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If anyone were to walk in right now, they would be shocked by the sight before them; Anastasia sat in her living room with a ghost like figure of her great-grandmother. Being the regent of the witches coven, Ana had the ability to summon her great-grandmother or any other ancestor whenever she wished to without having to move a muscle and the power alone was something she would grow used to. All she ever heard was talk of the Cabello's and how their kind were filling up the city, it digusted her. What about everyone else? Their were people who mattered more then them so she originally wanted to ask her grandmother of what she should do. However, the last thing she expected was to be told that the Cabello's eldest sister was still alive. The story of their deaths wasn't very well known but Ana had ancestors who were alive back then, who were there when everyone were aware of the sudden deaths of not only the sisters but their mother. It had already been a surprise to know two of the sisters had been reborn, this new information was the cherry on top. The catch of this all? Esmeralda Cabello was being as the anchor of her grandmothers Other Side, where she lived frozen in place. 

Though the info her great-grandmother was telling her would be enough to have leverage over the sisters, Ana suddenly had something better in mind; what if she brought back the man who had killed the tumblr_ougzu8XUmV1ushexco7_250.gifCabello's so long ago? When she told her grandmother about this, her grandma was completely against the idea. Nikolai Leeche was not only a danger to the Cabello's, but he would possibly be a danger to society as well. Anastasia, however, knew she would have more power over him so she dismissed her grandmothers concerns and sent her back to the other realm in order to get ready to go out and resurrect what could be the Cabello's greatest nightmare.

She waited until it was very late at night where the streets were fairly empty before she went out, her destination? The cemetery. Specifically, the cemetary Nikolai was laid to rest in. When she arrived, an overwheling sense of unease came over her. It was as if the dead didn't want her to be there but she wouldn't pay that any mind as she approached the grave stone she originally had her sight set on. Before doing anything else, the female witch placed the vines that shetumblr_oqxe5dZ99U1v67i9to1_500.gif had in her grasp around the grave before stepping back. "Kembe Po transi." She uttered the incantation over and over until an invisible barrier surrounded the grave which would keep Nikolai in place one he was awaken.

When she'd looked behind her briefly and uttered another set of foreign words, Anastasia was suddenly surrounded by an army of dead witches, all of witch who stood behind her as if they were ready to go at war. In reality, they were needed for her to perform her resurrection spell. "Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus. Victus Phasmatis Ex Eleto. Revertas Phasmatis Ut Victus." She chanted with the dead witches chanting the same incantation along until the dirt before the grave shook and a hand stuck out, a body pushing its way through. With that, the dead witches behind her vanished and she waited for his head to come above the surface before speaking up. "Hello, Nikolai." As his name left her lips, a large bolt of lightning occured above her in the sky. Ana looked up with a sly grin. "Grandmother isn't happy." She said, nonchalantly without a care in the world.

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    giphy.gifDarkness was all the man knew since the moment he died. Nikolai didn't mind the darkness that cloaked around him, it was actually quite enjoyable since he was free from the world that reminded him of his dead wife and daughters. Good riddance to them. Nikolai was glad that he got rid of his wife when he did, she was an upcoming Queen and he loathed anyone who dared become more powerful than him especially a woman. It was no place for a Queen to become more powerful than her King. It just didn't seem natural, at least not to the human male.

    Then there was his daughters, Esmeralda, Inyana, and Luciana. When they were born Nikolai both adored and hated all three of them. He loved them for the simple fact that they were his own flesh and blood. They were at first his pride and joy but that affection was short lived as they got older and his darling wife couldn't produce any more children. Nikolai wanted a son, to keep his family name and legacy going but he was stuck with his daughters and from then on, they brought him misery and hatred. Esmeralda, his oldest wasn't as bad as the other two. She often made Nikolai proud until she started being in love with a phoenix who in the end only gotten herself killed, that was his breaking point for the man. 

    Luciana, his second oldest, well she was a fighter from the moment she took her first breath and continued to fight and argue with Nikolai ever since. Nikolai was always yelling at Luciana about the tiniest things and what made it worse was her attitude she would throw at him. Oh, how every time she would roll her eyes or place her hands on her hips did the man want to slap her. Some of the times he did. After one too many slaps across the face, Nikolai felt a sense of power over his daughter as she could cower away every time he would raise his fist. Soon enough the ungrateful child learned not to backtalk or show her ugly attitude towards him. 

