tumblr_n4uzw5RxuS1sl9zbwo2_250.gifYou’ve got to be kidding.

That was the first thing that Nik had thought and then replied with when he was given a task to do. He usually preferred to call them favors but he couldn’t deny what it was. He was at the beck and call for that witch and he hated that the fact was always dangled over his head. Like he was some errand boy. Anyone that knew Nik knew that he was not one to toy with. However, as long as this went on, he was to do these tasks that Anastasia had asked him of. He would figure out one day how to get out of it but for now, he had to suck it up.

The second thought that registered in his mind was how could he even do this? While Niklaus Williams and Anya Grimaldi had shared a complicated connection ever since the day they met, he knew that what he was about to do was going too far. Even for him. While he couldn’t stand the Eternal, he knew that she never crossed boundaries enough to piss him off and drive him to do something this terrible to retaliate. However, when it was explained why he’d be doing this, it was only because of scorned feelings about not having an alliance with one of the new species in town. He knew it’d be hell to try to get them on their side. The dragons were clearly off limits and the Banshees were just the same. However, with new rumors circulating about a possible alliance between the Banshees and Phoenixes forming one and then the possibility of the Hybrids linking up with them, just because he used to be in love with Sofia, it didn’t sit well with the witch.

So the perfect targets involved him and one of the Eternals. When some information was given to him about Anya and someone she was close to. He was admittedly surprised. The man she was close to was a human and apparently a meeting was set up between them tonight. So following what he was told, he made it way to where Anya resided to interrupt the evening.

tumblr_ne5oi0e4yN1sl9zbwo1_250.gif On his way there, he knew in his gut that this was bad. Something easily told him that because he didn’t want to do this at all to her. He just knew this would end badly for everyone and if anyone deserved this to happen to them, he would gladly deliver it but Anya wasn’t someone who did just because someone wanted revenge. Yet, here was was doing the dirty work. While others believed him to be evil, there were boundaries where he couldn’t cross and he was about to do just that.

Even as he walked, he could only picture what Sofia would say and do. If he did this, he could lose her forever even as a friend for hurting her sister. Even Maggie would be ashamed of him. However, he had to push those thoughts aside. He had to do this in order for himself to get the witch off his back.

tumblr_ndvqs2y0dw1rk9yago2_250.gifHe had walked up to her door and with a soft intake of breath, he let it out rather slow. “I’m sorry, Anya,” he breathed out before he knocked five times and waited for her to answer. The expression he wore was full of remorse but the second after his last knock, he composed his features to resemble the smug expression he always wore as if he was ready to ruin her night as if to not tip her off.

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  • Banshee

    If there was one thing the Eternal never was, it was nervous yet for her date with Damien tonight, she was extremely nervous like something deep down was telling her tonight was going to end in tragedy. However, when it came to her, she always felt this way even if everything was fine so she shrugged the feeling off, only to believe it should a vision actually come on so with it at the back of her mind, Anya went to go finish getting ready and since she was cooking for him, or attempting to, she chose to dress in a simple dress. Before long, the food was ready and seeing as spaghetti was the only thing she managed to master with the years she’d lived, that was the sole thing on tonights menu.

    Dating following her resurrection was once looked at as something she could never do because with her specie came problems and yet, the human she’d cd51a3a89c2a65b09652c96e0b7659c6801a4b41.gifvfallen for seemed to be her only exception as with the time they’d spent together in the past made it hard for her to move on from him. However, when he’d found out about what she was, she saw things change solely through Damien’s eyes until the day came that he’d broken her heart by dumping her and never speaking to her again. The pain she’d felt then was like none other but gradually, both her people and Sofia had managed to help her forget.. Until, the Banshee had taken the initiative to contact him first after a month as his help was the one thing she felt comfortable receiving when it came to her confusing visions.

    From then on, things rekindled a bit between them but with her and her trust issues, this date was the first of many until she could completely forgive him for the pain he’d put her through but before she could settle as everything was set, from the food to the table, her body had come to a halt in the middle of the living room before her eyes glazed over, a sign that a vision was about to hit and when her scream didn’t accompany it, it typically meant a death wasn’t near so this couldn’t be anything bad, right?bf2ad27fd2821c57c5f0b9752080f0e824a7b767.gifv

    Wrong. Though her vision was blurry, one thing stuck out to her and that was Damien’s face and before she could look further to see what was happening or what was going to happen to him, she snapped out of it and instantly, she went to pick up her phone to try and call him and see where he was.

    However, Anya didn’t get the chance as those five knocks were heard on her front door which caused her to pause for a moment, not feeling relief just yet like Damien wouldn’t be the person standing behind the front door. Walking up to it, she opened the door and what she didn’t expect was to come face to face with Niklaus’ snug face. “Niklaus,” she said his name in confusion, looking behind him briefly before her greyish blue hues settled back on the hybrid who was the last person she wanted to see right now. “What the hell are you doing here?”

