When two worlds collide — Aurora & Vincent

If anyone were to look at the Nymph right now, they would see the clear look of exhaustion etched onto her features. Aurora typically spent her days out by the sea, watching over it and making sure no one tumblr_odf7t0kAeI1up42jgo4_540.giflittered like they tended to do with others seas and lakes because nothing hurt the water Nymph more than seeing the one thing her entire being was drawn to crumble before her very eyes. If the sea were to become disgusting and nothing like the beautiful blue it was today, Rora would be in danger. It was the only thing that kept her alive and she'd be damned if anyone were the reason for her downfall so day after day, she'd wake up early in the morning and come to the sea, either swimming or just dipping her feet into the water. If someone were to so much as walk into the water with a plastic cup in hand, she'd speak her mind and though anyone would find this behavior to be a little extreme and out of the ordinary, the female could care less. Keeping the sea clean would also keep the other creatures, such as the mermaids within, safe so that was just an added bonus.

Aurora didn't head home until late that very night, a sigh escaping her lips as she stripped out of her clothes and entered the shower before she could go to bed that night. The shower water was nothing compared to the sea but it held her over until she could return to it. The moment she crawled into bed and let her head hit the pillow beneath it, the female was out like a light, only to wake up in a alternate universe that disguised her dreams..


-- DREAM --

 Aurora stood before her mirror, buttoning up her white blouse and tucked it into her dress pants before adjusting the blazer over her shoulders. The clock above her head had just hit 8:45am and knowing her, she'd be running late to work this morning like always but without caring, she continued her morning routine at her own pace, pulling her long blonde locks into a ponytail at the center of the back of her head. Once her heels were slipped onto her feet, the female grabbed her bag, keys, and the other essentials she'd need before hurrying out the front door.7c192e87e96d984083ca7105ee54b61a.gif

The drive to the agency was short and within minutes of getting on the road, the blonde was pulling into her parking spot, parking, and heading inside the building while putting her badge on around her neck. Upon entering the meeting room, Rora was greeted by the other agents including the head who was in the middle of handing out assignments. She knew who her partner was for this one before she was even handed her file because the head always seemed to pair the two together so once she was given the file, her eyes skimmed over the info inside briefly and though she expected to see that she had a specific case to deal with, like locating a suspected killer, the last thing she did expect was to see that she would have to go undercover. That, however, wasn't what she had a problem with; Aurora did have a problem with how the two agents would have to go undercover. So, what did the blonde do? She went to speak with the Agent in Charge in hopes of getting a different mission, at least but to no avail as her leader told her to basically deal with it and to go on her merry way.

Her and Vin's mission this week? They were to portray this high profile couple, ironically as the two never got along, in order to get close to the city Mayor. He was suspected of being involved in a series of tumblr_pf2w7cWtjr1qi06oto3_250.gifdisappearances, mainly of teenage girls, around the city. It was believed that the girls were taken for trafficing purposes because they had disappeared without a trace and all leads returned to the Mayor himself. The FBI, however, didn't have enough probable cause to arrest him so it was up to Aurora and Vincent to get him to confess or finding something that put him and the crime together. 

Clearly unhappy with the decision, Aurora didn't speak to anyone else, simply grabbing her things along with her folder and going off to find her partner, wherever he'd wondered off to at this point because though she saw him when she came in, seeing as she scowled at him briefly the moment their eyes met, he was nowhere to be found now that the agents spoke with their partners about whatever mission they had for the next couple of days, knowing theirs was probably way better then hers.

The blonde looked around, questioning those working at their desks whether they saw Vincent or not and most, if not all, claimed he'd left the building already. Great. Just my luck. She thought, her heels clicking against the tile floor as Aurora quickly made her way outside and bam, there stood the idiot on his phone. Was leaving the building altogether needed? She approached him, removing the red gloves that once adorned her petite hands. "You really know how to push my buttons." She spoke with an eye roll, walking until she stood before him with a good distance between the two because God knows she didn't want to be in his personal space like she didn't want to be in his. Holding up the folder in her grasp, she gave a dry smile. "Looks like we'll be a married couple for the next couple of days." She said with clear distaste.


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  • Phoenix - Owner

    tumblr_mbccx6jH0m1qh95r3.gifVincent had started to find solace near the water. Which was a bit ironic considering his whole being relied on the element of fire but yet, he found himself going to the beach to clear his mind. He could feel something stirring in this town and it weighed on his mind. He just didn’t find the same peace he once found in the mountains and forest especially when his kind could find him so easily and bring another issue. He didn’t mind it and while he knew this was his job, it still benefited him and the others for him to have a clear mind. By nature, he was a hot head and mixing that with leadership only led to a disaster. So there he was, sitting near the shore as more and more people start to come out to enjoy the morning air near the sea. He was lost in thought when a woman’s voice yelling at a man to throw a plastic cup away brought him back to the real world. Glancing over to where the two were, seeing her correct the random man and the man’s confused expression made Vin chuckle silent to himself. That’s when his phone rang and another problem arose so he went to take care of that only for it to drag out longer than expected. So when he plopped down on his bed, he was ready for a deep sleep to over take him.

