Online Dating 101 (Kaleesi and Liam)


What an annoying ritual that we do, meeting someone going out for drinks and the like. Kal was growing bored with meeting people. She had gone on several dates with people her friends had set her up with and now she was over the idea. Her one friend suggested online dating, but even that Kaleesi was growing bored with. Men only messaged her for one thing and that thing she was not willing to give away to just anyone. Letting out a sigh as she opened her computer to log onto the website, clicking on her inbox as she sipped her tea.

Kaleesi sat down on the couch pulling her legs up under her body as she pulled the laptop onto her lap, She read the few messages she had and deleted most of them and responded to a few. She clicked on the tab to search people and began to click the next arrow until she landed on a brunette male, she titled her head to the side and clicked on his profile. 

Searching through the page and reading his interests and his photos “Hmmm, do I?” She asked herself looking over at her cat “Do we do this? Do we message him first?” She shrugged and then hit send a message. 

‘Hello, How are you doing today? I uhh... I am not sure what I am supposed to say in an opening message to catch your attention so I’m going to leave it at that.’

Before she could take it all back she hit the send button. Looking to her cat “so we did that… Ughhh what is wrong with me?” She closed the laptop lid and sipped some more on her tea. “We’ve been single for too long.” She laughed as she talked to her cat Zoticus. 

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