The world was in chaos. She just knew it was, Catherine could feel it as she plainly watched the suspect she had been keeping an eye on for the past week, pull out his gun on her partner. In the middle of the day, at a coffee shop and silently Catherine thanked whoever was watching over that her partner was outside drinking the coffee. “Shit,” Catherine mumbled in her squadron car and reached for the small communicator on her dash to alert dispatch. Once they were notified, Catherine got out of her car and quietly moved around to the back, pulling out her own gun while simultaneously keeping her eyes on the suspect. Thank goodness she came up with the idea of wearing an earpiece even if she was only across the street, she had to make sure her partner was protected at all times. If she even slightly suspected he was going to shoot her partner, she would make sure to pull the trigger first.


She didn’t know how the suspect knew, but once Catherine was a little over a foot away from holding him at gunpoint instead, her suspect noticed her and took off running, leaving the brunette detective to chase after him. “Stop!” She yelled as she ran full force, dodging the obstacles in her wake. Her suspect was throwing down trash cans, bikes, even people, to slow her down but the Detective was always ahead by jumping or moving just in time. “Anderson! Flank him!” She called out hoping her partner had the same idea to chase after him as well but she didn’t have time to check and see if he was, she could only go on hope. When she saw her suspect climb over a wooden fence, Catherine gritted her teeth and pushed harder. Due to her size, climbing over fences didn’t always go well for her and often times she would lose the criminals she was chasing but not this time, for the brunette was determined to keep up. With adrenaline she wasn’t sure she had by now, Catherine hoisted herself over the fence and jolted herself right behind her suspect. The chase began again only this time he rounded a nearby corner where thankfully her partner cornered the man they were chasing. “It’s over Williams,” Catherine began a bit breathless from her run “Just turn yourself in now and I might sweet-talk the judge into lightening your sentence.” She, of course, was lying.

In your dreams pig,” Williams spoke.

And then she heard the sound of a gun firing. And then she heard the sound of her partner screaming in pain. After that, Detective Chandler didn’t hear much else as she saw her partner fall to the muddy ground and her suspect running away. Blood. There was so much blood. Almost as much as when her kitchen the night he left.


* * * * *


3843212476?profile=RESIZE_710x“Chandler! Chandler!” came the most obnoxious yelling from her captain as he tried to gain her attention.

Blinking Catherine focused her muddy pools on those of blue and sighed, “Sorry, I kept thinking about what happened to Bryan..” She said half honest.

Her Captain nodded but the sadness in his eyes told her that he wasn’t going to ask her for the hundredth time what happened earlier. “Yes, it’s a tragedy but Bryan is going to pull through. He was lucky and it missed his heart by a couple of centimeters.” Came her Captain's reply, “However, since he is going to be out a couple of weeks, I am going to bring someone in and they’re going to be assigned with you. For now, have the rest of the day off and I’ll see you in the morning.”
Catherine couldn’t say another word for her mind was blank from what she experienced earlier, the gun, the screams and worst of all…the blood. It wasn’t the first time she encountered any of those things but it was the first since he….

Shaking her head, Catherine walked out of the station, refusing to think any more of what happened today. Getting into her car, Catherine first decided that she needed to go home and shower. The image of red was covering her mind she could have sworn her own flesh was covered in it as well. The drive home was in silence, she didn’t care to listen to any of the 3843213513?profile=RESIZE_710xmusic, news or radio hosts she just wanted to get this day over with and it was only going on four pm. Once she was home and showered, the detective changed into something a little more casual that involved a pair of jeans that she absolutely adored, and a simple V-cut shirt. Quickly brushing and drying her hair she also proceeds to apply a light course of makeup on her face before she placed her slender arms into her leather jacket and decided she was decent enough to leave her home to go to the bar not too far. She needed to drink away this evening more than anything else.

Getting to the bar was the same as driving home, silent, alone with her thoughts and memories. The blood she saw today was no different than the blood she had come home to that day, it was dark, sticky, slimy…red...always red and he was to blame. “No, “ Catherine shook her head “He wasn’t to blame for today….” But oh how easy it would be to blame the monster who made her hate seeing the color red now, who made her hate the creatures like him and worst of all, made her hate herself. How could she fall in love with a monster? Someone who enjoyed hurting her time and time again by leaving her home alone while he snuck away to be with the only woman he ever truly loved. “I hate him..” She said with a fire in her soul but as she inhaled deeply she suddenly felt exhausted “But I forgive him…” She wasn’t going to let him have power over her anymore.

   Parking her car in an available spot, Catherine noticed how busy the small-town bar was quickly becoming for a Thursday afternoon but some people in this town like to celebrate the weekend a bit earlier or to completely forget this whole week. Today Catherine would be one of them. Quickly walking in, she approached the long wooden bar and took a seat on the stool at the end, having a clear view of everyone.