    \| Dream |/

    Vin was buying his breakfast from the coffee shop that was a block from the bureau’s location. Practically wolf down the English muffin and washing it down with coffee, he made it to the office in time. The head agent in charge called assignment within five minutes and Vin passed the time chatting with the other agents before they all filed in the room. As he listened to the director drone on, his attention was easily caught when he heard a late comer come in. Seeing it was Aurora, he chuckled dryly and shook his head. Typically, he thought to himself. The agent annoyed him beyond belief but it did bring him some type of enjoyment that the feeling was mutual. Their nemesis-type relationship was a running joke in their department and those jokes usually accompanied them being like a married couple. Though, if he was honest, he couldn’t explain why his exchanges with Aurora are like this but he also had no desire to explore the reasons either.

    His attention was averted back to what his mission would be. Getting handed the file, he opened it and hoped that the name of his partner wasn’t going to be a certain blonde. Though, as luck would have it, there on the piece of paper was Rora’s name. He had snuck a glance at the blonde only to be met with her glare on him which he only forced a sarcastic smile and waved.

    tumblr_inline_mlq63of5tb1qz4rgp.gifWhile he would have dwelled in his annoyance of his current circumstance, his phone rang which took his attention away from the annoying blonde to who was actually calling him. Now, he was anxious for this meeting to be over and to get outside to make a call. So once the director dismissed them, he was the first one out and raced out of the building. Once he was out, he pulled out his phone and dialed the number back. It didn’t take long for the line to connect.

    “Vin?” His brother’s voice came through on the other line. He hadn’t heard from his brother in a long time and whenever Grayson called, it was because he needed help. “I told you not to call me here anymore,” Vin replied back hastily before Grayson explained his reason of calling. He had gotten mixed up with some bad people and Vin was willing to hear him out until a grating voice had found him. “I gotta go,” he said and hung up on his brother before he turned his attention to his fellow agent.

    tumblr_m21bhayURa1rni52qo1_500.gif“Oh right back at you. It’s always not a pleasure to see you,” he said with a fake grin. “I know,” he said, swiping the folder out of her hand. “I was on time. Unlike you, remember?” He asked, leafing through it again to get a better look since he was distracted the first time. “Did you get enough beauty rest, Princess Aurora?” He asked, before glancing up at her. “I’m sure you are just as thrilled as I am to be married to each other. I’m sure the others will get a kick out of it,” he said rolling his eyes. “But it seems simple enough. I think can tolerate you for a few days,” he said before turning back to the folder before closing it.

  • Nymph

    Giving him a blank look, the blonde took a moment to open up the file in her grasp, looking over the information inside briefly once more. “You and I tumblr_pjgh50n0iH1xwgl03o5_250.gifvboth, Dimare.” Aurora responded with an eye roll, giving him a fake smile in return to his fake grin. She was used to this, the banter they had whenever the two crossed paths for even a second. They had never truly gotten along since day one and though she couldn’t exact explain why, she didn’t really care. Her reasoning for joining the FBI wasn’t because she wanted to make friends, but because she loved to take down those who could possibly be the reason for an undoing of someone else.

    Rora didn’t grow up with the best family and though they actually had a relationship with each other, that practically meant nothing because they rarely talked. The FBI was her way of not only taking the bad people down, but a way to take her away from the pain her broken family had brought on. It was a very good distraction too since the agents were typically forced to be away from home, something she didn’t mind one bit seeing as aside from not talking to her family, she had also lost many friendships because she had this attitude that not many could handle. Hence why it was so easy to go back and forth with Vincent.tumblr_pf99kvZsLV1txzbmgo1_500.gifv

    Another thing she did have a habit of doing was showing up to work late so when he pointed it out, rather obnoxiously in her mind, she simply grinned. “Not my fault they decide to always start without me.” Rora nonchalantly shrugged. “I did get enough sleep, thank you for asking.” She mused in response to his question, rather liking the sound of ‘Princess Aurora’ even if it was coming off of his tongue. “It seems you didn’t, however. I can see those wrinkles coming in already.” And as if she was grossed out by the look of him and his ‘wrinkles’ alone, her words were followed by a disgusted face.

    “Well, boss did say we could start whenever we pleased so what do you say we start this acting so it can quickly be over with, hm?” Aurora wasn’t necessarily excited to play as a married couple with the one person she despised the most in this world but seeing as she was forced to, might as well get it over with quickly.

