The Call of her Family -Ainslee & Vincent-

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Hurt by the news she found out about her uncle Oliver's sudden passing her father Callum calls her and tells her to go find her cousin Amelia, Her last known location Vrevale Maine. So pushing her grieving emotions aside she takes a plane to meet up with her cousin. What she doesn't expect is to see the one man who has been in her life since she was a little girl and that man is Vincent Dimare the legendary Phoenix and her 'Uncle' in every way but blood. The last thing she wanted was for her Uncle Win to see her destroyed as she was having not showered in a week and hitting every alcohol bottle she could find and whatever the cost she was broken by the loss, She had to stay strong if nothing else but for her cousin, Amelia or Mia as everyone here knew her by. So she took a shower got cleaned up and hid behind her mask, a mask she hated to use the mask of what her friends called ' HBIC' or head bitch in charge persona.

 Like a flower made of iron" ♡

In her Mask, she was deadly unfeeling nothing and no one could hurt her she was as deadly and dangerous as ever, even her own father and brother couldn't stand her when her mask went up. So she drove on her bike to one of the bars in the town called "Gryffindors" a popular spot it seemed for the locals as she walked in with the confidence like she owned everything she got the bartender and owner to get her a drink as she waited for her 'uncle' to come in just knowing he would. Thinking ' she might raise some hell ' something she was oh so good at. Her brother didn't call her the 'Devil's hellcat ' for no reason. Hours went by as she drank and continued to get aggravated as men and women alike wouldn't leave her alone. Till one man three times the size of her came up to her hitting on her she had enough she punched him square in the face with a deadly right hook as the man stood up him and his cronies started to brawl with her she was pissed every one looked down on her because she was small in stature and had an angelic beauty to her face. During this fight she hadn't seen the man she was waiting for came into the bar, she was to busy beating the shit out of this man and his cronies eight on one seems unfair but not to Ainslee she lived for the fight during this time. Her deadly persona refused to let her feel anything so she didnt end up hurt or worse

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