Christian was handpicked by her parents to protect her at all costs but he didn't realize it was the cost of his heart 


Everyone that knew Christian knew that he put Rose above everything and anyone even himself but that was his job as her guardian and protector he would die for her in a heartbeat well if his heart still beat that is but the main point is that he cared for her more than he should even though she was his Queen. He cared not for her title and all that came with it to him she will always be just the woman that he protects and lost his heart to his Roza. The Woman he wished to have forever with but it seemed fate had other ideas.

"Roza are you ready the royal court is waiting on your arrival " Christian asked on the other side of the door to her chambers. Not seeing her there he went to fetch her knowing she needed to be there as it has been a year and a half into her reign as queen. He heard no answer so he knocked again. "Are you even Wake Roza?" he grumbled listening through the door


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    8903759273?profile=RESIZE_584xNightmares flooded her vision as Rose tossed and turned in her bed, over and over for days it was the same nightmare: it was where she was being dethroned, cast out as an outsider, never to rule again. "Nu," she mumbled in her Romanian accent the dreams only becoming more intense as the Elders chased her through the woods behind her castle. "Go away!" She spoke in her dream and out loud but as she ran through the forest, the hem of her dress turned a shade of brown from running through the mud but no matter how fast she ran the Elders were always behind her, and as one of the Elders gripped her shoulder, she heard the knocking of her bed-chamber door causing her to sit up with a startled gasp from her nightmare. She had heard Christian's voice from the other side of the door asking if she was awake. She took in a deep breath to shake the nightmares from her memory even though she knew they would only return tonight.

    "I'm awake," came her reply before tossing the blanket away from her. "I will be out in a moment Christian." She proceeded to walk to her closet to get dressed.

    She despised attending the Royal Court where all the other neighboring kingdoms would once again try to offer her another marriage proposal thanks to her Mother's pestering about finding her a husband when she has done well for the year and a half of her ruling alone. What good would a husband be to8903758101?profile=RESIZE_584x her?

    She quickly changed into a black skirt with a black and white striped shirt and matching jacket putting on a pair of heels to complete her attire. She only brushed her hair enough to tame any knots that might have been caused while sleeping then stepped out of her room and met Christian waiting for her.

    "Let's go see what idiots my Mother has gathered for me this time." she tried to hold back most of her disdain towards this event but it was inevitable. "Thank goodness I have you here, Christian, I probably would be so bored if I didn't have you." She smiled and wrapped her arm around his for him to escort her where the event was always held, in the council room because god forbid a marriage proposal should be anything but diplomatic. Rose rolled her eyes, not bothering to hide the disdain of the circumstance any longer. "This is going to suck."

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      Christian walked with her to where the event was being held

      " I only aim to please you My Roza." He said softly stopping himself from doing what he truly wished. As he His eyes held many emotions in them before shaking his head slightly " I'll always be here for you my Queen." As he opened the door to allow her to enter first as her birthright demands following after her quietly looking around at all the possible suitors for His Queen as his eyes go hard glaring silently at them before taking his position off to the side of where Rose would be sitting. His eyes following everyone finding every weak point they all had quickly should something happened he would take anyone down would want to harm her. As the announcer announced the first in what seemed like a very long list. Growling silently in frustration Roza was right this was going to suck 

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