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It has been a little while since Rose moved to Maine. So far the Vampire Queen has found it pleasurable and nice. The town was small but the people made up for it with their big personalities. The council that she joined seemed to have accepted her for who she is and even she has accepted them for who they are. From day one, everyone in the small town in Maine has been welcoming and loving towards the Vampiress. It made her nonbeating heart swollen with pride and love. She had met so many supernaturals from being on the council such as Donovan-her newly found best friend, Jacob-a blast from the past, and even Vincent, the Phoenix who seemed to enjoy messing with her anytime they're around one another. 

At first Rose didn't understand what Vincent was doing and if she was being honest with herself, it annoyed and frustrated the Vampiress. She never had to deal with anyone messing with her the way Vincent did, but over time Rose grew the courage to mess with him back so now that whenever they see each other, it was an all out war between the two pair. It didn't make it any better when Rose moved in a few doors down from the Phoenix leader. Time and time again Rose would come home to some type of prank that Vincent had pulled and Rose would always get him back one way or another. 

Today was different however, Rose was in her sassy, short tempered feeling today all because of her subjects in her kingdom in Romania were trying to start a civil war amongst each other for the third time this century. Sighing out impatiently, the petite brunette walked out of the house to get some air when low and behold, lies the man who she suddenly had a strange relationship with.



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    Vincent was used to keeping away from the locals and watching the seaside town from afar. Keeping tabs on the other species that he now shared Vrévale with. The only people that he would go see every now and then were the Cabello sisters. The history they shared was a heavy one and he didn’t spend much time with them as he used to. Luciana always seemed busy with her own issues among her kind and Inyana was busy with being the mayor so he hadn’t seen much of them these days. Though once he met a certain vampire, he had brought something different to his life that had been absent for a while.

    tumblr_inline_o3fgvdzNss1qlt39u_250.gifvWhen he met Rose on one of his visits in town, he couldn’t understand the odd connection they had and after seeing her more frequently when he went into town, he’d mess with her on sight. It was a strange banter but it turned into something fun once Rose started to entertain the banter back with him. The playful nature the two shared was something he hadn’t done in a while. Only his brother, Grayson bringing out that side of him but now a new person that Vincent only know for a short while brought it out of him again. Their little prank battles had turned into a full blown war once Vincent moved closer to town.

    The Phoenixes were growing concern and Vin had moved closer to town so he could keep a watchful and make sure no harm came to his clan. However, what he didn’t expect was to learn that the vampire Queen was now his neighbor. It was a nice surprise to him because now he looked forward to scheming a new prank to pull on her or seeing what she came up with to get him back. It was all fun and games until her guards thought it wasn’t. After trying to get back at her for what she did to his house, he was getting his little scheme into action until her two guards thought he was a threat and well, that’s when things went a bit sour.

    So when he stepped out of his house, he just managed to see the familiar vampire walking out of her own home and that’s when he made his way over to her. “Hey! Queenie!” he yelled loud enough as he jogged over to her. Once he was close enough, he stopped and walked the rest of the way. “You think you can tell Tweetledee and Tweetledum to not almost take my head off next time I step foot on your yard?” He asked before seeing one of them looking out her front window. “I’m starting to think your guards just do that for kicks now,” he uttered before he finally took a good look at her. “What’s going on with you?” He asked, seeing her expression and recognizing the look of frustration. A look he knew well but only when it was him that was making the look.

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      As her name was called out in his loud manner addressing her by her rank among her people, she gave him a scowl and crossed her arms over her chest. "Why do you have to call me that?" her voice laced with a distaste for that nickname at the moment. He had called her that about the time she moved to the small city and it stuck with him and even managed to stick to some of the other locals, or they would call her Queen Bee. At the mention of her guards, her head back towards her house and there behold looking out the front of her window were the two men she had trained to protect her. A small smile to her face and a shake of her head the guards stepped away from the window,

      "They're only protecting me and besides oh Phoenix Leader even if your head does come off well...ashes to ashes dust to dust. You would bring yourself back and be reborn no?" She looked back at him with a smirk. 

      3667356714?profile=RESIZE_710xHer smirk was soon replaced with the annoying anger she felt just a moment ago before she was distracted, "My country is trying to once again divulge in a civil war. This is the third time this century and it's over the stupidest thing! The stupid daylight rings. Half of them believe they should all be given once they are turned or born and the other half want to keep how it is, asking for one cause some of my people don't want them in the first place so why waste resource?" She gave a frustrated growl and ran her fingers through her hair."Even if I say anything some of them still rebel over time." She was at a crossroads but she knew she couldn't burden Vincent with this information, he had his own people to look after. "What are you doing out?" She changed topics raising a brow. 