    • Human

      tumblr_inline_ob6rypIoYR1tae3h3_250.gifv?profile=RESIZE_400xEver since Damien had moved into the small town, he’s been hit with surprise after surprise. He really didn’t expect much from the coast side village but growing up with the knowledge of the supernatural? Well that prepared him for just about any curve balls that were thrown to him. However, there were a few times where he had no clue how to react or handle things which often lead to an intense amount of guilt and regret. One moment stood out among them all because it dealt with matters of the heart.

      Anya had been the first woman he truly fell deeply in love. Like any other person, he’s had his fair share of exes who weren’t the one but Anya? He never fell so hard for someone like that. Their relationship came to the point where he was going to propose to her one night and he had things planned out for the big question. He was a bit of a romantic and borderline cheesy and sappy because deep down, he’s just always been a huge dork. It often made him wonder how he even got so lucky to have been with her. He was about ready to take her the spot until the truth about what she was revealed. Then what happened after all that really changed things between them.

      Damien has always had a disdain for the supernatural and it really started when he was 8 years old. After a tragic happenstance that happened with his parents, he’s just always had this view about them. He knew it was something personal and had nothing to do with the actual species because when he was young, he had a lot of emotions going on and his only way of coping was to put blame on everything but himself. Otherwise it’d crush him if he even tried to process it. So when Anya had told him what she was, he had reacted how he always did. He didn’t even want to look at her and ended up just leaving her soon after. He ended up taking a job out of the country and maybe he always shielded his true intention and used that as an excuse as to why he left. However, between them both, he could only guess how transparent that excuse was.

      So he had continued to work over the years he was gone from her but since he was always a curious one, he had looked up exactly what he could find about her species. Information was limited but it made him realize just how much he regretted leaving. She always managed to find a way to be on his mind and he couldn’t tell if he hated it or if it was his mind telling him that he missed the hell out of her. However, he was hellbent on keeping his distance, hence why he never called her up or anything so when the day she called him about receiving his help, he had gave in to help her.

      tumblr_inline_ob6rjqXEsx1tae3h3_250.gifv?profile=RESIZE_400xAfter spending more time with her, he was already slipping back into his old feelings for her but he realized just how much messed things up between them because even as he had gotten a date with her, he just knew that deep down as he got ready, it was a long journey of trying to win back her trust. However, he’d be willing to do it because he still loved her.

      As he left, he wanted to stop by to get a bottle of wine and flowers for her so he left earlier so he wouldn’t be late. However, he’d still be a little late because odd things have been happening to him. He chalked up to him having off days so when he was able to get the stuff, he got back into his car and went to try to call her. His phone ended up being dead so with a defeat huff, he placed the phone on the charger as he just drove towards her house as he tried to have a hopeful outlook on their first date again.

    • Hybrid

      tumblr_n6snr3LMmL1tdgixyo1_250.gifOnce she opened the door, he could see the confusion register on her features before her words followed that clearly showed that his presence wasn’t welcomed. While his smirk and stance showed that he didn’t mind being here and that he was rather pleased with himself about showing up unannounced, his thoughts revealed otherwise. On the contrary, he didn’t want to be here at all. For a couple of reasons that consisted of he never found himself wanting to be in the presence of the Eternal and the other reason being of what he was sent here to do. However, he couldn’t let that show so he continued to portray a carefree persona.

      “Oh is that anyone to greet old friends?” He questioned as if he was hurt before the smell of the food she was cooking reached him. He then took note of what she was wearing before the thought pretended to dawn on him as if he didn’t already know. “Ah, food cooking on the stove and you looking about halfway decent. That could only mean one thing, you're expecting some company to stop by. Perhaps a date?" he guessed as if this was all new to him before he had leaned himself against the door’s threshold and a small chuckle slipped past his lips.

      "I’ll only be a moment because I wanted to just visit. So how about you invite me in so I can be on my way and you can entertain the poor sap that’s about to endure whatever might happen tonight,” he said with a shudder but his words had soon made his stomach twist with guilt.

      A part of him was hoping that the man, the one was close to Anya, wouldn’t show up for whatever reason. He should have done more to do make that possibility happen but he had no clue what this human even looked like much less where he had lived or anything other than he’d be here tonight. However, he knew that he couldn’t do much until Anya invited him into her home to which he wondered if that’d even be a possibility. It’d be like inviting a devil into her home.


      “One shot of whiskey and I’m out of your hair,” he reasoned once more with a small smirk. He was well versed in masking his true feelings so while he was having this small moral war within him, he wasn’t showing any trace of it on his features. However, it was puzzling to him why he would even be debating any of this. He never liked the woman in front of him. Nor did he really even care about her feelings but with this task, he just could barely bring himself to do it. What was even happening to him? He slaughtered villages and brought people down from their power yet here he was with emotions mixing inside of him as he stared at the blonde haired Banshee. However, he knew he had to do it as his self preservation is what was reminding him of doing all of this.

      “So, what do you say?” 

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