It was rare to find time off from the council; the job always one for calling all hands on deck but there were moments where Donovan would sneak away. Moments that he could find to himself. So that’s what he did as he walked through the park. Mossy green hues watched as people enjoyed the warm spring weather. Picnics going on, people playing around with Frisbees and kites, even a makeshift baseball game was going on. As he glanced at all the smiling faces, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. The envy coming from the blissful ignorance that some of these people got to live in. He was born into the supernatural world after having grown up in Vrevale as a kid but during his teen years he sent away before being able to come back after his parents had died. He couldn’t help but feel like he was missing out on something. To be able to not feel the heavy weight that came with such knowledge. God, he really does need to get out more. However, he knew that some people probably knew just like him.

He pulled himself from his thoughts and went to sit on the park bench that faced the fountain. He sat back and relaxed for a moment. Sometimes it felt nice to be able to feel the sun’s warmth on skin after feeling like he’s been hiding out in the dark. Little things were sometimes a luxury. That’s when he glanced around before spotting who looked somewhat familiar. As he thought about it, he remembered seeing her during one of the council’s meeting. She was the vampire elder when the council spelled some daylight rings. He knew there was a chance to test the waters of talking to her but she seemed nice enough from what he remembered. It beats him sitting around here alone.

“Hi there,” he greeted with a soft grin once he started to approach her. “Rose, isn’t it?” He said as he continued before stopping near her. “I was from that meeting where you got your...” he trailed off as he pointed to a ring on his index finger to gesture what the meeting was really about. “I just wanted to see how well they are doing?” He smiled lightly at the vampiress. He wasn’t very good at small talk.

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  • Vampire - Admin

    tumblr_n02pyjYNZ41qzg2sjo10_r1_250.gifEver since her sudden desicion to leave her home in Romania to come to the small town in Maine, Rose has felt a bit unorthodox. She gave up everything she ever knew in her life, her rule, her kingdom, her people, all because she thought it was right. At first Rose was happy with her decision. For a moment she didn't have to worry about the the possible wars from in or outside the kingdom, she didn't have to worry about treaties being signed, she didn't have to worry about any responsibility from being Queen. That moment only lasted for a week as the Vampire found herself missing the sense of ruling. It was all she ever knew in her life after all. Rose felt incomplete. Incomplete for the reason of not only being unable to rule but because she had to change her name to Conner.

    Rose scoffed at that name. Due to her Romanian last name, she figured it would be hard to pronounce for the average people and supernaturals in town if she kept her original name. So she researched what she could find that would still hopefully keep her culture intact as she shuffled around the words with her original name and came up with the last name Conner. It was easier to pronounce but Rose still didn't like it. It sounded so plain and boring and a Queen was anything but that.

    As the Vampire Queen was out strolling one day she happened to bump into a council that reigned over all the supernaturals and invited her to be apart of said council. Rose didn't know if it was because she was an Elder of her spieces or because she was Queen in her hometown but either way Rose accepted. However being Queen and being on the council were two very different things. Rose couldn't automatically change something within the council because she didn't agree to it, it wasn't her place. She could however place her input over her spieces, it was her birth given right being connected to them all. 

    f6401d186de24b1882e8e5c010abcf4d.jpgSighing, the Vampiress shook away the memories of her arrival to Maine and came back to the reality of being cooped up in her dark council room that was given to her when she started. For obvious reasons, Rose's room was the darkest of them all, she was a vampire, natural enemy to the sun. Even if she owned a daylight ring she still wanted her room dark for means of safety. Deciding that she needed some air the Vampire Queen stood to reach the ring that granted her safety from the sun and placed it on her right ring finger where it fit her perfectly.

    Walking the pathway of the park close to the council, Rose could see all the people on this bright sunny day. She saw their laughter, their smiles, their games..it brought a small smile on her own face to see them enjoying the things she missed seeing in her own subjects. Leaning against a nearby tree where shade was offered, she began to watch the individuals. She preferred the shade even though she was wearing her daylight ring, it brought her a sense of comfort.

