Wicked Ones (Open to Luciana and Sinn)

tumblr_n6rl02UYKW1stk4j4o2_250.gifv?profile=RESIZE_710xHis body landed back onto concrete floor with a loud thud as a silhouette of a figure lingered near the doorway. Sinn weakly tried to pick himself up the ground slowly. A scoff was audible in the dead quiet room as Sinn’s eyes flickered towards the figure. The light from the corridor behind the man was the only thing that had illuminated the dim room despite the one light bulb that hung from the middle of the ceiling. Footsteps echoed through the empty room as the man stepped closer to the incubus before kneeling down to his level.

“There is no point in this... Tell us where she is and you’ll be free. Simple,” the man’s voice uttered condescendingly as he smirked smugly at Sinn. Grabbing a fistful of his hair, it forced Sinn to look at the man with disgust in his eyes. “Hmm,” the man hummed before as he stared down like he was an animal that needed to be put down. Pity was what the hum symbolized. “What a shame.Well...Nikolai is almost here and no doubt will he find her. Then we’ll have no use for you,” he sighed like it was a shame before laughing in Sinn’s bruised and bloodied face. The man stood, still finding amusement in Sinn’s situation and the incubus didn’t bother to look up as he heard the door slam shut hard. 

Sinn’s staggered movements were the cause of the poison that were pumped into his veins by the people that held him captive. Otherwise, the swollen black eye and his busted lip along with the other bruises and soreness wouldn’t have been an annoyance to him. As he got to his feet, he went to the door and glanced out the small window that looked out in the empty corridor. He was as stuck as any human would be in his situation as the people who took him knew of his kind. Of course they would. They constantly grilled him about Luciana; trying to pry answers from him but he’d rather take the beating they’d lash out on him as he knew that he was their only chance of getting close to her. Slumping down to the floor as his back was pressed against the door, he closed his eyes as his head rested against the steel door that kept him caged. He didn’t know how much time had passed but it felt like years. Time moved slowly wherever he was and he was slowly trying to figure out why they wanted Luce so badly. However, with the time that seemed to tick on as if in slow motion, he knew they weren’t getting any close especially with his lack of cooperation. 

So as he sat in the silent room with his eyes closed, he let his mind drift to where it always did when he was down here. The last memory that he has with Luce especially since that was the last time he was in the outside world. Besides, no matter how dysfunctional their relationship was, she was still a good place in his mind. Their relationship made others confused and even frustrated with the amount of ups and downs that it had. One thing he could say for sure was that it kept him on his toes. One day they’d be at each other’s throats, screaming empty threats of leaving each other then at the end of the day, back to being attached at the hip again with smiles on their faces. It didn’t make sense to people and while he wished he could say he understood, he didn’t but it also felt right to be with her. 

His mind took him to their last fight. 

tumblr_nh0hmzYUlA1tm7fgeo3_250.gifThis time both of them exploding at each other bigger than they would ever do. One of them would try to calm each other down, getting sick of the arguing but this time it was as if everything couldn’t be bottled up any longer. That’s when he stormed out of her apartment and walked until he found a bar far enough away. He was too caught up in his own head and the woman that could get under his skin like no other person to notice anything. Too caught up to notice that he was being followed. Before he could even get to the bar, he felt a sharp pain in his neck and then the world around him dissolved into blackness. 

Stirring himself awake, he felt his arms and legs were bound to something before a blinding light found his blurry vision when his kidnapper removed the cover that they had over his head. Realizing that he was tied to a chair as he tried to jolt himself free before a voice spoke up. 

“Don’t even try. It’s useless,” a Russian accent piped up from the darkness before a man stepped into the light. Sinn was still disoriented and it earned him a few light slaps to his cheeks. “Wake up, sleeping beauty. We got some questions for you,” the man said before giving him a hard smack to Sinn’s jaw. 

“Do you know this woman?” The man asked as he pulled a photo of a brunette before Sinn’s vision adjusted to see it was Luciana. While a panic stirred inside of him, he masked his features be expressionless as he looked at the photo. 

“We believe that you do. We are trying to find her,” he said before Sinn scoffed lightly. 

