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Whenever Amelie Thornbrook came to visit, Anastasia made it her mission to avoid the woman like a plague; the two didn't have the best relationship and so when mother dearest was around, she tried to tell Ana how to run her own Coven, as if the elder Thornbrook was given the title of regent instead of her. Coven talk, no matter what the subject was referring to, always brought tension and the witch knew it was because her great grandmother had decided to hand the Coven over to her after her grandmother had retired instead of her mother who'd been waiting for the day that she became regent ever since she was a child. You could only imagine the shock on both Ana and her mother’s faces when Anastasia was named the new leader of the Coven. Her mother was furious; her father, on the other hand, was ecstatic. He was human and wasn't very fond of the witches as he had grown up to dislike them and every other species, however, that didn't stop him from falling in love with the then regent’s daughter. It was a love story that no one really cared for and some believe it was the sole reason Ana was regent instead. The jealousy was there, the witch could feel it every time she was in close proximity of her mother hence why she typically tried to avoid her whenever she'd come visit the estate.

"Anastasia!" A high pitched, quite annoying voice screeched, or that was what it sounded like to her, from behind her as Ana was in the middle of trying but failing to leave Coven grounds so she wouldn't have to face the woman. However, her efforts seemed to be unsuccessful as she stopped in her tracks, let out a sigh, and reluctantly turned to face the devil herself.

giphy.gif"Yes, mother?" Anastasia questioned with a dry tone as she approached her mother who decided to ignore the tone in her voice as well as the unhappy look that adorned her features. Amelie made a come here gesture with her index finger before turning around and heading towards Ana's office, the female following right behind until the two entered her office, closing the door behind her and turning to her mother, arms crossed over her chest as she waited for her to speak up.

Her mother paced in front of the desk for a bit, causing Ana to look on in confusion but remaining silent, nonetheless. "I'd hoped this day wouldn't come." Amelie muttered, causing her daughter to become even more confused then she already was and as if sensing the confusion, spoke up again. "Centuries before you were born, I had a child with a man that I thought loved me." She began, shaking her head as memories flooded her head. "Turns out I was just attracted to him because he was a warlock and not some human." A dry laugh followed her words. "I had wronged this boy all throughout his life because he reminded me of his father and one night, he was attacked by a vampire, turning him into what he is today; a heretic and the moment he turned, he came for me." Amelie explained, pausing to look at her daughter; Ana had several emotions running through her eyes, one of which was complete and utter surprise. How could she do such a thing and never tell her about it? This meant she had a half-brother. Before Ana could question her regarding those very thoughts, her mom spoke up again. "He killed me and I don't blame him for doing what he did because I was a living nightmare to be around. Our ancestors decided to give me a chance and resurrect me but I was to stay as far away from him as possible even though I want nothing more than to apologize for how I've treated him." Amelie sighed, softly. "You have a half-brother and he's closer than you may think, Anastasia." With that being said, her mother pulled out a picture from her pocket and held it up. "Recognize him?"

As her green hues took in the picture, a moment later they widened a fraction. "That's Jacob." Ana said, her eyes flickering from the picture her mother held in front of her face to her mother. "So, let me get this straight," she gave her mom a look, one that was so intense it nearly made the woman flinch, "Jacob, my second in command, is also my half-brother?" It would take a moment for this all to sink in but original.gifwhen it did, Ana was furious. She was 26, this wasn't something that should've been kept from her for 26 years.

In response to the question that wasn't really a question but more of a statement, Amelie nodded. "He is, but honey.." Anastasia cut her mother off by holding up a hand, completely silencing her. "Please leave." Usually, her mom wouldn't listen to such commands coming from her daughter, but she could tell keeping something this important from her had hurt. However, before leaving, she needed to tell Ana something just as important as the bomb she'd just dropped; "I'll go but before I do, there's something else you should know." Ana nodded for her mother to continue. "Jacob knows you're his half-sister." And with that, Amelie turned and left the room as well as the estate all together with a gaping Anastasia behind her. So, he knew she was his half-sister? So, why hadn't he said anything? This seemed to be the cherry on top, so she quickly left her office, heading towards the meeting room where a council meeting was currently going on, one she decided not to be a part of seeing as she had more important things to deal with.