    Her attetion of the people were disrupted when someone approach her. Turning her head Rose saw one of the council members she worked alongside with-Donovan.


    "Yes, you're correct." Her smile grew more friendly as he guessed her name "And you're Donovan if memory serves." She knew her memory wasn't faltering in the slighest but she picked up on a couple 'human' gestures when being polite to someone. "Oh!" She exclaimed as Donovan touched his daylight ring asking how hers was. "It's working as it should thank goodness."she giggled as she held up her right hand to show her ring to the man.

    "What are you doing out here?" She asked "I figured you would be cooped up in your office." Rose teased but then remember she was cooped up in her own office not but ten minutes ago. Rose could sense a bit of nervousness from the Warlock. Hopefully it wasn't because of her, even though Warlocks and Vampires are pretty harminous around one another, one could never be sure who was really comfortable with who. Yet then again Rose recalls Donovan being nervous whenever he talks to anyone that deals with the mundane stuff. He was wonderful at council meeting, but seemed so nervous when it was anything other than that. 


  • Warlock

    tumblr_inline_owwp0q7pti1qcz5gf_250.gifDonovan stood standing in the sunlight where as she stood underneath the shade the tree provided; almost like a contrast of the species. Though, he’d prefer nighttime over daytime where the moon would be shining high rather than the sun blaring down on him. “Yes, I’m Donovan, but you are welcome to call me Don, Donny. Lord knows everyone likes to shorten names,” he chuckled as he moved to stand with her underneath the shade. Sure, he seemed unsure on the outside when it came to small talk but he knows that he was a lot better at the council meetings. There, he knew he wasn’t trying to get on anyone’s good side there but he definitely knew how to turn the charm on to get what the witches’ council needed some days. However, when it came to situations like this, he was used to be being turned away and he knew his stiffness was becoming aware. There were only some many details one could hide from a vampire. His eyes held a relief as the rings worked well. He smiled with more sincerity as she lifted her ring to show him as he nodded approvingly, glad that it worked well.

    “I had to get some fresh air,” he said as his eyes landed back on the people passing by them. “Though, if we are being honest,” he said before lowering his voice to a hushed one. “Some of the members drive me up the wall,” he admitted truthfully as he chuckled softly. “Not even joking. I had to sneak away from them or I would have just done something I shouldn’t have. Like turn one of them into a damn frog and take them to the swamp,” he said as he shook his head in amusement. Not like he would do it but it’s not like it never crossed his mind. He knew it was nothing compared to what some members would like to do to him which is burn him at the stake for all mistakes he’s done.

    “What about you? I thought you’d be at the beach, sunbathing and surfing in the sunlight like many people are doing now,” he said as they knew they were fairly close to the beach. He was starting to slip easily into the conversation. There were only a few people that he’d let his guard down on and he knew they weren’t here in Vrevale now. Though, he knew Jacob was coming close but he still knew he should be guarded. Turning his attention to the people, his green hues watched observantly.

    tumblr_inline_owwog9s7lT1qcz5gf_250.gif“You think any of them know?” He asked Rose, knowing she would know what he meant by his question. “It makes me wonder how much them know that we live here,” he said as he emphasized the word ‘we’.

    • Vampire - Admin

      tumblr_n4plv2z7SE1qbp7ebo3_250.gifRose smiled at the Worlock "Donovan sounds so much better to me, but how about I call you something else besides Don or Donny?" The Vampiress asked, "I never liked going with what other people call someone." She shrugged. Rose saw him come over to stand underneath the tree to also observe the people who were enjoying their every day living. In a way, the Vampiress was jealous of the humans who interacted before her, they had it easy. They could smile, laugh and enjoy their life without having to worry about exposing who they were. They could go anywhere without a care in the world. The humans only had to worry about the relatively small things while supernaturals like the Vampire and Warlock had to worry about everything. That was what made Rose jealous of the humans. Her attention focused back on her companion as he started talking once more, saying how he needed the air. 

