Trouble follows {Close to Angelo}

Finding her way to Maine was a way to escape the pain in her heart after giving away her daughter to live a proper life. With a loving family who took her in during her pregnancy. Needless to say she was aching to her soul. She wasn’t looking for anything other than alcohol to forget her own name for the night. Knowing full well she would have to pass out in her car she accepted this faith. So as her rusty off dark blue bucket of bolts pulled up to the first bar she saw. Looking to her reflection in the mirror, trailing her slightly elongated nails through her hair she stared deep into her green eyes. She eventually found the strength to pull away before she dissociated down the hollow feeling that was screaming in her head. If she allowed herself she would spiral out of control quickly.

Alcohol. She needed her vice, it had been far too long since a drink graced her lips. As she found herself pushing the door of the bar open she looked around taking in the semi lively crowd around the pool tables. She made her way to the bar and sat there waving over the bartender once she got a moment. “Rum and coke.” She stated as she watched him make the drink. She took it in her hand moving towards a table in the back of the room. Sitting there she looked out the window seeing the Neon casting a light into the parking lot. As she took sips from her drink her eyes locked on the people walking by mindlessly. Until a voice pulled her attention from  the window. Her eyes landed on a man who clearly was looking for a good time that she wasn’t going to provide. “Can I help you?” 

tumblr_inline_p3v89zag2i1rqq37j_400.gifvThe man licked his teeth and leaned on the table trying to close space between him and her. “Tell me sweetness what is a girl like you doing drinken’ all alone.” 

Tori's eyes looked him over as her dark brow raised, “Who said I am alone.”

“I watched you walk in.” He replied.

That made Tori feel the panic raise in her chest as she locked her eyes with him. “Why the hell are you watching me.” She said as she started to stand from her seat feeling the power surging through her body. She raised her hand slightly preparing to pick up a chair to bash it into his head, not caring who was watching them. She had been on the run so long now at that point all she could think about was not escaping.

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