    Then his last daughter, Inyana, while Nikolai did baby her a little more than the others, he was also tough on her. He thought that maybe she could possibly be the one good thing in his life since his first two turned out disastrous but over time, she proved him wrong. Inyana showed weakness, which only angered Nikolai more. Every time the male would try to correct Inyana by slapping her or beating some sense into her, his devoted wife would come in and stop him, calling him a monster and how she wanted a divorce. That drove Nikolai insane to the point of seeing red. Seeing as how none of them treated him as the King he was, he figured it was time to be a sole King. So taking some arsenal, he poisoned his wife.

    The funeral for his wife was short and so were the lives of his daughters as he leads them to the cliffside to throw them over and made it seem like an accident. Happy that he was now the only King to rule, he leads the nation into his vision until his untimely death. He didn't know how he was murdered, all the man knew was that he was sleeping in his bed then felt peace as his soul drifted into the darkness that was before him.  The darkness welcomed him like an old friend but that seemed to be short lived as Nikolai felt a pull as he heard foreign words ringing in his ears. "What the hell?" he said into the darkness. Daniel-Craig-daniel-craig-33189129-500-206.gif

    The chanting seemed to grow louder and louder, constantly yanking him through the darkness that surrounded him until he slammed into something hard. For the first time, he opened his eyes and could see the flesh that belonged to him. He was alive? How? The chanting continue to get louder and Nikolai knew that the only way to find his answer was to climb up from the ground he was in. The climb thankfully didn't take long, his hand reached the surface before his face did, but once he knew that the ground was right above him, he used his might to heave himself up and gasp for air. He welcomed the air into his lungs as he saw a woman stand before him and greeted him with a flash of lighting that went directly over her head. Smiling, he knew that she had to be the reason why he was alive. "Who the hell are you?" He asked her in a raspy voiced that seemed to foreign to him. 

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    The witch watched with clear satisfaction etched onto her scheming features as his body pushed its way through the grave, letting her 9e21079a649313ba9fadfe7df599dc4b.gifknow that her spell had worked and though grandmother dearest wasn't happy with the lightning she continued to let known in the dark sky, she didn't try to interfere. Ana glanced behind her at the dead witches, looking on momentarily as each silhouette started to fade into the darkness before her attention could return to the human male. The one downside to a resurrection spell was the fact that the individual who was brought back to life tended to see dead witches and warlocks every now and then. He could handle seeing a dead witch or two around town, couldn't he?

    Anastasia was probably playing fire with fire because a man who was willing to kill his own flesh and blood by drowning them in the sea was someone who didn't deserve to live, nonetheless be brought back to life after being dead for centuries. The witch would agree with that statement, but she wanted the Cabello's far away from this city as possible; the only "talk" of the town should be her, not two individuals who were turned into monsters and received a bit of fame for it. Her mother had died and was brought back to life, where was her recognition? It made no sense for Ana to be so jealous, but it was in her nature to be so. Her own mother, after all, was jealous at the mere fact that her daughter was regent over her, so it only came naturally. She had plans for the sisters and knowing that the resurrection spell actually worked, her plans were officially set into motion.

    When he questioned who she was upon sticking his hands and head above the surface, Anastasia's grin stayed in place. "I'm Ana, the sole reason you're alive again." She said, simply and used to her finger to motion for him to get up seeing as the only thing visible was his head and shoulders.687474703a2f2f36382e6d656469612e74756d626c722e636f6d2f65626433643031313135393531333164616164663835396438313664323632642f74756d626c725f6f676665753955696e52317573686578636f325f3430302e676966?s=fit&h=360&w=360&q=80

    This all was truly new to her; never did the High Priestess think she’d be awaking someone from the dead who’d been deceased for centuries but in her mind, it had to be done. She loved power, hell the witch indulged in it and when another species was more talk than her own was, she couldn't stand for it. Her great-grandmother, as crazy as she was, did a whole lot for the witches and warlocks; she'd managed to create another dimension where living and dead witches and warlocks could roam around but every 'other side' of this world needed an anchor which was what Esmeralda Cabello was kept as. Though it's presumed that she's dead, she was actually very much "living" but Anastasia liked that she had such an upper hand over her sisters. However, bringing Nikolai back would be the cherry on top. The Cabello sisters were turned into monsters but with rumors roaming around that Nikolai was abusive, she had a hunch that those girls would be as afraid of him as they were when he was living so she was prepared to bask in their misery when it came.