       Rose could only guess who the man was talking about, "Jacob is that bad huh?" She teased back in the same whisper so only he may hear. Though if the brunette female had to be honest, some of those council members drove her up a wall as well. "But I do understand where you are coming from. Even if I don't possess magical qualities, I do wish I could sink my fangs into someone every now and then just to make them shut up." Her smile was teasing but there was an evil tint to it. Even though the thought has crossed her mind almost every day, if she were to do such a thing, not only would it be unQueenly like, but she would be in major trouble if she did. Still, it was nice to hear from Donovan that she wasn't alone in the thought.

      Rose couldn't help but laugh and shake her head as Donovan presumed that she would be at the beach. "The office was too stuffy and you know I'm a Vampire, right? Natural enemy to the sun?" Her tumblr_inline_o0qqozEKeG1rifr4k_500.gifeyebrow arched as she looked at him with a smirk on her face. At that moment Rose instantly liked Donovan. He seemed like someone Rose would be able to connect with easily as they were doing now. Her intuition told her that he could be trusted, not just because that their species got somewhat of an alliance, but because it seemed like Donovan was that kind of guy, someone she could trust.

      Looking back at the people in the park Rose felt her smirk fall, "I think some of them do but all in all, no. I can't imagine what would happen if they knew..how many lives and families would be harmed...That's the last thing I want for my people..for anyone really.." The thought of the humans finding out about their existence was something the Vampiress had mixed feelings about. She wanted to coexist with the humans, to bring her people out of the shadows but the shadows always offered safety and if her vision backfired..Rose refused to think about that.

      Looking down she saw a small flower just beside her foot. Reaching down she plucked it from the ground and smiled before handing it over to Donovan, "For you."

    • Warlock

      “Oh like a nickname?” Donovan asked as he couldn’t help but let a small, amused grin come to his lips. “Call me anything you want then,” he said with a small nod, the smile still lingering slightly at the corners of his mouth. His gaze fell back on the people for a moment, his mind wandering idly before Jacob’s name fell on his ears. “So you know Beckett, huh?” he paused for a moment, smirking slightly.tumblr_inline_owwp31pOaC1qcz5gf_250.gifv “While he isn’t on the list of those I’d turn, I know me and him annoy each other. Wouldn’t be best friends without pestering each other sometimes.” His mossy hues sparked with amusement, flickering back to her as she spoke about her own little dark daydream like he had. Maybe these two might get along swimmingly. “Well I won’t tell if you don’t tell,” he spoke with the same teasing tone as hers.

      He chuckled along with her before shrugging. “Well you have been granted a loophole so I’d assumed your kind would be working on their tan or something,” he teased gently. He had to admit that this exchange between the two had surprised him a little. However, it was a pleasant surprise. He certainly didn’t expect to find a natural rhythm in the conversation between the two but he was relieved and glad that they did. To say that he was charmed by the Vampire Queen was a safe statement. Which said a lot since Donovan usually wasn’t so sure of someone just by first impression but he just knew that his gut feeling didn’t lie incorrectly.

      While Rose’s attention fell back on the people in the park, his eyes remained on her as she spoke. He would have glanced back at them but the look on her face had held his attention. Her answer had piqued his interest and he just nodded, thinking she summed it up well. He could only imagine the kind of chaos that could cause and if he was honest, his kind liked to live in the shadows. Witches could be prideful beings due to the magic that altered with their beings and for them to feel like they have an upper hand somehow, it was one thing he knew that the others wouldn’t give that up so easily.

      tumblr_inline_owwokb3Z2m1qcz5gf_250.gifvHer voice pulled him from his mind as he glanced at the small flower that laid in her hand. A genuine smile pulled at his lips. “For me, huh,” he said, the kind gesture making him like her even more. He did a small bow of his head and chuckled softly. “Well thank you,” he said but instead of plucking it from her hand, he cupped both of his hands over her smaller one. A small gust of wind swirled around them, though it just looked like a sudden breeze and then in her hand laid fully bloomed flower. Taking it and tucking it in her hair, he smiled. “There. That’s for you,” he said with a nod. He then glanced around as they still stayed in the shadows, before he looked back to her. “Come on, if we are going to truly get away from the office then we should at least enjoy it out of the shadows,” his eyes lightening up slightly as he spoke.