      Then a thought occurred to her "You were on your way to come pank me again weren't you." She narrowed her eyes at him, even though the corners of her pink lips tugged into a smile, one she fought. She didn't understand this connection towards him, it seemed all too familiar to her. It wasn't a connection made out of romantical love, but she did care for Vincent and he brought out a fun side in her, a side she couldn't afford to have back in Romania. So whether he knew it or not Rose secretly thanked the Phoenix leader for all the fun he brought her. Even if it did piss her off.


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      “Because it’s a good nickname. So good that everyone is catching on to it. You’re welcome,” he did a slight bow like he really did something good. It was only an added bonus that it annoyed her. What can he say? If Vin didn’t like someone, it was the cold shoulder for them but if he teased them, he had a good feeling about them. That’s just how it was growing up with Grayson and his mother. His father, however, didn’t partake in that side but instead was colder with Vincent than he was with Grayson. So being able to find that flow of banter again brought him a sense of familiarity that calmed him. Rose was able to dish it back out to him so it only made it more fun for the Phoenix. 

      “Oh, you’re so funny. I can’t help but think of chickens running around with their heads off,” he said sarcastically back with a playful grin before waving bye at her guards that exited the window but not without glaring at him for a good second. Vincent turned his attention back to the Queen Vampire as he saw the same look of frustration return to her features. He raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise and nodded his head slowly. 

      “Wooow. That sounds like a pain in the ass, jeez,” he said as he shook his head. He could see how annoyed it made her and he knew how it was when their people would fight among each other. It was not desirable and the rebellion that they would make was more of a mess to clean up. His attention was brought back to why he was out in about and a small, slow smirk found his lips. “Well, I was scheming but since you look like you are having a terrible day, I’ll save it for another day,” he said with a chuckle. “But I always have this on hand,” he mentioned as he pulled out a confetti popper from his pocket. Pulling the string that released a tiny stream of confetti over Rose, he gave her an innocent smile. “Congrats to you for being an awesome leader,” he said sincerely, hoping to cheer her up, even if it’s a little bit. 

      “Now back to the civil war going on,” he started as he rubbed his chin slightly. “Have you thought about going back home for a little bit?” He suggested, though, he knew that was hard when she had a whole coven to run here. “I don’t know how long it’s been and maybe them seeing you pissed off, they might cool it on those daylight rings problem.tumblr_m6lshluxI61qcel7mo2_250.gif "I know you’ll think of something. You’re doing a pretty good job here so far,” he smiled sincerely before nodding his head in the opposite direction of her home. “Come on, let’s walk and talk,” he said. “My mother always said fresh air clears the mind,” he added. He was glad he lived in the forest for most of the time. When the Cabello’s moved to town, he did a whole lot of walking for everything that happened.

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      zoey-deutch-switched-birth-first-look-12.jpgNo matter how annoying the Phoenix leader was becoming to her she seemed to always wave off any antics he throws at her. She hasn't gotten the slightest clue as to why he could never stay mad at him but she never did. "It's a horrible nickname." She began a smile trying to form but she wasn't allowing it, "I wonder how fast a nickname would catch on for you? Perhaps something along the lines of.." She thought for a second, rumbling her brain with an idea while moving her hands to implicate her thinking process until she was hit with a name that made her giggle, "Spicy Dino." Oh, she would never forget this nickname and has mentally declared that his nickname will catch on almost, if not faster, than her own nickname.

      The mention of him coming to scheme against her has made the Vampiress look around every corner when she was either in her home or coming close to it. There was no telling with the Phoenix leader what he was planing but she could always rely on that it was always a safe prank, never one to endure her life nor would she him. Raising a skeptical brow she readied herself fo when he pulled out a small device she had never seen before and pulled on the little string that hung at the bottom. There was a little pop followed by a rainstorm of confetti and glitter. The look on Rose's face said she was not amused but that only lasted for about five seconds until she was bursting out with laughter. "What on Earth is that thing?" And where could the Vampiress find one? How had she not heard of a device that shoots confetti and glitter on people? Surely she wasn't that old to never have encountered such a device. 

