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Training Session (Rose and Inés)

War. A word Rose was most familiar with than anything else. War was almost a common thing amongst her people, hell she had to stop almost ninety percent of them within her own faction but the other ten percent was among other creatures and based on how the council meeting went with all the other leaders…Rose could smell the oncoming bloodshed from a mile away. She needed to be ready; her life depended on it she couldn’t always sit behind the guarded walls of her soldiers. If she had a King no doubt he would ride alongside the men and women warriors into the battlefield. So why couldn’t she? Or at the very least learn how to properly punch someone if she needed. But who would be the right person to train her? She could easily go to a soldier and ask for his or her help but she needed someone better. She could ask her beloved considering Theodore was one of the best fighters she has known but she knew he would turn down the offer because it was his job to protect her, not to train and hurt her. So it left Rose with no one on her mind.

6359506478?profile=RESIZE_584xSighing in defeat the Queen felt utterly useless, there had to be someone who was willing to teach her, train her without fearing they will be punished for attacking her but whom? Pacing back and forth in her home as names came through her mind left and right but they were quickly rejected. Perhaps she could go down to the training grounds that she had privately bought for her soldiers to see who could be the one. It was a long shot that she would find the right person there but as always, the Queen was hopeful. Slipping on her coat and shoes, she grabbed her keys and made her way towards her garage where her car was parked.

The drive was short, living in a small town had its perks of getting to places very quickly and in no time she arrived at the establishment. It was a fairly large building, as large as Maine could offer but the real perk was in the back where twenty acres of nothing but grass. Perfect for track, plenty of areas to spare, it was the perfect place for her soldiers to keep up their skills and even better for the newborns to blow off some steam without anyone hearing anything. Inside the building has plenty of weighing lifts, treadmills, changing rooms, and shower rooms for both men and women. It was her kinds own personal gym.

Pulling her car into an empty spot, she parked it, turned it off, and made her way to the front door, hearing the grunts of her people lifting weights before she was even inside. Chuckling, she opened the front door and made her way inside, everyone instantly stopped what they were doing to pay their respects and bow to her.

“Please, carry on, do not let me stop you from your activities.” She told them as she made her way to the fighting area outside. Off to the side of the field laid a small field where benches resided, this was where the soldiers could prove themselves before actually joining the rest of her army. Sometimes they would put on a show in front of Rose herself along with whoever else wanted to watch.

 Quietly she took a seat on a bench and began to observe everyone that was sparring. To Rose they were all really well at fighting, they had to be, but no one really stood out to her. Sure Some of the males fought harder than some females but looking upon every face and seeing the different types of attacks and defenses they were using, they didn’t impress Rose. Over time Rose had seen a lot of fighting and sparring between her people and occasionally she could see the same style, the same steps, the same way someone would attack with a blade. It wasn’t new, it wasn’t something she thought would surprise anyone should she need to use any fighting. She knew it was a long shot coming to the training ground to find someone the same day but she didn’t think it would be so hard as to find someone with a uniqueness she was looking for.

6359402659?profile=RESIZE_400xHow long ha had she been there observing them? An hour, perhaps two, maybe it was a sign that she wasn’t going to get anyone better than what she has already seen. She could come back tomorrow and try her luck again but time was wasting each day she sat in the safety of her home. She needed to find someone, and she was quickly losing the hope she had earlier. As she began to stand to take her leave Rose heard the commotion of a male yelling in the very back of the field. Turning her amber hues in the direction she found a blonde male vampire yelling at someone but Rose couldn’t figure out who due to the male vampire having his large frame covering whoever it was. Curious to see the commotion Rose slowly sat back down to see how this would play out.

Throughout the yelling, Rose spotted a hand, a small one, one that looked feminine, gripped the male’s arm so swiftly before she proceeded to flip him sideways. To which she was quick to place her knee on his back, while still holding on to the arm she flipped. Rose spotted the woman pull out something, she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was but she knew she was holding it to his throat. Rose watched the woman in fascination. There you are.

 Making her way down the bleachers, she entered the field through the chain-linked gate that divided the bleachers and the field. She heard the fake grass crunch underneath her feet but she kept her focus on the woman who held the man pinned, and with each step she took, her impressive smile grew and grew while her amber hues glowed with a promise she finally saw. About five feet away from the woman, Rose watched her let go of the male Vampire who continued to lay there for a moment longer. The closer she got, the more Rose could see who the woman was.

