Hunedoara Romania
March 1017  Midnight 


A thud awoke Henri from his slumber as he wearily and cautiously opened the door as he stared into the darkness a  sigh of relief waved through his body as he looked at the door to find a note on his door with a dagger stuck to it. Henri raised an eyebrow to see the paper  was handwritten as looked at it 

To whom it may  concern 

meet me where you foul beasts   met 


a flood of nerves run through his body the only people to have called them foul beasts was hunters and the brotherhood as he grabbed his cloak he moved into the street making his way towards the  Old apple inn as he made his way towards the inn he deliberately diverted the alleyways of the inn making sure there was no ambush waiting once entered as he returned to the point made his way indoors.

The inn was a dark dreary place drunk sprawled over the place and the whiff of blood from fights hitting his nostrils as he witnessed a man sat in the corner as he waved him over and beckoned and he sat in front of him " Spiridon was very much human from what he could smell and see as he began to speak he felt anguish but also malice in the man's voice as he mentioned there will be a killing when the queen does her visiting the people route he placed a note with the name Christian on the envelope the information you asked for the man rose he just said "I don't like your species but I do not like unjust killings  "  before leaving quickly. Soon after   the man left Henri stared at the sealed note as he rose to his feet as he picked up the note he knew Christian was staying close by  in a hotel  leaving quickly through a back door note in hand he  made it quickly through the street watching the  crowds as the hotel came into view  the stable boy came  out of the front door “ boy  “ Henri stood in front of him “  this is for Christian he is staying in  your premises  go give it to him immediately “ he handed the boy a small pouch of coins  before moving back into the darkness of the street 


a few days had passed as the sun had set an hour or so ago as Henri looked out at the cloudy sky it wasn’t going to rain but it made it extra dark as Henri turned listening to the plans Vladimir was setting even though he lead the group plans to want him so he let others come up with them as he ended his talk Henri Approached the table the room became suddenly turned tense “ we know the queen is in danger we don’t know how what and who will attempt to harm her if something happens a few of us investigate with the guard the rest watch the queen “ he to look at the vampires gathered a few that Henri had recruited his self and others descendants of the original order “ our duty is to protect the queen even if it costs us everything Stefan Vladimir get going with your teams she will be heading out soon “

An hour or so later  Henri found himself running along the rooftops the wind flowing through his hair and cloak as they jumped distances to and from tiles till they reached the area the queen would meet people as they wrapped themself in there clay coloured cloaks to blend into the rooftops he turned his head as Grigore asked “how did he get the plans for the route “ Henri did not go into detail just mentioning “ Neculai is on the inside “ he sat his eyes scanning the crowds and the rooftops for out of place people as the crowds began to muster in drabs the members approached nodding to the spot Henri was at as he nodded in response waiting he felt the drop of rain beginning to hit his cloak


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    • Vampire

      Rebekkah found herself in Romania not long after she was turned.  She had been hired as a trained assassin by a group save the Queen of Vampires. There were rumors of an assassination attempt on her life.

      Rebekkah found herself working at the Old Apple Inn as a barmaid working under the name Antanasia. She gathered the information for the group; her least favorite patron was a human called Spiridon. A man who clearly hated their kind.

      Take this, you foul beast of a whore. He said to her one night.


      Becca grimaced when he called her that. She wanted to hang him upside down from the rafters and gut him. One day she paid her well to deliver a note. She wore her red velvet cloak as she made her way streets of the town. When she got there, she pinned the note to the door with a dagger making a loud thud as she did. Rebekkah swiftly ran away into the night. She was back into the inn. She watched as she served the nearby patron of the Inn near Spiridon’s table. He was talking to a man she had never seen before. But the conversation she heard he was one of a kind. She guesses this Spiridon was doing a noble deed.

      ~ time skip to visiting day~

      Rebekkah was wearing a cloak in the crowd waiting for a signal. Rebekkah was equipped with weapons to stop an assassin from killing the Queen.  Rebekkah always carried weapons with her since she was trained as an assassin. She thought saw the man from the other night that was talking to Spiridon. There was Another man she recognized as one of the Queen’s guards. His eyes focused on the threat at hand.

    • Vampire - Admin

      9455860899?profile=RESIZE_930x"Rosalia," the impatient tone of her mothers' voice rung through the castle even if she didn't have to yell, Rose could clearly hear her. 

      "I'm coming mama," Rose didn't bother yelling back as she looked over in the mirror one last time. Her floor-length baby blue dress was custom made for her, as were all of her other dresses, brought out her pale beauty and even though she would not be in the sun, the dress had a built-in cloak with a hood, should she need it. She often enjoyed days like today where she could walk around her town and greet her people it was a nice excuse to get away from the castle as well as meet any new Vampires who sought refuge in her safety. Satisfied with how she was presented, the Queen left her chambers and made her way down the steps into the main foyer where her guards were waiting for her and her impatient mother, but she noticed her father's absence.
      "Is Papa not joining us today?" Rose asked her mother. Ever since Rose took the crown it seemed like her father was trying everything he could to stay constantly busy. 