“I guess you’d have to resort to extreme measures to get a woman like that to even look your way, don’t you?” Sinn said condescendingly. “I’m sure loads of women have given your creepy ass the slip,” he smirked lightly before glancing at the photo for a moment. “Never seen her before,” he stated. 

The man rubbed his chin and shook his head, clicking his tongue as he tsked at Sinn’s answer. “And here I was hoping you’d tell the truth,” he said as he walked away before coming back with a black phone in his hand. Scrolling through for a moment, he found what he was looking for and showed Sinn a photo of him and Luciana that he had. 

“This is gonna take a while,” the man said before he landed a punch to Sinn’s jaw. 

Just as the blow landed in Sinn’s memory, a knocked echoed through the room before he stood up and saw a familiar face through the square window. 

“I got it,” the woman whispered before opening the door. “I can’t be down here long but I got what you asked for. Here’s her location,” she said. During his time here, he managed to use some of his powers on getting what he wanted. A new doctor arrived and wasn’t given the right protocol to not have any skin contact with Sinn. One brush of their hands and Sinn had her at his beck and call. Though since his powers weren’t as strong, it took him time to have to gain the trust of the woman. It made the enchantment stronger. 

“Thank you. What about the other thing?” He asked with a tired smile. She slipped him a syringe that had the poison they administered to him. Lifting his hand, he had a glint in his eye and a coy smirk as he stroked her cheek. “You did so good. Are you ready for this?” He asked as she nodded her head with eagerness. He smiled before she let him take some of her life force. Only enough for him to get some strength back. From there, his escape was set in motion. 

68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f6d2f776174747061642d6d656469612d736572766963652f53746f7279496d6167652f50696c66702d394f4b6e524357773d3d2d3132342e313539666539306334376134353536363133383239303830363834362e676966?s=fit&w=720&h=720&profile=RESIZE_710xSetting her unconscious body down, he took her key card and finally stepped out into the corridor. From there, it was bloodshed. His strength was all coming back to him despite how weakened it was, the guards were no match. The sounds of their necks snapping and him ripping their hearts out was something he’s been waiting to do. Alarms blared through the place and as he fed on his way to the one person he wanted to see, he got his strength back. There in the main office, he found the man who had held him here. “You can tell Nikolai that she isn’t alone,” he told the man as he grabbed him by the throat. “Though if he is coming like you say, I’ll be seeing him soon enough. Pity…” he eyes the man. “ There is no use for you now,” he said as he jammed the syringe into his neck. 

Tossing him aside like a ragdoll, he stepped out of the office and then tried to find his way out of the compound he was held in. As he was out in the darkness, the rain pouring as he glanced around. He was out near the docks on the edge of Vrévale. He pulled out the folded paper and saw a picture of her standing outside what was suspected to be her new home. He stared at it long and hard as he tried to absorb all the details he could before he closed his eyes and imagined it. Concentrating on the details, he knew he had enough energy to rip himself there. Feeling the energy shift and a wave of fatigue coming over him, he opened his eyes to see himself standing in front of her door. 

He knew he must have been a sight. Paler than usual, tired eyes, blood stained shirt and hands along with a bruised features. Either way, he knew this is what he had to do. Knocking on the door three times, he stepped back and waited if it would really be her to answer the door.

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  • Succubus

    The past couple of days had definitely started to take a toll on Luciana. Weeks prior, she'd gotten into yet another argument with Sinn that'd resulted in him storming out of her apartment with a seething succubus pacing inside her living room; arguments were a common thing between the of them, it 3vqN.gifwas a simple part of the relationship they had. She managed to get under his skin just as badly as he managed to get under her own and though they bantered regularly, nothing had gotten as intense as this last confrontation. The female couldn't even remember what it was about, that's how much she'd blacked out in the moment which she absolutely hated now. They argued, sure, but she typically liked to keep from saying things she'd regret because though he got under her skin, he still held a special place in her heart and now he was nowhere to be found.. But the succubus had a suspicion as to where he was.

