tumblr_mlbek2on5f1s7gq7fo5_250.gifNoah smiled as he looked down at the items in his hands. 'Catherine will love this' he thought as he got ready for the day, as he just closed his front door from getting the mail in his sleepwear he goes to get dressed, dressing in a pair of slacks and a nice button-up long sleeve shirt. He was excited as it had been so long since he had taken anyone out. the last time he ended up dead so he wanted to make this date and the time they spent together worth something. 'Dinner and then give her the present I got her ' he thought to himself as he locked up his apartment and went to the garage to his bike turning the key as he got on.' I'm meeting her at the bar in the main part of town hopefully she enjoys this' as he drove to the bar in town he smiled seeing her looking as beautiful as always.



" You look gorgeous Darlin' have you been waiting long? I hope not but if so i promise to make it up to you ," he said with a grin as he parked next to her in a space 

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    Catherine was more nervous about this date, given her past dating history was a complete and utter mess she was fearing the worse but Catherine knew Noah was a good guy, so why should she be nervous? Her thoughts drifted to Julian, her past partner both on the field and in her romantic life, he was a good guy too but because of the decision, they made to share what they wanted, what their hearts yearned for his life paid the price leaving the human woman in grief tumblr_inline_o21ntafUb21tae3h3_250.gifvand devastation. "No," Cat said to herself as she gently shook her head getting rid of the thoughts. "This isn't like before, Noah isn't on the field...he'll be safe." With her somewhat conviction she felt a bit at ease as she pulled into the bar they agreed to meet at for this date. She luckily waited long, perhaps no longer than five minutes until she spotted Noah pulling up beside her. She flashed him a smile. 

    "Nope, you're right on time actually!" Her answer came lightly as she grabbed her belongings to exit her car. "Thanks for taking me out, I needed a break from work." She gave him another smile along with a small giggle. "And of course you always look handsome." 

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