“Well hello Detective,” The barkeep began with a smile, “What can I get you?”
“A beer, whatever one you have in the bottle and keep them coming.” Came her heavy voice. The barkeep looked at her knowing something was wrong but he didn’t push it and gave her a Bud Light bottle and walked away leaving Catherine to drink her choice of poison all alone.

3843214746?profile=RESIZE_710xHalfway through the second bottle, she could feel a pair of eyes on her. Looking up from the uninteresting spot she was observing on the bar, she examined the room, finding no one was looking at her until her own chocolate hues clashed with the same muddy pools that sat at the other side of the establishment. Her eyes observed a man who had styled back black hair, a lean face that grew a small mustache and beard around his pouting mouth and if Catherine was being honest, he looked handsome. His looks were surreal, almost as if he wasn’t….


Looking away from the stranger, Catherine couldn’t believe she had made eye contact with another one of his kind since the night he left. Damn these Vampires, can’t they all just go away and leave her alone?

Out of curiosity Catherine glanced back up to see the man still sitting at the table he was still at but something in his once sorrowful orbs changed to what exactly? Curiosity? Catherine wasn’t so sure but she did know that when she looked away from the handsome stranger the second time, she could feel his gaze on her become more intense and soon she felt a presence near her. Looking up for the third time the small brunette saw the tall, dark and handsome stranger stand beside the stool that was next to her and before he could utter out a word Catherine made sure to get out what she had to say first.

“Listen, I’m not in the mood to listen to lame pick up lines right now so let me make one thing clear, yes you can buy me a beer, no you cannot have my phone number, no I do not have a boyfriend nor do I want to eventually make you one. I came here tonight to drink and by the looks on your face so did you. So you can take that empty seat next to me but we are only going to drink alone together. Do I make myself clear?” Even though Catherine’s words should have been delivered with some sass behind them, she just couldn’t, her heart and mind were both shut down and even though she wasn’t looking for this one, this tall stranger seemed like the perfect distraction for tonight.

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  • Human

    3971156141?profile=RESIZE_710xIt amused the Detective how her orders to him didn’t faze him so much, either this guy was just a pretty face and didn’t understand that she was basically rejecting him any way other than possibly a little hookup OR he really was just coming over to the bar to make small talk before leaving. Either way, Catherine felt that she wasn’t going to be drinking alone and she honestly didn’t know how to feel about this. Hearing his first words to her, she would guess it was going in the direction of her latter thought, but then as he thought and spoke to her again, she was now changing her mind. His words totally caught her off guard and actually made her feel a bit guilty “I’m not sure who or what pierced that heart of yours, but it wasn’t me.” Damn. He was right, he wasn’t the monster who broke her heart but he was the same as him. No, it wasn’t right to judge him to be a monster…no matter how badly she wanted to after all the Vampires she’s met so far haven’t been…okay, this guy’s odds weren’t in his best favor but it wasn’t like Catherine was going to see him again so she could flirt with disaster one more time, couldn’t she?

    The way his name crossed her ears made her think ‘Why have I heard that name before?” It wasn’t like Julian wasn’t a common name but there was something about his name…what was it? Putting away her little mystery to the side, for now, Catherine instead focused on his words, rather than trying to get lost in those deep color eyes. “Well, Julian, I’m Catherine…who is also drinking alone in a bar.” She couldn’t help the little tug from the corner of her lips that wanted to break into a playful smile as she mocked him, thankfully he turned his head in time otherwise she knew she would have given her tough exterior a run for its money. His drinking choice was quite interesting, a Jack Daniels and a Budweiser together would not make an interesting combination. That is unless he was trying to get a quick buzz but the Detective’s gut didn’t tell her that. Could he perhaps have just bought her a drink? But she still hasn’t finished this one. Stop analyzing him! She chastised herself the moment he turned back to look at her, catching her red-handed. Shaking her head, she then allowed a small smirk play on her lips, “Just trying to figure out if you were more for the whiskey,” She nodded at the Jack Daniels, “Or the beer kind” she then looked at the Budweiser. “You’re becoming more interesting by the minute.” She chuckled taking another sip of her own beer. But then again she wondered how exactly she was looking at him. Turning her face to the side, she downed the remaining of her beer and set it on the bar with a triumphed force.3971176504?profile=RESIZE_710x

    “So Julian,” Catherine began, feeling a bit buzzed from drinking her beer so fast. “I couldn’t help but notice that you are also wearing the same type of frown that I am,” she began with an abundance amount of liquid courage, “So my question is: who broke your heart?” On some level the human woman did care about why he was here sitting next to her, did she remind him of a love who also left him for someone else? Catherine was strangely wishing to find out more. But then a wave of sorrow hit her. What if that was the case? Surely Julian wouldn’t want to share that kind of news with her, a stranger who has been nothing but standoffish to him. Waving her hand in dismissal before she gave him time to respond she spoke with genuine sorrow In her voice.