    The same night he'd walked off, a mere two hours had gone by before a loud knock was heard at the front of her door. Now calmed down, Luciana figured this was Sinn returning so the two could possibly apologize to one and other. However, she was sadly mistaken when instead she opened the door only to come face to face Emmett, a fellow incubus, who appeared to try to look calm, but the leader could see the panic in his eyes when he requested to come inside. She obliged, moving aside so he could enter before closing the door behind them and leading him to the living room. "What's going on?" Luc questioned, crossing her arms over her chest as her blue hues watched him. "I was leaving the bar nearby with some friends.." He began, the panicked look she'd noticed earlier coming more and more to life the more he spoke. "And I saw someone stick him in the neck with something before he passed out and was taken. Before I could try and go after them, I was knocked out along with the others." He finished explaining the dilemma and once he was finished, the succubus felt worse than she did when the anger from earlier had passed. She couldn't help but feel like this was her fault and in reality, it definitely was. 

    She had a suspicion that this had something to do with her father’s sudden return to the living world after being dead for centuries. She has had numerous run ins with the devil himself, but he'd never done anything to her, aside from slap her across the face twice, other than threaten her. Luc had managed to flee every single time because the one thing Nikolai Leeche managed to do every single time she saw him was inflict this fear in her that she hadn't felt since she was younger. He wasn't always the monster he eventually turned in; her parents used to be very much in love back when they ruled as King and Queen together. However, after having three girls and finding out his wife couldn't conceive any more children, nonetheless a boy, Nikolai lost it. He'd started to get abusive towards them all, especially Luciana because she was the only one of her sisters to stick up for herself which only rewarded her with the end of his fist. She was forced to drop out of school at one point because people were getting suspicious of the fresh bruises she sported every now and then and that devastated her. School was her only safe zone away from home and not being able to go anymore absolutely destroyed her. Nights later, things seemed to worsen when her mother suddenly fell ill and soon succumbed to her illness. Immediately, Luciana knew her father had something to do with it but before she could confront him, he'd come up with the plan to murder her and Inyana, the most hated of his three children while Esme lived because she was his "favorite". She would eventually, however, die just as they did.. Nikolai chose to drown his two youngest but as their bodies floated away from shore, something in the sea awakened them, turning them into Ri0C.gifwhat they were today; Inyana as a siren and Luciana as a succubus, creations of the sea. It was both a blessing and a curse because Luc had to learn how to get through the stages of turning into her specie and though it took time, in the end she had gotten used to what she looked like in succubus form as well as the sudden abilities she had. Never did she believe in the supernatural until that day.

    Luciana despised her father even more today because upon transitioning into the succubus she was, it turned out she was the first of her kind and so as more and more succubi and incubi transitioned the same way she did, it was her responsibility to help them and watch over them. It was a role she didn't want in the very beginning but nowadays, she treated her kind like they were family who she would risk her life for. They were like the family she never had and always wanted.

    The brunette's suspicion that Sinn's disappearance had something to do with her father’s return was strong and so she riled up the others to try and figure out where he was being held captive. She even managed to get a witch on their side which proved to be easy since an old friend of hers happened to be a witch, one who hated the leader. However, it seemed that Sinn's location was cloaked because they could not figure out where he was. The search continued on for weeks and tonight was no different; her witch companion was busy doing a number of spells with her grimoire opened and items scattered before her on the floor. She'd dismissed the others who tenor.gif?itemid=13919199typically chose to stick around to help but when the witches spells came up with nothing, she was told to just head home, leaving behind a clearly exhausted Luciana.

    This entire situation was her fault and so she was desperate to get Sinn away from her father and whoever was working for him because she knew what the man was capable of. No one should have to endure that kind of wrath. Luciana turned to head towards her bedroom, her fingertips rubbing her temple as she did so. However, the three knocks on her front door seemed to stop her in her tracks. Did they find something? She mentally questioned as she turned and headed towards the door, pulling it open only to be frozen in her tracks; their stood the man she'd been trying to save and upon taking in his appearance, she frowned. What had he endured? "Sinn." She breathed. "What the hell did they do to you?" She questioned, her gaze moving from the blood stains on his clothes to the bruises adorning his features. The succubus was, though, relieved he was alive. Finally realizing they were basically standing in her doorway, she grabbed his hand to pull him inside, closing the door behind them. When they were alone, she couldn't seem to help her self because the moment the door clicked shut, Luciana had pulled Sinn into an embrace, her arms circling around him as if he could disappear at any moment.

