tumblr_inline_okx14cnHDU1ravrtw_1280.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xThe night was warm out it was the most beautiful night ever, Brooke had just gotten done in her shop that she thought she would lock up and head stright home she bite her lip lightly running a hand into her hair lightly licking her lips lightly as she takes a shakey breath. She had missed her best friend Charlie all those years that she didn't even kno that her and his parnets had set a date for them to end up getting married when they where younger.  Brooke grabbed her things walking to the door but stopped to look down she noticed that everything was out of place in her shop sighed softly as she licked her lips a little more shaking her head a little laughing softly to herself. "I better clean this mess up before i go home." Brooke said to her softly as she put her bag ontot he desk then started to clean up her heart was pounding into her chest so loud that she thought it would nearly jump out of her chest. "I wonder where Charlie is." She mumbled to herself frowning lightly, when she first saw him it was when they where at his family home talking to each other then she kne that out of no where he didn't even say good by to her hen he left wiping her eyes from the tears that she had upon her cheeks she pressed her lips laughing a little. "why should i even bother he might not even wont to be friend's with me anymore, heck he might be married and have a kid now." She told herself out of the blue when the door bell rang from her shop.

"We are closed." Brooke said in a harsh voice in her tone as she turned around having her back to the person she finished cleaning then turned around to face the person that came into her shop her eyes widen at who shetumblr_inline_oye97yPFOV1vnrmw4_400.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x saw. "C C Ch Charlie." Brooke finely got out of her lips as she would look at him she shook her head. "No wait." She went over to him as tears falls down her cheeks. "you left you didn't say good bye." She replied softly to him as she looks down biting her lip lightly she tucked her hair behind her ear then takes a deep breath closing her eyes shaking her head lightly. Brooke couldn't believe that he was standing there in fornt of her in her own shop she reopen her eyes as she sighed a little. "I've missed you." She whispered to him softly as she threw her arms around his neck hugging she takes a deep breath of his scent then pulled back wiping her eyes laughing a little she bite her inner cheek gently then asked him softly. "What are you even doing here?" She looks at him wtih her eyes then run a hand into her hair something about him was so sweet she remember that day when they both ran outside to play hide go seek with each other she giggled a little as she blushed a bright red upon her cheeks then lciked her plump lips lightly.


"I thought you didn't even wont to see me anymore." Brooke finely said to him softly as she looks down shook her head once more, bring her eyes to meet his as her brown eyes shine in the moon light that was coming in from the window of her shop she swallowed hard then sighed a little, she pressed her lips then thought for a few minutes. "Where is his wife?" She tucked her hair out of her face then asked him. "Where's wife?" Thinking that he had been married by now her heart was breaking thinking that her best friend would be married already and didn't need her anymore she licked her lips then looks down at her hands closing her eyes once again thinking that if she didn't look at him he wouldn't see the sadness that where in beautiful brown eyes.

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  • Werewolf

    tumblr_inline_okh3150tbz1txmes7_400.gifvIt had been a while since he had seen Brooke. Not ever since his parents had sent him to live with family elsewhere. Practically waking him in the middle of the night and taking him to another state which he was expected to leave everything behind. One fight that got out of control in school was what brought his parents to the decision of sending him to live with his aunt and uncle since he was showing signs of his werewolf side becoming out of control. It wouldn’t have been much of a problem but during that time, the town’s views on the supernatural were strict; keep everything a secret at all costs. Charlie was one step away causing a terrible mistake that the only solution was to send him with family to keep him safe. However, he hated being away from Vrévale. He hated being away from his best friend, Brooke. Since he left so abruptly, he left without saying so much as a goodbye and pretty much lost all contact with her. It pained him to be away since Brooke was the person he was the most close to. Ever since they were kids, they had hung out every day so not being able to see her for those years made him miserable.

    However, he knew it was for the best. If those fights in school proved anything, he had to get control over his wolf side and if that meant not putting Brooke into trouble, he was willing to do it. Over those years those seemed to prove to do him best. He didn’t grow up with that many wolves around aside from his own family and back at Vrévale, there was always another wolf that he would bump heads with. However, once his father had gotten sick, he had left college just before he could graduate and came back to the Maine town. While he wanted to move back sooner, he figured that Brooke must have moved on from him and since his parents seemed happy with the progress he was making elsewhere, he figured it’d be best to stay with his aunt and uncle. That’s until now that his father had became ill. So he moved back, and after a month of getting settled and helping his mom take care of his father, he had found out where to find Brooke. Honestly, he had been putting it off on going to see her. He could only imagine that she must have hated him for leaving and then losing contact all these years.