    “Actually you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to…I know how it feels to try to be strong after a horrible breakup…especially if they leave you for someone else...someone who they loved their whole life..” wave after wave of sorrow hit her as the memories flooded her mind. Her last interaction with Theodore on her floor, surrounded by blood and the bags he ripped apart. How she pulled out her gun on him to try to make him stay with her. How she ended up at the gates of the Vampire Queen’s gates days later and seeing him inside her home laughing, drove her to absolute hatred for their kind but with Julian sitting right here, she didn’t get the same monstrous feeling as she did with Theodore. Now she did feel there was some type of mystery shrouding him but nothing to worry the buzzed state detective.

    As a new song came on the speakers, Catherine got rid of her negative thoughts and instead smiled and took the Jack Daniels that he ordered and began to sip on it while admiring his features.

    “Were you always this attractive when you were a human or did becoming a vampire suddenly give you a makeover?” She joked teasingly with a smile to lighten back the mood. “Because if that’s the case then you can turn me too.” Catherine had to be under the influence if she was giving permission to a Vampire to turn her or Julian was using compulsion on her. But she knew that wasn’t the case, every day the small brunette woman was taking vervain to make sure no Vampire could or would hurt her again. She was tired of the compulsions, the secrets, lies, and all the unanswered questions she always had when she was around them. It had to stop.


    At some point in the song Catherine heard a strong of Lyrics that made her fully listen.

     Don’t have to ask yourself, When did it end? But how do you know? How do you really know that you’re not holding on anymore? Kissing other people. Oh yeah, That’s how I know that your love is gone. That’s how I know I’m really moving on, Cause I don’t feel guilty kissing other people.

     Something in those lyrics felt like the missing puzzle piece she wasn’t looking for. If he could go around kissing someone else, why couldn’t she? It had been long enough for her to at least have a bit of fun with someone. With the sudden courage she just received, Catherine leaned in quickly and planted her lips on Julian’s and for a moment she hoped she didn’t just make a big mistake.


    • Human

      3971165820?profile=RESIZE_710xBlame it on the alcohol or her state of mind but everything that Julian was saying was right. His playful tone and easy-going smile as he joked with her about the drink, the way he understood her and her broken heart. Even if Julian said he doesn’t commit, Catherine didn’t believe something like that, he gut told her that something is making him not able to because everyone wants to commit and be with someone. No matter how evil they may be, everyone just wants to be loved by someone. His words about her falling for the wrong guy was a total understatement that made the detective laugh without humor followed by quickly moving her drink to her lips. She didn’t know how she fell for Theodore looking back now, it could’ve been how Julian is doing now: saying all the right things. But she noticed a big difference in the two men: Julian actually seemed sincere when he spoke to her. Catherine had learned fairly quickly that when she looked into Theodore’s eyes, it wasn’t Catherine he was picturing…it was her. The woman he loved for centuries time and time again. Yes, Catherine was still broken-hearted about the betrayal but she was very slowly coming to terms with how a love like that, one that can survive for centuries…was something she ultimately wanted. So why was she still stuck on this hurt that she was given? Hopefully Julian was the answer she needed but only time would tell.


      Catherine could tell she hit a small nerve in Julian when she joked about her being turned as she watched his expression turn cold and heard his voice flatten but Catherine’s buzz was much too strong for her to really apologize. If she were to come across him later in her life she would apologize for this moment for what she said but for now, she knew she could get away with her small antics. For a slight moment, Catherine thought she had won the small battle she didn’t know she was fighting until his words tugged on her heart.


      Catherine, you are beautiful as you are…in fact, you possess more beauty than any other vampire I have come to meet. Where their beauty is superficial, from what I can see, yours is much more than that.


      That sentence alone caused a shift in her. Locking her hazel eyes into his warm browns, it was as if the world slowed down around them. It was a feeling that almost resembled compulsion but Catherine was very aware of what was going on: his hand on hers, their bodies close to each other since he came toward her and for the moment Catherine forgot what she was saying. It was over way to fast one his hand moved from hers and the world fast forward to what was happening now. How did he do that? Shaking off the sudden deafening Vincent-Catherine-3-beauty-and-the-beast-cw-33952717-245-135.gifnoise that surrounded her she once more focused on something else until the song gave her the courage to kiss him.

