Ahh Scotland the once home to Phoenix Leader Vincent Dimare and Vampire Rebekkah Danielson as well as the former home of Amelia Annalise Wolfe the witch/wolf shifter they are going back after being away for so long some more than others but there is danger ahead for them and unfortold circumstances at play and it all started because of the death of Amelia's father the wolf shifter Alpha in Scotland that they are heading back home. 

For Amelia this was hard as she was in the air on a plane heading the the place she ran away from so many years ago  the Death of her Father  Oliver Alexander Wolfe a man of great pride and love for his daughter and for his pack she was terrified of what was to come of this because now the pack has no leader meaning chaos and destruction to left in their wake and her cousin Henry was no where to be found but at least she has people for support Vincent a honorary pack brother and resident Phoenix was going with her but she didn't care about his titles to her he was 'Winny' a man who cared for her when no one else did at the age of five years old . Then there is Rebekkah, beautiful Rebekkah and long time friend of Vincent's who Amelia asked to tag along as she has no idea what to expect when she gets there 'safety in numbers' I believe the saying goes well she is dreading this but it must be done.


Amelia got of the plane with a feeling dread in her stomach grabbing her carry on and exiting the plane. "I'm home." She said softly to her self as she stood waiting for Vincent and Rebekkah to Exit the plane, as she waited she scanned the air port mostly tourists but one person stuck out .she noticed him walking towards her it was Callum her fathers second in command and her cousin Ainslee and Henry's father.

"So they sent you did they Callum?" She asked in a snarky tone.

" Yes they did little Las you know how they get especially Emilia that old woman worries about you to much." He said with a shake of his head and a chuckle.

Amelia threw herself at Callum hugging him close and crying " I miss daddy so much Cal so very much I don't know what to do without him." Here in her home she didn't have to pretend that she wasn't different that she wasn't of mixed blood she just was.

"Amelia i see so much of him in you, you are his legacy he may have run the pack but he was your father your blood,you are always going to be his sun and moon little Las and nothing and no one will ever change that ." He said lifting her chin up to look her in the eyes, both of their eyes showing what they were feeling completely broken.

" You lost just as much Cal you lost a brother and not a pack brother a actual brother I know this is gonna be difficult but I gotta do it for daddy." She said as she wiped her tears away and smiled.

" Are you ready to go?" He asked taking her carry on from her.

" No not yet I'm waiting on Rebekkah and Winny." She said scanning the crowd looking for them both how she hated big crowds.

"Rebekkah? Wait -Winny? He's here? He's back? You found him?" He asked shocked as hell and looking like he was going to start hyperventilating .

" Yes I found him and his friend Rebekkah is with him they came with me." She said spotting them and waving them over.

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  • Vampire

    Rebekkah couldn't believe she was going to her homeland of Scotland. Amelia Annalise Wolfe had asked her to go along with her and Vincent Dimare. Rebekkah didn't know the girl well, as Vincent did. But she decided to go with first to see her homeland of Scotland, second, she could use the time away from Vrevale, the third reason she was going as support, the young girl's dad and Vincent's good friend had just died. Rebekkah couldn't help be a little worried, walking off the steps of the plane. She didn't know what to expect, being a vampire, and all. She waited for Vincent so they could walk together. He knew the pack family Becca was going to meet. Up ahead, she could see Amelia and a man waiting for them.

  • Phoenix - Owner

    tumblr_inline_o3fg9287To1qlt39u_250.gifvVincent sometimes he had felt he lived different lifetimes but it really wasn’t far from the truth with how old he actually was. However, it was rare for him to go back home to Scotland since over the years he’s been alive, he had only been back home a few times but never stayed for long. Though one time had stood out to him because during his time there, he found what he thought he had lost forever.

    A family.

    He never suspected that he’d become close to a family full of shifters but he had found brothers as well as nieces that he grew close with during his time that he spent when he was last in Scotland. So as he was on the plane ride there, he had been nervous to come back just because he had left so abruptly last time he saw them and it pained him to leave them the way he did but he was happy that he met with Mia once more. He was able to get his family back.

    Plus, Scotland was always a place where he had a hard time going back to especially his hometown. Everything had reminded him of the two people he lost which was his mother and little brother. Though, if it weren’t for the family that he found, he wouldn’t have known that good memories can also be made in the one place he dreaded going back to.

    He just wished that when he was sat on the plane that he was going back for good reasons but for Oliver to be gone, it wasn’t a good reason at all and he felt guilty because he didn’t get to say goodbye to a man he considered to be a brother. However, he was going to be there for everyone including Mia. He loved Mia and Ainslee as if they were his own kids and it was nice that she was so welcoming towards him when he first saw her after all these years.

    It was also a relief to him that he wasn’t traveling alone. He was thankful that his best friend had came with them in support. He knew Scotland was just as much of a sensitive place for her as it was for him and it meant the world to him for her to accompany him and be there for his niece. He was forever thankful to have Rebekkah back at his side as she is his best friend.

    “Thank you for coming,” he told Rebekkah as he exited the plane. “I know it means a lot to me and I wanted to thank you. You’ll like this group as I’m sure they’ll like you,” he told her as he dragged his suitcase behind him. Just then he spotted Mia and then Cal as they were waiting for them. It felt surreal to see them once more as he wasn’t quite used to having them back yet. “No way,” he said with a smile as if he couldn’t believe it. Looking back to Bekkah, he gestured for her to follow him. “Let’s go say hi,” he said before he started to walk towards them as he waved back at them.

    tumblr_inline_o3fgipnU671qlt39u_250.gifv“Do my eyes deceive me or is that really you, Callum King?” He chuckled softly before he stood in front of them. He had went to give the man a hug before he turned to look at Mia.

    “Hey, kiddo. I’m so sorry,” he said as he pulled her in for a hug, a bear hug this time. They probably already knew that the Phoenix was a hugger so he hoped that this didn’t take them by surprise.

    “Oh, and this is Rebekkah Danielson. I’ve known her since we were 14 years old,” he added as he introduced them.

  • Witch


    Amelia watched in shock as Winny hugged Callum as normally he hates it but he hugged him back then Vincent bear hugged her she smiled up at him after he let her go .

    "Thank you to you both for coming with me I know it's not easy for you but I appreciate it ." She said looking at Winny and Becca 

    Callum looked on as he watched his niece interact with Winny and the Vampire he now knew as Rebekkah " It's a pleasure to meet you Ma'am God you're Gorgeous if i might say ."  He then turned and came over to Vincent's side and cuffed him upside the head and punched his arm " You are in so much trouble for leaving the way you did  Emilia is gonna have a field day well should we get going?" He said heading towards the exit  as the front doors opened Amelia smiled " My baby " grinning at her images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRWCF5NjN-fM5poW1EjTO9JmLk12e0oDzA45g&usqp=CAU

    "Lets put our stuff in the trunk and get going shall we ?" she said putting her stuff in the trunk and grabbing the keys from Callum and getting in the driver's seat " Who wants shot gun?" 


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