      Brushing off the glitter and confetti from her hair as they circled back to the root of her bad day, Rose all but sighed. "I would love to go home, even for a couple of days but I am needed the most here. These new Vampires had never seen me before. They knew who I was but never understood the consequence of their actions. Not like the people in Hunedoara. These Vampires need me here, but if the talk of Civil War keeps happening I may have to leave for a while. I just hope it never comes to that." She told him truthfully. Rose has lead many wars in her life thanks to her immortality and even though her people were fast and strong, it doesn't mean that she was always victorious. War always has casualties on both sides. 

      Nodding her head to the idea of a walk, Rose was finishing shaking off the glitter, confetti combo once they began to walk. "Does your 3656050722?profile=RESIZE_400xmother always give the best advice? Is that where you learned your wonderful charismatic trait? Or did your father teach you?" She smiled as she waved and nodded among the people that spoke to both of them. Being leaders of their faction, Rose was used to the endless wave of acknowledgment but wondered about her companion. From what she had heard, Vincent was still pretty new to the Leadership role from his clan. Rose had heard stories among the town of his younger brother was suppose to be the one who gained the title but Rose at the time was never close to the Phoenix Leader to ask his story. Perhaps today would be the day.

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      He wasn’t sure why he joked around so easily with the Vampire Queen upon meeting her. Usually, there was tension between some of the species in town yet when he actually spoken and got to know her, that tension melted away and his usual teasing came. To the Phoenix, that was his tell that he liked someone as a person and he just had an overall good feeling about Rose. Thus, here he was conversing with her and grinning triumphantly as she deemed the nickname he gave her ‘horrible’. He chuckled amusingly as he shook his head as he disagreed.

      tumblr_inline_o3fgd4rHTd1qlt39u_250.gifv“It is not because if it was, why else would it have caught on, Queenie?” He put an emphasis on the name as if to prove his point. His smile only held more amusement as she had questioned a nickname of his own and a brow quirked upwards in curiosity. He had awaited for the nickname that was about to be bestowed upon and once he heard it, he had actually like the sound of it. “Spicy Dino, fitting and has a ring to it,” he repeated to himself as he couldn’t help the small amused laugh that escaped as he spoke.

      Just as the confetti came sprinkling down on her, he pressed his lips together to suppress his amused grin before it broke through once she started laughing. “One of the best inventions created. It’s something they sell at the party shop in town for only a buck. Great way to prank someone but also to make an entrance in a room,” he winked before he helped her brush the confetti away that clung to her shoulders as well, before listening to what she had to say.

      As she spoke about being here for the new vampires and her wanting them to know her, he could understand that. He knew how important it was for him to stay put so that anyone looking for guidance could come to him so he knew where she was coming from...up until the mention of a civil war happening.

      “A civil war, huh? That sounds unbelievably...well it sounds unbelievable. I can’t imagine the stress that puts you under,” he had commented as now he could see the weight of the world could possibly rest on the Vampire Queen’s shoulders. While he knew of wars, having fought in them as well as the one that happened in town not long ago, he knew that there was a great weight placed on someone when that happens. Perhaps he could help her hash it out on their walk.


      As he started to walk beside her, an instant fond grin found his features once she mentioned his mother. However, it faltered the slightest at the mention of his father before he shook his head.

      “Oh my mother definitely. Whenever I’d get too wrapped up in my head, we’d walk along this river we had near our village. It’s also possible I got this charisma from her but did I just hear you say I’m charismatic? Shocker,” he teased further before his tone went soft again; a signal he was talking seriously.

      “The villagers liked her a lot. My mother, she was around many people since she was a healer,” he admitted with a soft smile. When people waved at them, he had waved back with a nod. It was still getting some used to but he rarely ever wanted to show he was uncomfortable as he always felt had something to prove.

      “Which is where I learned my social skills. My father was the typical brute and my younger brother wanted be like him,” he said but the truth was that he wanted to learn things from his father but the man had shoved and pushed Vincent away whenever the young Phoenix would try to get close. So when Greyson was born, his father had always preferred the younger Dimare child and that put a strain on his relationship with his brother. However, his mother was the one he was close with and taught him most of the things he knew. However, there was one thing about Vincent. While he had a friendly disposition, it was rather difficult to pry information from him. He never opened up easily but sometimes the right topic opened him up and with the Vampire Queen talking about family, it was as if she knew which topic to lead with.

      “However, this walk’s purpose was to help clear your mind,” he stated as his eyes had settled on her for that moment before giving her a soft grin. “So whatever is on your mind, you can lay it on me. This is a judgment free zone,” he said as he gestured with his hands a box formation as if they were in their own personal space.

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