    • Vampire - Admin


      She thought for a moment to come up with a nickname that suited best for him. "D? No, it doesn't sound right...Donny boy? No.." She mused. Nothing was coming to mind to perfectly describe how sweet and caring he was - and just like that she let out an excited gasp and her eyes lit up, "Cinnamon Roll. That's it, that's what I'll call you from now on!" She said determinedly before her grin stretched more on her lips, "Yes I know Jacob..we had a few encounters before I moved here. He designed my very first daylight ring back in Hunedoara." She recalled the memory that seemed so long ago. She returned a chuckle as Donovan explained why he and Jacob were close. "It sounds wonderful to have someone that close to you.." She thought about how it must feel to have a best friend. She had a couple of people that she trusted but none that would pester her like how the two males do.  

      She continued to laugh, "I don't believe we could tan even if we tried, even with the rings." the idea of a tanned vampire seemed funny to her. The only way her kind could be considered tan is if he or she was already tanned when they turned, but even still the tan would slightly fade from them being dead. "But tell you what, I'll try to work on a tan for you and see how well it will turn out." She jokingly promised him. She knew her odds were slim to none. Talking to Donovan seemed as easy as breathing, there was a certain familiarity that3748875863?profile=RESIZE_710x she quite enjoyed. She knew him to be a good guy from the rumors and small conversations from the council meetings but this was the first time Rose had the privilege of carrying on a conversation with the man. And it was lovely. 

      Watching the humans in the park didn't feel strange or creepy to her. She had spent most of her life studying the outside world and watching her people interact with humans slowly. "You know it wasn't that long ago that my kind hated your kind." She gave a breathy chuckle, although it wasn't humorous. "I hated feeling my people dying and I believe it was Ana's great grandmother I had the pleasure of making a treaty with your kind." She thought back on the memory and remembered the day the peace treaty was formed, bringing a smile to her lips. "I wonder why we can seem to come together faster than us and the Humans?" Her voice was soft but she emphasized the 'us' and 'we' part knowing he knew what she was talking about. 3748871852?profile=RESIZE_710x

      With the plucked flower in her hand, she continued to smile as he thanked her but watched curiously as his larger hands covered her dainty ones, followed by a sudden small breeze that brushed past them. Her hands she felt warm all of a sudden, almost as if the sun was shining on her but she was cloaked in the shadows and she realized that Donovan was performing a spell. The whole thing took less than a minute but thankfully her vampire sight was able to watch every second that was happening. When the spell was complete, Donovan removed his hands and exposed that the once small flower had grown to its full potential. Rose stared in wonderment and the most dazzling smile appeared on her face as he placed the flower in her hair. "Donovan.." She spoke a bit touched by the gesture. It was truly the most wonderful thing she has ever happened to her. His sudden talk of adventure made her curious but she nodded along and wrapped her arm around him as if he was escorting her. "Lead the way my Cinnamon Roll." She commanded lightly, excited to see what he had in mind for both of them. 


    • Warlock

      Donovan watched as Rose searched for a nickname for him; the determination on her features amused him in a good way that made him feel warm inside. He never really had the experience of hitting it off with someone on first impression, only a few that he could name, so it was nice to be able to have this happen. At the mention of his new nickname, he smiled brightly that took over his features that showed his smile lines, nodding his head. tumblr_inline_owwp4xtsm81qcz5gf_250.gifv“You know what? I like that. I have been called that before so I like it,” he said with a soft chuckle that was good natured. He listened as she spoke about Jacob briefly, nodding his head. “If you have any funny stories about Beckett, I want to hear them,” he added with a small wink. He laughed along with her about tans and vampires before he gave her a playful look. “I’m holding you to that, promise,” he mused back before falling silent as his attention returned to the people in the park. Their kind always had an issue with getting along with the humans. They had a hard time accepting change and history only proves that. 