    So after being encouraged to go see her, being given the address of the shop that she owned which made him smile at the thought of her doing good, he went to go see her. As he approached her shop, he could see her through the windows of the shop. Taking a deep breath, he entered the shop and was met with her saying it was closed. Maybe this was too soon, he though to himself as he went to turn to the door before she could see him but he was froze in her steps as she called out his name. Turning around, he lifted his gaze to fix on her.

    tumblr_inline_okh0wcPvSq1txmes7_400.gifv“Hey, Brooke,” he said sheepishly with a soft smile before it faltered at her words. He was left speechless, knowing she must have been mad at him but when she wrapped him in an embrace, relief rushed through him. His arms returned the tight hug, closing his eyes as he felt happy to be back in Brooke’s presence again. “I missed you too. You have no idea,” he said softly before he pulled back as she did. A small but happy smile crossed his features as they both seemed happy to see each other. “Well I moved back. Just been getting settled again,” he said before he shook his head. “No, that’s not true. It’s a very long story that I’m willing to explain to you,” he said with a nod. He then chuckled softly before shaking his head. “Oh no, I’m not married,” he told her with a shrug. He didn’t even think about that and that she must have been with someone. “Maybe we can go to the diner? Like old times, and catch up? If that’s okay with you or even your boyfriend,” he guessed, hoping that they’ll be able to catch up.

    • Witch

      Brooke listen to his words then looked up at him with her eyes as she giggled softly shaking her head lightly. "nope no boyfriend or anything to be honest." She replied softly to him biting her lower lip gently as her dark brown eyes locked onto his eyes she blushed a bright red up on her cheeks. "Charlie i didn't even think about with being anyone because I always had feelings for you." She told him pressing her lips toegther licking her lips gently as she would tuck her hair behind her ear then takes a deep breath as she looks down then finely bring her eyes right back up to his once more. "you have explaning to do Charlie." She pointed out to him blinking her eyes lightly licking her lips a little more as sshe takes a deep breath then cleared her throat some, she run a hand into her hair.



      "Would you like something to drink?" Brooke asked her softly as she would turn around to walk over to the frig that she had getting her something to drink she turned back around to look over at him swallowing hard she sighed softly she could feel something was off about him with her being a witch she frown lightly as she place her drink onto corner then walked over to him she place her hand onto his cheek locking eyes onto his Charlie knew what Brooke was because when she used her powers around she had to tell him that she was a witch. "Charlie your some kind of supernatrual aren't you." She whispered softly as she looked down shaking her head gently then takes a deep breath her heart was pounding into her chest so loud that she could almost hear her heart.

    • Werewolf

      Charlie had released the embrace that he still had Brooke in before he let his arms fall back at his side, giving her a soft smile in the process. He shoved his hands back into his jacket’s pockets, glancing around the shop in curiosity before his eyes found hers again. It was then that her words caught him off guard, causing his eyes to widen the slightest but the small smile remained on his lips as he was pleasantly surprised. He’s always had feelings for Brooke as well but he never really knew how to tell her and with him moving, he really couldn’t find the way to express it. Before he could respond or even say how he felt in return, she mentioned something about an explanation he knew he owed her big time.

      tumblr_okgvqtIcwS1qg94hko3_400.gifv“Right...of course. I’ll tell you everything,” he said, knowing he couldn’t keep secrets from her. He used to tell her all his secrets or really just about anything when they were kids so he knew he couldn’t hide anything from her, even if he tried. “Anything you got would be great, thanks,” he said as he watched her move to the fridge as he leaned against the front counter that held the jewelry that he could only guess that different purposes to. He eyed them mindlessly as he was lost in thought for a second, trying to think of how to tell Brooklyn the truth about him. That’s until the warmth of her palm pulled him back into reality as his amber hues locked with dark hues. He knew that his eyes had flashed a golden hues for a second as the magic that radiated from her interacted with his wolf side for that moment.

      “How did you...” his question trailed off before his hearing could hear her heartbeat quicken in pace. He took her hand in his, as his eyes remained locked with hers. “You don’t have to be afraid or worried...” he assured her as his hand squeezed her gently in a reassuring gesture. “A lot has changed, Brooke... I can sense you are similar to me. By that, I mean, not human,” he said as he held onto her hand. “The reason why I left was because I was about to go through my first transformation as a...werewolf,” he admitted as the word still felt odd to him. Probably because he was admitting it out loud to someone he remembered being normal with. “I hope you don’t think of me differently,” he added, almost sheepishly. “I can tell something is different with you too..” he said, giving her a soft smile.

    • Witch

      Hearing his words she sighed softly as Brooke nods her head slightly she bite her bottom lip replying to him softly. “Witch I’m a witch Charlie.” She looks down bring her eyes back up to his licking her lips lightly. Shaking her head some. “Besides the point Charlie with you being a wolf I knew that something was wrong with you in school every time you would get mad at someone, but then you try to calm down so you wouldn’t turn I could see it in your eyes.” She whispered pressing her lips together she shakes her head once again then said. “I didn’t tell you back then because I thought you would be mad at me for using my power on you when every time you would lose it with your temper.” Brooke had used her power to make him not phase in school she backs away tucking her hair behind her back ear looking away from him closing her eyes waiting for him to either yell at her or walk away from her. 

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