      The moment Julian’s lips connected with hers, Catherine felt an explosion inside her chest. It was as if her world could finally come out of the darkness and into the light. Her mouth moved in time with Julian’s naturally as if it has been cohered time and time again and then for the first time since that dreadful night, Catherine wasn’t afraid to love again. His action of pulling away left her breathless but his hand was placed right along her neck to brush her sensitive skin with his thumb. Still dizzy from their kiss Catherine had no choice but to listen to his rejection that he was giving her. Once more Julian was saying all the right things, she was drunk and it was totally inappropriate for her, a detective, to be kissing someone who could have taken advantage of her. But Julian proved he wasn’t that kind of man, he was respective and compassionate and…Catherine was becoming totally infatuated with him. Damn, she must be really drunk to think like that. With his parting words goodbye, she kept replaying his words as he walked out the door.

       I promise we’re not all bad guys. She knew what he was referring to, even if she was drunk, she could pick up context clues as if she was sober. She sat there for a long minute, forgetting the drink that no longer interested her, the one thing that seemed to be a good thing was literally out the door, leaving Catherine no interest in staying any further. Placing a 20 dollar bill on the bar, she paid and probably tipped the barman more than what was necessary and found her way stumbling out the door and to her car. She knew that driving while under the influence was not a good choice but Catherine didn’t have anyone to call and she knew the roads like the back of her hand.

       Thankfully she made it home safe and sound without causing an accident or getting pulled over. Climbing up to her door, she unlocked it with ease and went straight for her bed, leaving a trail of clothes in her wake as she threw on an old shirt before settling very comfortably in bed. She cast a small gaze out her window before slowly shutting her hazel orbs and for once, the detective went to bed without Theodore on her mind.

       The sound of her alarm made her realize how much of a horrible decision it was to go out drinking on a work night. Stumbling out of bed, she went right to her medicine cabinet in her bedroom and found the Tylenol, choosing to overlook her features in the mirror. Taking two pills after swallowed them hole once she retried a glass full of water. “I’m never doing that again.” She moaned to herself as she moved about to get dressed for the long day ahead of her.

      4038833518?profile=RESIZE_710xIn an hour tops, the petite detective pulled into her parking spot and crossed the short distance to the door. It was a bit windy outside making the air pretty cold but it was a small blessing to help wake her up and help with the headache that was persistent. Pulling the doors open, Catherine could see that her Captain's door was closed and blinds were shut, Hmm? Is someone in trouble? She thought as she made her way to the little coffee machine. The pot was still warm indicating that it was still fresh so Catherine helped herself to a cup, adding in her creamer and sugar before she made her way to her desk, spotting one of her coworkers who happened to know everything and anything that went one in the precinct.

      “Hey, Lana, what’s going on?” Catherine asked quietly, leaning into her coworker.
      Lana was a tall, woman whose natural caramel skin made her look as if she was glowing in a tan no matter what season Maine offered them. Her dark brown curls shaking in laughter that matched her almost black hues. “Apparently there’s someone here from a different precinct to help us out with your case! Captain says he’s going to be your new partner!” Lana’s excitement dulled down once she saw the saddened look that etched it’s way across Catherine’s face, “You know…until Bryan gets better!” It was too late, Lana’s words had already started the morning Catherine didn’t want to have. She knew she would have to get another partner but she hoped it would’ve4038838161?profile=RESIZE_710x been with someone from her station, not some rookie who has no idea what’s going on!
      “Thanks.” Catherine murmured walking away from Lana. Reaching her desk she heard the Captain's door open but before her Captain could even show himself, all her coworkers were circling the entryway to get a look at her new partner. Shaking her head to how much of lovesick teenagers her other officers and detectives were being, Catherine sat down in her chair and pulled out the file she had from the asshole who shot her partner Bryan. Whether he knew it or not, he was to blame for Catherine’s bad day.

      “Chandler!” Her Captain’s loud voice echoing in her ear, did he have to yell when she was only inches from him? Turning her hazel gaze away from the file she went to go meet her captain’s ocean hues but when she saw the person standing next to him, her eyes gravitated toward those same eyes that held her attention most of the evening prior to. The same face who Catherine could easily spot in a crowded room. The same lips she had kissed but perhaps eight or fewer hours ago. It was him, there was no mistaking the man.


      “Chandler, this is your new partner. Meet Mr. Easton.”

      4038843262?profile=RESIZE_710xForcing a fake smile as if she was just meeting him for the first time, she nodded her head. “Hello, I’m Detective Chandler.” She made sure she kept her voice professional but didn’t say any more, she didn’t even try to shake his hand fearing that if she were to touch him again, she would lose herself as she did last night. What happened last night could never happen again, not only because he was now her partner but because he was a Vampire and she promised herself she wouldn’t dance with danger anymore...while sober.

      “I’ll leave you two to get to work. I expect great things from you both.” As her Captain turned to walk away, she wondered if she was only imagining the smile that crept its way into his words. Once they were completely alone, Catherine turned her gaze towards Julian, bewilderment in her face as her hands came out in front of her as she asked him in a hushed tone.
      “What the hell are you doing here!?”

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