Amelia huffed her face red and swollen from crying as she walked towards a park bench sitting down on the bench once she got there placing the tote like bag she had on her shoulder next to her on the bench. 
" He's Gone and he isn't coming back to his little sun and moon anymore never to see anyone he has left behind again!" Amelia almost yelling out her words in sadness picturing her father in her head.

But then a questioning thought came to her ' Why am I sad over a man who years ago abused myself and my mother why do I feel anything for him?' Amelia stood facing the tree behind the bench and watched with a sick twisted type of smile on her face the tree go up in flames she was upset that her father died and it pissed her off that she felt something other than pure hatred for the man she who hurt her and her mom years ago while she couldn't let this anger go she did realize that he had changed for the better some years ago after her 'Uncle Winny' visited.

Amelia stood there watching the tree as it was consumed by the flames she had put there it was around two-thirty in the afternoon that she got there and the first thing she does is light a tree on fire and watching it burn before sitting in the ashes of the tree her head in her hands as she begins to cry again. ' I need a drink or five and my keep awake stash .' She thought getting up and grabbing her bag pulling out a little glass container with a straw before opening said container and snorting about 2 grams worth of cocaine before putting it away in the secret compartment of her bag. Amelia watched as people walked or ran passed her fast or avoided her altogether trying to get  ahold of someone to help with the fire.

They didn't care about Amelia they only cared that she destroyed a tree a stupid big old ugly tree. She growled that did not help her anger and the sadness she felt in fact it made it worse.' I Need help too you know my father just died and I have know way of dealing with it at all ' she screamed in her mind as she once again shut down going numb.

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  • Vampire - Admin

     The rare days of finding free time from running both a Kingdom and on the Town Council and even the hospital, The Vampire Queen spends her days roaming around the city she had come to call home. Romania would always hold a special place in her heart and should she need to she could always go back but now that she has found family once more in Vrevale, Rose has come to terms that her presence is needed here a while longer than she originally planned. Seeking out the fresh air her body aimlessly wandered into the park in the early afternoon. Rose was thrilled that Maine was often cloudy even though she had a daylight ring to help protect her from the harmful rays of the sun, it made it easier for Rose to feel at ease under the shade. What didn't calm her mind was that there was a burning tree set ablaze in the park while mindless people either ran away from it or had no idea what to do. 

    Tck. She made with her tongue as she called 911 to alert the fire department. So much for her crisis dree day. Rose looked around trying to see who may be the culprit for this. It wouldn't surprise the Vampiress if there was a young Phoenix trying to test his flames in the secluded area but it would be foolish given9463489496?profile=RESIZE_400x the surroundings. She looked and saw mainly humans but her sensitive nose did catch something she had a dabble in from her earlier years back in the early 1920s. Cocaine. Her Amber hues landed on a woman sitting alone on the bench but there was no denying the scent of cocaine that lingered on her. 

    The woman looked odd to Rose as she sat there with a deadpan stare, not particularly bothered by anything or anyone, just more in her own world. Sonaturally, the curious Vampiress made her way over to the deadpan-looking woman. "Hello," she naturally spoke quietly when she was formally introducing herself alone to someone. Rose gingerly set down at human pace to appear as if she was a simple everyday run-of-the-mill Joe just so the woman wouldn't become spooked. There was another scent that caught Rose's attention, it stunk of magic and spells. Ah. The woman could be a Heretic or Witch. It would explain the burning tree, "Tell me, child, did you do this?" Rose lifted a dainty finger and pointed at the burning tree while she could hear the blaring sirens way off in the distance before the normal human ears could detect it. "I must say, you must be quite strong to set a tree on fire without an incantation." She smiled slightly trying to ease into the situation. "Either that or you must be consumed with strong emotions. Care to explain to me which one?" 

    • Witch

      Amelia looked at the Woman before answering her in a saddened tone. " Both I'm sorry I'll pay to have the tree replaced. I'm having a tough time at the moment I'm sorry to have caused you trouble Ma'am I mean Rose I originally came here to find someone who is as close as they can be to family to me besides being blood. I need to find him as he needs to know that my father has recently passed away " she said grabbing her bag crying hard . " I'm so sorry for the trouble " she whispered getting up to leave as she looked at the tree that was still burning she non verbally Extinguished the tree before handing Rose about a thousand dollars " to replace the tree  again I'm sorry ."

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