    • Phoenix - Owner

      \| Dream |/

      The phoenix tucked the file under his arm as she seemed to like him calling her Princess Aurora. He then chuckled sarcastically as she mentioned the wrinkles. “Oh you’re so clever. I get it, I’m getting old and therefore no sleep. So witty,” he said with no interest as he glanced around the busy streets. He couldn’t understand why he shared this connection with Aurora; this banter that they both exchanged with each other. Either way, he didn’t care to weigh any possibly reasoning into that. They always had something more important to work on and now with his brother calling him out of nowhere, that was on his mind more than having to suck it for a short while as he posed as a married couple with Aurora. He just hoped that something wouldn’t be happening with him while he was overseas.

      tumblr_mbce7dbZRz1qh95r3.gif“Well here goes nothing,” he said as he gestured for her to go back inside the building, knowing that this was going to be a long and miserable week with the one person who got under his skin more than anyone else he knew.

      \| End of Dream |/

      Vincent had woken up, drenched in sweat, as he jolted awake in his bed. Vin felt odd, almost like he barely got any sleep and his head was pounding like he was hungover. It felt as if he went to bed and then woke up mere minutes later, despite the sunlight that spilled onto the hardwood floor through the slightly opened curtain. He sat up and rubbed his head for a second as he tried to shake the disorienting feeling. Right away, he got out of bed and jumped into the shower which the water helped immensely with the splitting headache he had originally woken up with.

      As he got ready, he got ready quickly as he was about to miss his meeting at the pier. His people needed more supplies such as food and they were wanted to have some fish so they could stay put in the mountains, still wanting to be hidden in the shadows. No matter how many times he told them that they could live in the city, they still weren’t over what had happened just years ago and preferred to keep a watchful eye over Vrévale. Walking out of his building, he made his way over to the docks where the boats parked and he waited for the market to open to see to the guy he was talking to days before. As he waited and waited, almost reaching an hour, he grew frustrated and left.

      Son of a bitch, he thought to himself with a shake of his head. Just as he was leaving, he glanced near the docks and saw someone he thought he could recognized. The longer his gaze lingered, it hit him that he knew her from the council meetings. If anyone knew where he could get some food for his people, it had to be the Nymph representative. While he had never really talked to her before, he’s only seen her a few times a week but other than that, he’s never really gotten to know her. He made his way over to her, and when he was close enough in hearing distance, he shouted her name.

      tumblr_mbcdwvV49a1qh95r3.gif“Aurora?” he called out, thankful that he remembered her name. “Hey, it’s me, Vincent. Vincent Dimare?” he said, hoping she would remember him as he would feel foolish for calling out the way he was but luckily, the distance grew short between them. When he was close enough, he added, “From the council meetings.” He said before he stopped in front of her. “You mind if I have a word with you?”

  • Nymph

    a2c3c61bfd0e35b74b3370719191712795e3845d.gifvAn amused expression crossed Aurora’s features in response to his words as well as the blank look that came across his own face, clearly telling her he didn’t find her small jab funny. “Oh, loosen up a little, would ya?” She said with an eye roll. “I bet those wrinkles are from lack of sleep and as well as that dry personality of yours.” She was quick to add, balancing the file she held onto in both hands, its task weighing in on her seeing as she was as not too keen on this mission, something surprising coming from her seeing as she usually accepted any mission she’d been assigned. However, acting as a married couple with the one person you despised was at the very bottom of her lengthy bucket list.

    Opening the front door of the building, she gave Vincent a look before heading inside, not bothering to hold it open for him so it nearly hit him on her way in and towards the elevators that led to their floor, mentally preparing herself for what the next couple of weeks would bring.

    -- END OF DREAM --

    Aurora jolted awake, as if she awoke from a nightmare but what was weird was the fact that she didn’t remember her dream one bit. Yawning, the Nymph reached over her nightstand to check the time on her clock which read nine in the morning. How did she manage to sleep in and yet felt so tired as if she hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep? Doing a little stretch, she climbed out of the comfort that her thick covers gave, making her bed before she could head into the bathroom to freshen up and shower real quick. Once she was dressed for the day, Rora headed into her kitchen to eat as well as drink her coffee, needing some caffeine before she bothered to continue her day.

    The blonde was dreading her visit to the beach today, knowing she would be dealing with headache after headache one she got there. However, her tenor.gif?itemid=4973768body ached for a swim in the waters so as much as she hated dealing with those who liked to dirty up the ocean waters, she needed to get a swim in before it the lack of contact with the ocean water took toll on her.

    After arriving at the beach, she was stopped by a fellow Nymph for a short chat before the two parted ways. As she headed in the direction of the waters, she suddenly heard someone call her name and the voice sounded familiar, yet she couldn’t put her finger on it. Upon turning around, she realized it was the Phoenix leader and though his words made sense, she felt as though she’d met him from somewhere else as well. “Vincent.” She greeted with a soft smile as he approached where she stood. “Of course,” she said when he asked to talk. “What can I help you with?”

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