      He watched Rose remember the memory with fondness, and he would have returned a soft smile if it were for mentioning the past Regent. “Ah, Renée le Forté. Somewhat of a legend in our coven. Not necessarily the good kind to some,” he commented, knowing that his own family had an issue with the last Supreme. “But I guess we have her to thank for us not being so divided anymore,” he said, giving her a small but warm smile that he flashed at Rose, letting her know he shared the same grateful feeling. 

      As he performed his small spell, he watched her face as it was always a treat to watch someone see magic up close. It was a second nature to them and to see someone be enchanted by it, they got to vicariously experience that enchantment with them. With that being said, he could feel what she was feeling from his magic spell. He could only guess that for her it doesn’t happen a lot and he certainly doesn’t mind doing magic especially if it makes someone have the look she did. He chuckled as she took his arm and called him by his new nickname.

      tumblr_inline_ppgagbAXWM1vfa8vf_540.gif“I figure you should enjoy the sun and get away from your duties,” he said as he guided her closer to the beach. He could already hear the sounds of people laughing and kids playing became louder as they walked along the shops near the boardwalk. “So with that being said, we are going to spend some time here at the beach. Eating terrible but delicious fried food and playing those games where you’ll win a gigantic stuffed animal that’s about the size as you,” he chuckled as he glanced over to her. “Because let’s face it, I can fit you inside my chest pocket and carry you anywhere,” he teased with a playful wink as he walked with her closer to him. He could smell the funnel cakes, corn dogs…anything unhealthy, it was there and deep fried twice. “I know you may not do this a whole lot and well, you deserve a day off,” he said, smiling at her.

    • Vampire - Admin

      b6ed5d59febf8e34a1e3adf93b7001c3.gifRose didn’t understand why she was fascinated with the warlock but something in her gut told her that he could be trusted and it was hard for her to trust anyone who wasn’t in her own species. The mention of him approving of his new nickname only made her smile bigger. “Than Cinnamon Roll it is.” She stated with such conviction before busting out in laughter “Oh I have stories that would make you roll in your grave.” She laughed wiping away a nonexistent tear as their conversation settled down from having a tanned vampire as they began their people watch again, feeling a familiar envy rise against the humans.

       When Donovan spoke of the familiar name Rose nodded, “Yes that’s her name. She was quite a feisty one. I can see where Anastasia got it.” The Vampire chuckled as she silently compared the two women. The comment about the former Regent not being favored by some of his kind didn’t go unnoticed but the Queen Vampires felt like it wasn’t her place to ask for specifications, so instead, she let it go until she would feel like it was right. Flashing a warm, genuine smile in return to his comment about not having to be divided anymore, “Yes, I suppose we do. Otherwise, who knows you might be trying to Hex me while I try to rip out your throat.” She giggled but if Rose had the pleasure of meeting this Cinnamon Roll in the past she didn’t know if she would be able to rip out his throat. Donovan seemed like a pure spirit, something Rose didn’t see to much in the lifetimes she has lived.

      As her newfound companion led the way while telling her that she was in fact, going to the beach and all the activities they were going to do together, the Queen about busted out laughing again, “You know I was merely joking when I said I would tan, right?” Then came the statement of her size, to which the Queen looked down at her small figure and smirked back up at the warlock. “I may be small, but I am mighty. I have made kingdoms fall at my feet.” She told him with a matter of fact tone that held a bit of bragging to it, but also she was sure that Donovan would have a spell that would shrink her if he wanted.

