After being apart for three years, Maverick felt happy once again to have Rosalyn back in his life. Usually when his friends would bring up that a party was coming up, he would be the one to refuse before they all would convince him to go. It wasn’t that he wasn’t into going to their house parties. He would frequently be the one to suggest to going to the parties he heard around campus but that was when he had just started college. It was also an excuse to get Rosalyn out of his head after they had broken up. Though over the last couple of years, he just wasn’t as interested as he once was. That’s probably because his work distracted him enough from dwelling on the past.

However, this time was different when his friends suggested another party. They were expecting to have to convince Maverick but he was more than willing this time. Only because the last he hung out with Rosa, he made her promise to come with him to the next one. So when he heard about the party, he texted her about it.

Guess who have to her promise? Another one Saturday. So I’ll be seeing you there, Rose!

giphy.gif?profile=RESIZE_400xSo when Saturday came, he got dressed, taking a break from grading papers which was much needed. He put a little more effort into making himself look nice this time as he was a bit more excited again. He had been hanging out with Rosa ever since she moved back and he was relieved she wanted to be around him again. Even if they were hanging around as friends though it didn’t feel like it. He still flirted with her and how he felt around her was telling him all he needed to know. He still had strong feelings for her that never went away even with the distance that was put between them. He knew he was in a complicated spot when he was seeing someone else, and he knew that Ashley suspected something between them no matter how many times he told her that they were just friends. So he guessed he would just see how tonight goes.

He arrived to his friend’s house, smiling once he walked through the door as he was greeted by his buddies, a drink already put into his hand. They sure didn’t waste no time. As time passed and visited, joking around with his friends and just having a good time. Still, he couldn’t help but he keep a keen eye out for a familiar figure.

“You got it bad, man,” one of his mates muttered before taking a drink of their beer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you don’t. Just be careful, you’re playing a dangerous game.”

Mav shook off their comments as if he didn’t already know. As he went to get another refill, he stepped into the kitchen and there he saw Rosa. Setting his plastic cup down on the counter, quietly walking towards her as she talked to someone. He went and put his hands around her eyes with a small smirk. “You got three guess,” he uttered once the person walked away, knowing that she’d know it was him.

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  • Faerie

    original.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xShe came in the town for three days and their were literally inseparable. She was always talking with him on the phone, hanging out with him and making sure she was as close to him as she could. It was wrong because she was having no luck. He was seeing someone and yet that was the only thing that should keep her away but it didn't. They couldn't be seperated. They are literally soulmates so there was no damn way they will stay apart. They tried it and nothing had happened. They were still sticked to each other like glue. When he made her promise she will come at the party, she won't think one will come too soon but when she got the text from him she knew it was going to happen.

    Look what you made me do. Fine! See you there Mavky. Don't leave me alone there. I'm coming for you <3

    When she looked into the mirror she wa always in thoughts. That she will not be okay. That maybe it's a mistake to do so. There will be all their friends there and yet.. they can't keep their hands off each other. And they know it, they will hold each others hands and hug eac h other and be just.. what they were before. Like a couple. When she had arrived at the party she fixed her hair softly. Here goes nothing. As she walked up the stairs, she looked around for him and gasped as a  friend stopped. She smiled over to her and chuckled gently talking. " I did miss thsi yes. Of course we can hang out.." She admitetd before looking over to them.

    main-qimg-89d5c25b25178b9a8fbb2eb9829676ca?profile=RESIZE_710x"Have you meet Maverick? He is so changed. Shame he is dating Ashley."

    "They knows what between them"

    "But you know that you need to stay away right? They are dating after all."

    The girls voices rushed through her head as her vision was taken away. Hearing his voice she knew who it was but as always she was playing the fool."Oh Santa it's only March" She chuckled gently and started to pretend to think."I would say... Mark or Jackson?" She teased him letting her hands on his and laughed brightly." Oh.. I didn't all my three guesses wrong haven't I?" She chuckled and turned around seeing him and hug him tightly. "Hey there you. I can't believe you made me come here." She chuckled gently and shook her head. She knows that sooner of later.. they will get in trouble because they love each other and everyone could see that. Even Ashley and she won't let them get away just like that. " I can't be that cuddling here.." She chuckled looking around. "So maybe just walk around one another I guess?" She chuckled rubbing the back of her head.

    • Phoenix

      The look her friend gave him didn’t go unnoticed as she left the kitchen. He felt as if he was doing something wrong or being judged. His eyes remained on them until they left the kitchen and that’s when he heard Rosa start to guess who it was. That feeling he just had started to melt away slowly as a smile found his lips so easily. He couldn’t help but chuckle and allow the natural playfulness between them overtake him. He always appreciated Rosa playing into his whims at times without much judgement. 

      When their eyes met, his smile grew and reached his gaze as she hugged him tightly. “Hey Rosa,” he said into the hug before he pulled back and laughed softly. “I think a part of you wanted to come here, no?” He teased with a small smirk before it faded the slightest at the mention of her not cuddling him. Every time he’d start to enjoy being in her presence again, he was reminded of the present and how he was actually with someone else. Still, he kept the carefree grin on his lips as he nodded his head. “Yeah, you’re probably right, huh?” He admitted as he rubbed the back of his neck also. If she hadn’t said anything, he probably would have taken her hand or already had his arm wrapped around her shoulders to keep her by his side, but it was already suspicious enough to their friends and Ashley. 


      “Doesn’t mean we can’t have a drink though,” he smirked at her as he walked around her to get themselves a drink. “You’d think they would have gotten tired of this by now but nope,” he said, referring to their friends as he poured her cup and handed it to her. 

      As he looked into the front room, he could see his friends from where he was and they were already having fun and acting foolish which made him smile to himself and chuckle. He would never admit out loud but he enjoyed that his friends were young at heart whereas since he’s been on this Earth longer than most of those in the room, if not all, it reminded him that he could spare those few moments and act just as young. 

      Taking a drink, he let his dark hues settle on Rosa once more. “All jokes aside, thanks for showing up tonight. I don’t think I’ve looked forward to one of these parties since...well since you had still lived here,” his eyes had a glint to them as he looked at her with warmth in his eyes and gave her a soft smile where his dimple showed slightly. 

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