      "No my sweets, and it appears I will not be either. Our cousins seem to summon you today but I will go in your place instead." Slyvianna brushed a stray of hair behind Rose's ear before kissing her cheek. "I love you, be safe." Her eyes glistened with a secret that she feared as she looked at Rose's guards silently sending them the message of keeping her safe before the previous Queen took her leave. 

      Sighing for only a moment she nodded her head to the guard to open the gates. When the cool Romanian air kissed her skin, she left her home, followed by her guards. There were at least two or three that always scouted ahead in front of her, one directly a few steps in front of her, mainly to shield her from any arrows that dare attack her, and then everyone else was in the back behind her. She knew Christian was in the rear guards, which made The Queen feel more secured than being surrounded by twenty men, she didn't tell him often but she felt the safest when9455862072?profile=RESIZE_930x she was with Christian and Mitica, her two best guards in the kingdom. She knew she would be safe.

      As she entered the town, Rose placed her hood up, put on her most Queenly, friendliest smile, and began to wave and greet those who came out to see her tonight. 

  • Vampire

    The night was in full swing as the crowds gathered as happy yells filled the air as he looked up to the rooftop opposite as a brother raised their right arm to say the queen was coming followed by whispers from the crowds  Henris thought called back to what he was told he turned to the vampire beside him  “  send word to the others keep your eyes open the queen is coming “ he tapped the vampire shoulder to say go as his eyes began to scan the crowds looking for an out of place people as he looked down to the others he nodded to others to move closer as the queen moved into sight. Henri smiled as she walked along chuckling a  little at  how Christian described her as Angel amongst the demons  he didn’t often agree with people  but this time he was correct 

    Within  ten minutes of  Rose arriving at the square, Henri  was drawn to the movement across the roof  from him as a hurried voice  spoke “ Vladimir is missing he hasn’t checked in “ his eyes scanned the  crowd as he noted the   female vampire thy  hired I the cloak “he looked to his fellow kin  as he nodded “ he made his movement noticeable to hope  Christian  would notice he was on the move  moving with the runner towards the  last known  location of  the vampire who brought the  plan into action as he ran his eyes scanned  the roof looking around hoping to see a sight of him    stopping at a pile of broken tiles  as  he looked around “ something has happened here  get me  4 scouts   and keep the rest where they are but   be  vigilant “   he sent the vampire of with speed as he looked around stopping  seeing drag marks off of the roof as he jumped down he found a dagger Vladimir used  ashe picked it up  examining around impact site  he looked around being disturbed by another runner “ Henri lone archer other side of the yard “.

    With Vladimirs knife still in hand, Henri  climbed the building with  haste as  he followed the younger vampire as the wind whipped past his skin  and through his hair jumping between the roofs till they returned to their overwatch position as he  began to scan the  buildings opposite him  a glint of silver caught his attention ashe    moved  down an alley jumping towards  the street  as he began to move with speed through the crowd to then taller building  he didnt want to let Christian know  till he had to   he entered the bulding as quick ashe could stopping at the strategically  placed crosses in his mind  he knew the  killer has never hunted vampires before  he hoped this was the attempt but  he could not be sure as he reached the balcony he was met with a archer ready to shoot  reacting quickly    he threw Vladimirs knife at the string causing the bow to  break  the  assassin  looked to henri as he moved forward before he began to  turn and run  henri needed to send a warning to christian  the assasin was on the move  but Vladimir had the warning signals as he  looked the arrows remained on the floor    his training   from alistair played  in his head as he took aarrow  tearing the wings slightly  as he focused on the spot  in front of christian  as he threw the  arrow a loud  noise escaped the arrow hoping Christian would understand     the order knew to keep still when to  move this was not one of them    hoping christian  would noticed   henri placed the broken  bow in the open  window hoping back up would be sent as he  moved back into the building .   

    • Vampire

      Becca watched the crowd for happy people waiting for the chance to see the Queen. She could hear the cries getting louder; she presumed the Queen and her guard were making their way through the crowd as night began to fall. From one of the rooftops, she noticed one of the vampires that hired her; she nodded but went back to scanning the rooftops and windows.

      From one of the windows, Becca saw a figure emerge with a bow with unique silver arrows. Not taking her eyes off the window until she reached the building. She went inside the building; she pulled a dirk knife with a pewter handle and silver blade from its sheath. As she made the way to the room where the assassin. She heard some commotion when she opened the door. The assassin had already left instead there was another person in his place with broken arrows at his feet. She hoped this other vampire got the assassin. “Please tell you got him.”