    "Welcome back to the land of the living." The brunette mused, her hands behind her back as she took in his expression. He definitely appeared to be surprised but who wasn't when one moment they were dead, and the next they were alive again? "Now, come on out of there. We have a lot to talk about."

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    Nikolai had no idea what the woman was talking about, back to the land of the living? This woman must be crazy but at the same time, it would explain why he felt like someone had hit him with a train. His whole body hurt like hell and he was severely dehydrated but the elder man listened to the woman name Ana and arose from the ground, groaning his complaints along the way. When the male could finally stand on his feet, he brushed off as much of the blackened soil as possible and gave the small woman a once over. There was something eerily familiar about this Ana woman but he couldn’t place a finger on it.

    So instead the male started off by questioning her, “Let me guess, you’re a witch.” Even though Nikolai was very much human, and preferred it that way, he could tell if someone was a witch just by seeing them. Hell, he practically knew every witch in his hometown.

    Home. When and where the hell was he?

    tumblr_inline_mjjgtqsM2A1qz4rgp.gif“What year is it?” The old man asked the small witch again but his question was answered when he spotted a newspaper nearby. Picking it up the old man looked in the top corner and saw the date. 2020. He has been dead for about a century...something inside of him swirled with mixed feelings. Sadness, anger, betrayal, everything, and nothing all at the same time.

    Looking back at Ana this time he actually studied her features. The brown hair, green eyes that held more secrets than Nikolai would care to like, the raw energy coming off her body that spoke immense powers. It suddenly hit him who she reminded him of.

    “Renée…how did you manage to stay this young all this time?” he chuckled a bit envious but when Nikolai blinked, Ana stood in the place of the one witch who refused to help him take down his wife and daughters.

    Crossing his arms over his chest the six-foot-something male toward the little Witch and spoke of another question. He had so many questions but never enough answers. “So tell me what do you want from me that’s so important to wake me from my eternal slumber?”

    Even though Nikolai was glad he was no longer dead, he was a bit crossed that this Witch had probably woken him up for something ridiculous. Although if he were to play devil’s advocate, he wouldn’t mind playing some little game Ana needed him for, he was just glad he could be in a world where his wife and daughters no longer existed.

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    Faintly, you could hear another roar of thunder from the distance and as Anastasia’s ears perked up at the sound, she chose to ignore it like she’d tumblr_pi5oehs8r51wbsxl2o1_250.gifvdone before, knowing it was just her great-grandmother showing more of her distaste for this entire situation. It was amusing to the High Priestess, however, because Renée was known to be far worse of a Regent than Ana could ever be when she was alive so how could she possibly judge her for her actions?

    A part of Ana knew what she was doing was wrong, resurrection was always a bad thing, but another part of her tried to give her good reason for doing this; the Cabello’s. Her jealousy of the sisters was strong, sadly so their wasn’t a single soul who could make her think otherwise. The hair at the back of her neck stood up a bit, causing the female to turn and give the dead witches and warlocks who stayed behind a look when she realized they were inching forward. “Be gone. I have no need for you here anymore.” The witch demanded, her green hues watching as the ghostly figures disappeared into thin air. Turning her attention back to Nikolai, she arched a brow. At least she didn’t have to explain herself any further than she already had to. “I am a witch, good observation.”

    In response to his question of what year it was, Ana opened her mouth to answer, only to watch as he answered his own question by picking up thetumblr_pvn79dDrUi1vkvz33o9_250.gif newspaper from nearby. “As you can see, you’ve been dead for quite a while,” she stated the obvious, her eyes darting from the newspaper to his features. “And I’m sure you have a lot of questions. That’s what I’m here for.” She added, a smile that no one typically trusted crossing her features.

    Mumbling a few words, the witch undid the boundary spell she’d put around his grave, kicking aside all the vines she’d put around it earlier that would break the spell so he could get out of the grave completely because, frankly, she wanted him closer so she could properly talk to him.

    When he compared her to her great-grandmother by mistaking her for the elder, Anastasia didn’t say much aside from giving him a blank look. There was nothing she hated more than being compared to that old hag and so instead of responding, seeing as he’d realized his mistake, she ushered him closer with her hand. “Well, it involves your daughter, all three of them actually..” She began with this knowing look on her face. “I’m sure you believe that you killed them all those years ago, right?” The brunette questioned, knowing the answer already, nonetheless.

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