The regent pushed open the doors to the meeting room, catching the attention of everyone inside. "Everybody out." Ana commanded and though they were clearly confused, everyone did as they were told, exiting the room. However, when Jacob moved to do the exact same thing, she spoke up. "Not you." She slammed the door shut once the last council member had left the room, crossing her arms over her chest with an unhappy expression across her features. "When were you going to tell me that you're my half-brother?" She questioned. "And how the hell could you keep something like this from me?" She was slightly hurt that everyone seemed to think it was okay to keep secrets from her.

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    Though he was always back and forth in the coven mansion; always busting his ass doing things for Ana and what not; time seemed to be iStock_000010525270XSmall2.jpggoing by slow. As he walked the long corridor, he stopped by Donovan’s bunk room to see if he was there. Jake has been so busy with everything; he hasn’t been able to mingle with his people. Unfortunately, Don was out.

    Just then, his beeper buzzed – yes, he still uses a beeper, it was still handy and kept everything quiet, regarding his cellphone always blowing up. Seeing the name flash across the small digital screen, he knew he was late for his meeting in the conference room. Quickly grabbing his portfolio, he sped down the many corridors and slipped into the room.

    “Hello everyone, my apologies for the lateness.” He stepped in front a group of witches and humans. Most of them were ally’s, some worked for him. “Alright, I called you all in due to the concern of the witch, ‘Emily’. She has brought us a very powerful talisman-“ As he was getting into his speech Ana walked through the door, her face read that of anger and betrayal. When she ordered everyone to get out, he nodded and began to follow out.

    “Not you.”f5e1f52238ce6c19380b6e53a06d1191.gif?profile=RESIZE_710x


    Not exactly knowing what he’s done this time, Jake had to hold back an eyeroll. 

    “When were you going to me that you were my half brother?” She questioned. At first Jacob was confused and had no idea what she was going on about, but then a thought popped up in his head.

    “Maybe the rumor is true. Who told you that? Was it your mother?” His eyebrows scrunched together, and he sighed, “You know that woman doesn’t like me, especially being in second command.” Jacob wasn’t really a fan of her either. She was like a bad omen to him and his wellbeing.

    “I’ve heard stories about this accusation, but didn’t think it was true…” He ran his hand through his dark black hair, his icy blue hues were almost pleading.


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    She watched as he froze up, obviously not expecting the High Priestess to single him out of the group she’d sent away but Ana was annoyed, the feeling clear as day on her features as she closed the door of the meeting room behind her. The heated conversation she’d had with her mother was still fresh on her mind and the betrayal she couldn’t help but feel still lodged deep inside. Could you really blame her? Her mother had just told her she had a half brother and he’d been working close with her for the past decade without her knowing who he truly was to her.

    “Rumor?” She questioned, clearly not aware of this rumor as this would be the first time she heard of it but it didn’t really surprise her seeing as everyone in this small town liked to talk, whether it did or didn’t involve them. Anastasia was, however, even more annoyed know Jacob had heard of this rumor and didn’t come to her with it because knowing her, she would’ve gone straight to her parents and practically forced them to tell her the truth because one thing she hated more than being out of the loop was being lied to.source.gif

    At the mention of her mother not liking him, she could only respond with a small chuckle; her mother hated just about everyone but when it came to Jacob, she hated him with a strong passion that Ana could never understand until today. “And now I get why.” She muttered with an eye roll, subconsciously pacing the room as her head continued to try and wrap all this around it. “I don’t know why, but she decided it was the time to lay all of this on the table.” The witch explained, still wondering what provoked her mother to tell her all of this newfound information.

    The pleading that was now on his face made sigh and take a seat at the table, believing him when he said he didn’t think the rumor was true. “You know, my mom likes to make things up but when she told me all of this, her face said it all..” She said, looking over at him again before continuing, “she was telling the truth.”

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