  • Vampire - Admin

    As Rose moved through the town giving her best smile and a wave to every person she could she was still upset that her mother wouldn't be here with her today. As much as her mother annoyed her with constant marriage proposals and tried to reason with her about a stronger Kingdom, Rose felt like she could make her Kingdom stronger without the need of a man. Focus. She thought as her mind began to wonder. 

    The cheering around her mixed with her own thoughts drowned out any outside noise she could have easily picked up. It wasn't until she almost ran into one of her front guards she realized something was happening. "What is going on?" Rose whispered almost too silently but thankfully the guard heard her. 
    "My Queen please remain silent I have a feeling we are among assassins." 


    9991614867?profile=RESIZE_584xThat word alone made her blood grow cold. Then she heard the faintest swooshing from the release of a bow and arrow did she understand her life was in danger. The arrow stopped right in front of Christians' feet. The crowd busted into a scream as well as a stampede. "Get the Queen out of here!" She wasn't sure who barked the orders, Rose was still too stunned to speak much less move until she felt Christians' hands take hers to pull her to safety. Yes, Christian would bring her to safety. She was safe.

    She hardly turned a few blocks until Christian broke into a home and gave the Queen an order to remain inside and hidden until whatever may be threatening her was gone. "Wait, Christian please don't leave me!" The Queen begged out of fear. Her first assassination attempt on her life was happening and she was going to be....alone? The last thing Rose saw was Christian's muddled brown eyes match her own Amber hues until he ran out and shut the door behind him saying, "Be safe Roza." 

    It felt like hours since Rose was left alone as she sat on a cot of a bed near the far end of the house. It had a small window too high for even Rose to look out of, she was certain no one would be able to look in the room to find her. She heard the door open and loud boots hit the floor until they made their way to the small wooden door she was hiding behind. A loud crash caused her to jump from the sudden noise. A man she did not recognize smiled cockingly at her. "There you are, your Highness." 

    "No, leave me alone!" She screamed as he made his way towards Rose but with nowhere to run or go Rose was trapped. The man was swift to bag her head and tie her dainty wrists before throwing her over his shoulder, still Rose never stopped screaming for help until a second man placed a blade against her neck. "Shut it or I'll slice your throat."  She knew a mere draining of blood would only pass her out not kill her but Rose wanted to take in as much as she could in the off chance she could escape and find some help to kill these men later. 

    So for the sake of her growing revenge, she was silent.

  • Vampire

    Henri turned on his heel to be met by a female vampire” Does look like I got him “he snapped before taking a deep breath as he calmed the instincts he had for a hunt as it wasn't a hunt but a task his mentor Alistair had tasked him” my apologizes for the thrill of the chase and all that, but they have never hunted vampires "he pointed to the cross on the door as he looked around for evidence” too easy “he muttered to his self as he moved to the door" excuse me I need to locate the queen! He began to make his way out the way he came, into the chaos of the night.


    Screams could be heard all around him only his name being called brought him back into the zone as he looked at the female vampire and the other that had just replied " report " he listened to the vampire report " Christian has served the queen two blocks off the main route to the palace " Henri nodded " we will make our way there " he turned to the female vampire " if you can keep up you can follow us " a smirk appeared on his face as he followed the vampire that reported to him over the rooftops" as they ran Henri closed his eyes as he jumped between the buildings the cool air against his skin before meeting contact with the next roof opening his eyes as he continued to run minutes past as they came to a stop above the centre where he witnessed a man trying to remove a spear from his leg " Henri's eyes widened as he realised it was Christians spear he motioned with his hand to tell his counterpart to restrain the man


    Henri watched as the human was pinned down as he jumped down to ground level " where I the queen and the man that belongs with this spear " he turned the blade handle as he heard the scream come from the man before he replied, " we have killed them spawn of satan" Henri ran his fingers over the men wound before tasting the blood as he smirked " very tasty " he turned the spear again as the man cried out " is it worth your life over a group that does not care about you "Henri's eyes turned black as he thought about the family he was helping as he exposed his fangs the man turned white in fear as he stuttered " there trying to get her out of the city "Henri tried to thank the human but he stabbed himself repeatedly dying within minutes " Henri sighed ! what a waste " he muttered to his self as he pulled out Christians spear as he resumed the sprint to where the queen was located.

    Henri was met by Grigore and Vladimir as they entered the building all 3 called out Christian names noticing the disturbance Vladimirs voice growled in frustration " the human was right " Henri turned as he nodded " we know they are not dead so we turn this city upside down ! he turned to Grigore " send word to the entire order " search every inch of the city nobody in and out I will continue down this street " Christian is one of our own but the queen is still high priority " Grigore nodded as he left Henri walked to the door " Vladimir wait here the queen may return stay here ! he was no longer concerned about the female vampire if she followed or not he had two vampires missing now


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