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It felt like forever had gone by the longer her hues flickered between the bright phone screen on her lap, and the clock on the wall that periodically made that ticking sound that was beginning to annoy the witch and though Phoenix had told her he was going to be a little late in picking her up for their date, Ana had no idea he'd be this late and though she didn't want to be that irritating girlfriend that nagged to often when she wanted something done, she wasn't willing to wait any longer because at this point, she'd completely lost her appetite. Picking up her phone, she proceded to dial his number up all while kicking off her heels and grabbing the glass of wine she'd poured herself to calm the anger she'd felt from having to wait another two hours without so much as a text from him. She listened as the phone rang and rang and rang until ultimately, going straight to voicemail. Letting out a frustrated sigh, the witch waited left a heated voicemail, "I don't know where you are or why you're taking so long to pick me up, but I've officially lost my appetite I8Ff.gifso don't bother coming by anymore." Afterwards, she hung up and set her phone down so she could change out of the dress she'd chosen to wear tonight as well as removing her makeup and undoing her hair that she'd put up into a ponytail, basically getting ready for another lonely night in with a full glass of red wine.

However, before she could get comfortable on the couch, the sound of someone ringing on the doorbell was heard all throughout her home, causing her to look in the direction of her front door in confusion. He couldn't be showing up now, could he? Checking her phone, she'd received no messages or missed calls from him which resulted in her bringing up her ring app to check the camera seeing as should she walk up to the front door, whoever was their would see her. What made things even more confusing and a mystery was the bad feeling she'd gotten in her gut the moment she'd heard the doorbell and seeing as her gut feelings always turned out right, Ana chose to stay where she was as she pulled up the app. Expecting to see someone on her front porch, you could only imagine how astonished she was to find an empty porch but when she heard the doorbell ring again, it caused her to jump up.

"If this is some sick joke.." She muttered as she slowly approached her front door, only to see that the outside was indeed empty. Turning on the front porch light, she looked out only to find that it was pitch black outside. Who the hell was ringing on her doorbell? She thought and as she turned to head back to her spot on the couch, eager to chug the rest of her wine and go to bed, she stopped in her tracks as the doorbell was heard again. "That's it." She snapped, pulling the door open and like someone had snapped their fingers, there stood a group of four individuals, staring at her, whom she started right back at. "Can I help you?" The High Priestess had questioned, only to be met with the one thing she'd least expected to happen, a needle full of some unknown liquid to be stabbed into her neck, letting the liquid flow into her system. Staggering back, her hand came up to the spot that they'd stabbed and before she could realize what was happening, she fainted.

The next time she woke up, Ana had been laying on a bed in a dark room and as she moved to sit up, far to quick for her bodies liking, the room started spining as she sat on the edge of the bed. Glancing down at herself, she noticed that she was still dressed in the clothes she'd changed into earlier, telling her that this was indeed far from a dream. Her head darted towards the door instantly when it opened, a female who she didn't recognize walking in.

"Who are you?" Ana questioned her, confused as to what she could want with her of all people, especially since she didn't appear to be a witch.. Maybe she was one of the people who hated the Coven leader?

"Not important," the girl quickly responded, brushing off her question. "Esmeralda Cabello, ring a bell?" It was her turn to ask, in which Ana gave her a blank look in response.fd1579bd52f8ea143f80e7dd9ab18999.gif

"Not at all," the witch lied through her teeth but the girl could see right through her lie.

"Ah, but I think you do." She gave Ana a look, telling her she knew things, things the High Priestess didn't want to get out. "She is still your anchor, yes?" She continued to speak but without waiting for a response, the girl continued, "I want you to release her and in return, we will release you."

"Sorry, but no can do." Ana shrugged, nonchalantly. Upon realizing this girl was a siren, it didn't surprise her too much that she'd come for the witches head. "Without her, I have nothing holding the Other Side together so she's needed."

The siren let out a dry chuckle before mumbling, "I thought you'd say that.." She said before glancing behind her, Ana's gaze following her own. "Phoenix, dear, why don't you come and talk some sense into your little girlfriend."

"Phoenix?" Ana repeated, her voice giving off how much disbelief she felt at this very moment. What was he doing working with the sirens?

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