       As the smell of corn dogs, funnel cakes, sweat, and the salty ocean circle her nose she wondered how the humans lived off such tumblr_inline_p2en53TyIA1uyanoc_250.gifsweetness and deep-fried, sugary poison. “I don’t believe I ever had a day off in my life. Since I was born of Royal status, my whole life was dedicated to my studies and eventually how to rule for my people. I didn’t even get to enjoy my honeymoon with my first marriage, it was signing papers, touring his country, touring mine, charity events.” She scoffed “It would’ve been bearable if Septimus wasn’t such a narcissistic.” As they reached the end of the sidewalk where it would lead into the sand, Rose leaned down enough to take off her heels, while still holding on to her companion's arm before continuing their walk, feeling the hot sand on her bare feet. “Even coming here, I haven’t had a day off. I was never taught to have any fun because of my duties.” She shrugged. As the words came out of Rose’s mouth she realized how sad her life actually was. All she tumblr_inline_o9r1ak2MMz1rfmocr_250.gifever did was work, but today was different she was going to have fun with a warlock and take home a prize. Taking a look around to see the different food stands, booths and rides she smiled like a little child and asked excitedly,

      “Where do we begin?”

    • Warlock

      Donovan wasn’t usually a smiley person as he usually donned a sarcastic smirk or just a look of disinterest when dealing with most of the people in this town. However, here he was with his lips naturally tugged into an amused grin as he continued to enjoy the Vampiress’ presence. Admittedly, he wasn’t sure what kind of interaction he’d expect when he first approached Rose but he didn’t anticipate of the pleasant surprise of getting along with her. He had a knack for pissing people off and usually would get off on the wrong foot but with the flow and ease of the conversation between them had broke his streak of bad impressions, or so he hoped.

      9224102111e50d42ac6dc53bd031b8378e166fd4.gifvHe had a slight but genuine grin to his features as they agreed on his new nickname and after their playful jabs at their mutual friend before his eyes were on the blissfully ignorant people in the park. Giving a small nod to her comments about the former Regent, a look of displeasure on his features had quickly vanished when he heard her comment about what could have been followed by a giggle. Giving her a small chuckle, he nodded his head as he pondered the thought. “I’m quite glad that wouldn’t be the case here,” he had commented. Though, he had a feeling that he wouldn’t even think of casting a hex or a curse on her. He could see himself forming a friendship with her.

      Chuckling softly as he walked with her to the pier, he nodded his head. “But now you put the idea in my mind so I can’t let it go,” he mused with her about the sunlight before he grinned at her. “Oh I have no doubts about that. I can just tell,” he added before they had finally arrived. The smell that must have been a bit too much for her welcomed him instantly. Donovan’s guilty pleasure was the food they served here and he knew it did no good to his system, but his metabolism luckily disagreed.

      tumblr_inline_ppf4nu6YvR1vfa8vf_540.gifHe listened to her as she spoke, a slight frown creasing into his features. Even with the small amount of information she gave him, his curiosity was piqued as he just knew she had a plethora of stories to tell. However, he pushed his curiosity to the side as he would make today about her having a good time today.

      “Well, doesn’t he sound like a treat?” he said in a sarcastic tone. “I hope you were able to knock him down a few notch of that ego. If he’s still around though, just send him my way,” he said as he never missed an opportunity to bruise someone’s ego. That he was well versed in. “But for now, you’re here to have fun and I’m going to make sure of that,” he declared as he patted her hand that was on his arm right now as he would accompany her around today.

      Upon hearing her question and seeing her smile, which in turn caused his own to form, his hazel hues had went back to the area around them and all the possibilities. Instead of deciding to jump into one of the rollercoasters right away, he figured that they could work themselves up by playing a booth game. “How about we try one of these games?” He asked as he started to lead her down the boardwalk. “But maybe I should ask just how competitive can you get?” He said with a small smirk as he was merely joking.

      “You know when I was kid? One of the guys at the booth would rig the game so no one would win. So I would use a bit of magic to just prove him wrong," he said as he moved his fingers in a little motion as if he were doing a spell. tumblr_inline_owwp7yPYu31qcz5gf_250.gifv You should have seen the look he had every time it happened,” he said as he chuckled to himself. Stopping at the bottle ring toss, he had reached into his back pocket and set down a dollar for her to give it a shot. “You can do the honors,” he said with a smirk as he had stepped back for her.


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