It was her very own Lieutenant, Inès Montgomery. Of course! Why hadn’t she thought about asking her? Giving a slow clap when she was in talking distance of the two Rose shook her head in astonishment. “Wow Lieutenant, you really didn’t hold back there did you?” Casting her gaze at the male that still laid on the ground she raised a brow and asked “What was he yelling at you about?” Turning back to Inès, she couldn’t help but grow her smile, “I have a question to ask of you Lieutenant and please give me your honest answer.” Rose knew she was taking an even longer shot that Inès would say yes but Rose figured that if anyone would understand it would be her. “I would like you to train me. Teach me how to defend myself, fight even if it’s the basics. Anything to help me.” It probably looked like Rose had lost her mind the way she was smiling at the Vampire to teach her how to fight, had Rose not been Queen she might have been thrown into custody to be interrogated.

“So what do you say, Lieutenant? Care to teach me?” There wasn’t a single person, vampire or human, that would be able to teach Rose more than what she was asking for than her Lieutenant. Inès was perfect.

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    The Vampiress’ hues narrowed a fraction at the male in particular who was causing a muck of this evenings training session that Inès was in charge of, her heated gaze glaring right into his back from where she stood at the very front of the training grounds at the manor. He was one of the very few males who thought she didn’t deserve the Lieutenant role but seeing as the Queen herself appointed her to such a position, who were they to argue really?a3d33110d432c2c169d8b02e8e9d95ce.gif

    Inès had, at one point, wanted nothing to do with this Coven simply because of the dreadful past her memories tried desperately to hang onto, all of which included her father and her brothers. However, she would be lying if she said life wasn’t rainbows and sunshines while trying to live and do things on her lonesome because the moment she’d accepted the Coven, things seemed to improve for her. Being rewarded the role of lieutenant to Queen Rose was just the cherry on top, in her opinion and nowdays, she didn’t see herself doing anything differently. Though the specific guys and gals who questioned her position still sat at the back of her head, not because their words were getting to her, but because she knew fairly well she could prove them wrong and change their doubts of her should she wish to.

    Her hazel eyes proceeded to watch everyone work, only interfering when someone did a move wrong or a sparing session turned into something serious when it came to the certain few who tried to be competitive with one and other opposed to just train. It didn’t take long before she caught the male from early one’s gaze, arching a brow when he sent a flirtatious look her way and instead of ignoring him and continuing on, she chose to walk right up to him. “Jaden, is it?” She questioned the Vampire, her English accent accompanying her strict tone as she addressed him.

    The male, in response, gave her a grin, clearly liking the way his name sounded coming from her lips. “Lieutenant Inès, to what do I owe the pleasure?” He mused upon putting his entire attention on her opposed to his companions around him who simply stood back to watch.

    “Care to explain to me why it is you’re mingling instead of training like you’re supposed to be?” She asked, ignoring the tone he used with her for the time being, obviously meaning business.

    Jaden scoffed, glancing behind him at his buddies who in return gave him a wide eyed look. “With all due respect,” he began as his attention settled on her again. “you can’t expect any of us to be serious under your supervision. You don’t deserve this role,” he sneered, his voice rising slightly as his true intentions came into play.

    Inès gave him a look of amusement in response, obviously not affected by his words or the volume of them. “Is that so?” She glanced behind him at the other who were quick to look away, clearly not agreeing with their friends words. “Looks to me like you’re the only one who believes so,” she said with an eye roll. “So, how about this; I want you to try and take me down then maybe I’ll take your words into consideration.” She challenged, backing away without moving up into a fighting stance because she never did.

    tumblr_p2yx7ngYhl1qezp3zo1_400.gifvThe male grinned widely. “You’re on.” With that being said, he ran at her, clearly ready to drop her to the ground in victory but when he ran at her using his enhanced speed, Inès side stepped and using one of her arms, linked it with his in order to flip him onto his back before pinning him down. He struggled, something she expected in which she gave him a wide grin. “Watch how you talk to me from now on,” she said just before a new voice spoke up behind her, causing everyone to bow to their Queen before Inès stood and did the same upon facing Rose. “Oh, just questioning my position, nothing new.” The brunette shrugged, offering the Queen a knowing smile and when she asked if she could speak with her about something, she didn’t hesitate to nod, shooting the male another look before walking away with the Queen to speak.

    “You want me to train you?” Inès said just to confirm, arching a brow at Rose with a look that literally said ‘do you even have to ask?’ “I would be honored, your majesty.” She didn’t hesitate to agree. “I can teach you more than the basics.”

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