e0bea09.gifv?profile=RESIZE_400xWhen Brooke heard a male's voice she looked over out ofher office then smiled lightly at him, she walked out ofthe office walked over to the desk of the shop. "Hi how can I help you?" She asked him softly running a hand into her hair, she tucked some of her hair out of her eyes pressing her lips lightly together titling her head a little. Everything was beautiful outside it was a really bright day out, as Brooke looked outside she brought her eyes back to the male before her she replied in a soft tone in her voice. "I am Brooklyn Smith." Holding out her hand for him to shake it she bite her bottom lip gently giving him a smile upon her lis once more. She loved working in her shop and loved having people come into the shop to buy things. Running a hand into her hair again she finally ended up pulling her hair up into a ponytail to keep her hair out of her  eyes.. 

    "everything here is for sell so if you need anything at all just let me know." Brooke replied softly to him nodding her head a litlte more licking her lips she took a deep breath blinking a little tucking a small piece of hairbehind her ear she grabbed a book behind the desk where she was sitting as she started reading it. 

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