Something's Not Right (Luciana and Adrien)

Today was not Luciana's day; the succubus had endured problem after problem within her clan and to say she was sick of it all was clearly an understatement because she was just about ready to rip her hair out. Not only did she welcome several young newcomers, but young newcomers who thought it was funny to undermine the authority she had over them as if she did not have such power over them as giphy.gifshe does. Younglings were always an issue for Luce simply because they caused more problems for her and the other than they should, nearly forcing her to put them on the streets instead of under her care, something she could never find it in herself to do.

It'd been a couple centuries since the night her father had tried to kill both Luciana and her younger sister and though he was successful at some point, his only mistake was drowning the two in the ocean because the sea awakened something inside of them, turning them both into very different creatures; Luce a succubus and Inyana a siren. The worse part of it all aside from the transitions? The fact that she was the first ever of her kind. Her turning seemed to open up a new species and seemingly making room for others to become what she once called a 'monster' just like her. Being the first of her kind had once taken a toll on her, to the point where she didn't want to accept it and upon learning from her mistakes, the succubus vowed to help others with their phases before welcoming them into her clan even if they chose to make her life a living hell in the process.

As word came forth that the younglings had strayed from clan grounds on their own and disappeared in the process, Luciana let out a deep sigh. Why couldn't they just follow instructions and remain with the others? Typically, she wouldn't care if they went out for a walk but seeing as they were still going through the beginning stages of their transitions, she wanted them locked away in hopes they wouldn't risk the lives of humans who lived a much normal lifestyle then they obviously did. However, that seemed to be impossible with the group vanishing all of a sudden. She chose to have a much trusted member of her clan, Emmett, go in search of the group because he was her best tracker while she and Adrien stayed back to work on things clan wise but when new word came of their whereabouts, this time from a completely different source, she gave them her full attention. Apparently, the boys had strayed off far enough to where theytumblr_inline_o7yles5b8Z1sq2fjp_250.gifv walked into the middle of a ritual being performed by the witches council, more specifically Anastasia Thornbrook's witches council and seeing as the regent had come for the succubus leaders head on multiple occasions, she knew she and Adrien needed to be quick in saving the delinquents.

"Ready?" She questioned her second in command after informing the others that these two would be gone for some time and when they did return with the boys, they wouldn't hear the end of it. Not long after, these two were climbing into a car and heading towards the abandoned building the witches were meeting them. Luce would be lying if she said this trip didn't scare her, especially since the one thing that weakened her kind the most was magic and should this encounter turn south, she and Adrien were in very deep shit.

Once arriving at the building, she took a breath, as if trying to calm her nerves before they headed into the building. Though dark at first, the lights were soon flickered on and the first thing she noticed was the obvious; the boys were nowhere in sight and instead the witches and warlocks had surrounded the two of them and only one thing could come to Luciana's mind as she glanced to her side at Adrien; did they just walk into a trap?

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  • Incubus

    Adrien was called into Luce’s office and from what it sounded like it was pretty urgent so he wasted no time in crossing the clan house she kept for the rest of the Succubus and Incubuses that decided to live here instead of on their own, pushed open the doors and found Luciana distressed. “Luce?” he spoke calmly 8904221674?profile=RESIZE_400xwith a raised brow before being informed of the situation at hand. Ah. Her distress made more sense. “It’s going to be okay, I’m sure you tried sneaking off to see what kind of badass you could be when your powers came to.” He knew that Luciana was the first of their kind but other than that the Incubus didn’t know much mainly because his Queen didn’t like talking about her past. Or so he gathered. 

    Hours went by until someone other than the tracker Emmett who Luciana sent out came and delivered even worse news. “Man do I hate being wrong.” He sighed out. It just had to be Anastasia’s council who the young trouble makers ran into. Had it been anyone else he was sure that he and Luce could get them back safe and sound. With Anastasia, the goal was still getting them back safe and sound but it would be a lot more challenging in the process since the two women hate each other, and for what? Adrien doesn’t have the slightest of clues. “Always ready for a little torture,” He answered her question with a sickening smirk. It was one thing for witches to harm him but to harm barely of age fledglings who have no idea what they’re doing, well even if Adrien wasn’t much of a fathering type he cared for his kind. 

    There was no need for communication on the car ride to where the boys would be, Adrien could feel the animosity in the air. The Incubus was sure glad he wasn’t one of those boys, Luciana’s wrath was something he enjoyed seeing more than being the one who received it. He would be lying to himself if he didn’t feel slightly panicked by exiting the car to the abandoned place. They are walking into god knows what with no sort of plan. Adrien was soon filled with regret as he should have discussed something in the car with Luciana. Damnit. He cursed himself as he looked over to Luce taking in a breath to steady her own nerves. 

    Inside the building was damp and dark until the lights flickered on showing a circle of witches and warlocks surrounding them with no fledglings to be seen. It seemed Adrien and Luciana turned to look at each other at the same time to think the exact same thing: It’s a trap. Well if it was a trap Adrien was going to do8904222065?profile=RESIZE_400x his best at getting them out, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to call himself Luciana’s right-hand man, her second in command. “Well, would you look at this Luce? Seems like we found some fledglings after all. Not the ones we were looking for but awe look at them- so young and willing to get themselves killed.” He smirked evilly at them all. One of them had the nerves to speak up against them.

    “This is why I hate demons, all you do is destroy.” came some warlock only which Adrien wittily replied back.
    “Funny, we say the same about you humans,” He threw insult on degrading their magical properties before continuing, “but if you let us go and tell us where the young Incubusses are we will happily take them and go.” His nonchalant smirk was all too real a trick he had mastered over the course of his life. But the same damn warlock interjected. He must be acting as the leader today in place of Ana who Adrien took notice of not being here.
    “I rather be dead than to let you two leave.”

    “Then I have good news for you.” Adrien’s eyes turned a soulless black as his inner demon began to come out in hopes of them understanding that even though their magic would harm him, he wouldn’t go down without a fight. 

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