    • Incubus

      Sinn could have never anticipated that her father could cause this much trouble. He really didn’t know anything about the past that she shared with her father or even her family. The only information he knew for certain was she had a sister Inyana as Sinn had met the siren a few times here and there. While Luciana was important to him, it didn’t help their relationship with how guarded they both were. If anyone knew the succubus Queen, they would know she wasn’t the type of person to spill all her secrets out. Hell, even Sinn had a difficult time getting things out of her especially when it was important at times when it came to the rest of their kind. He always bumped heads with her when it came to leadership as he was the type to jump before thinking and that definitely got under her skin. Though he knew he should have let her do things, he couldn’t help but jump in. Even if he thought he was helping her because he knew that she had a load of stress resting on her shoulders. It was one of the reasons he left the group was due to that and to focus on his business.

      However, he had wished he’d known about Nikolai Leeche. While he never met the man in person, the people that worked for him made sure that Sinn knew how much of a threat he was and how they were coming at Luciana. Sinn had spent those months in that cell, thinking of a way to get out but those who were dealing with him must have known about how to deal with succubi and incubi kind as they took precautions in relation to making contact with him and constantly pumping him full of poison. 

      tumblr_inline_nmloj8Mn6t1ryrjyr_250.gifvWhich he was starting to feel again as he stood outside of Luce’s door, the ripping sucking most of the energy out of him. All of that was pushed aside once the door opened and there she was. All he did was shake his head at her question. Sure he was going to tell her but the poison made his mind scattered for the time being. 

      He welcomed the embrace which had surprised him for a second but it was the best thing he had felt for the first time in months. He allowed himself to drop his guard as soon as he returned the embrace. His muscular arms formed around her so easily, wrapping around the small of her waist as he held onto her as if his life depended on it. Sinn had only thought of Luciana while he was held captive; worrying and dreading the moment he escaped to only find that her father had gotten to her first. However, relief flooded through him as she was safe with her in his arms; breathing her in as he let the hug linger for a moment longer. 

      Pulling away reluctantly, he looked back to her. While he wanted to say he was sorry and how glad he was to see she was safe. The words sitting at the tip of his tongue, but he knew warning her about her father was more important. His silverish green hues observing her features as his brows started to furrow in concern. “You have to get out of here,” he told her, his voice hoarse before he cleared it some more. His arms fell from her waist and he pulled out a picture from his back pocket. His bloody fingerprints left a few stains on the weathered image but it was of her; the one he used to get here in the first place.

      tumblr_inline_nmgiaof0ay1ryrjyr_250.gifv “They know where you are. He knows where you are,” he knew that she’d understand who the ‘he’ was. He rubbed his temples for a second before he moved to sit down on her couch. “They got me the night we argued and I left,” he said as if she didn’t know already but he wasn’t aware of how much she knew. “If they know who I am, then they’ve been watching you for a while now. You need to get somewhere safe,” he urged her as his gaze fixed on her again. “What they did to me was only to get to you and I can’t let them get to you, Luciana.” 

  • Succubus

    Her arms locked around him, holding Sinn against her as if he’d disappear any second now should she let go of him, clearly not realizing how much she’d missed him and feared for his life until now. The guilt Luciana had previously felt was coming back full swing now as he pulled away, her hues taking him in from the dried blood on his skin to the visible bruises, making her wonder how hurt he truly was, 56e42b9c0d3e2b52f72e9b17b2db3caa.gifcausing the guilt to eat her alive.

    Nikolai was after her, she knew that for sure and Sinn was simply collateral damage, an obvious way to get back at her but thankfully he’d gotten away before her father and whoever his backup were before they actually killed him, something the succubus knew her father would do without a second thought.

    Before Luce could speak up first, though not sure what she was actually going to say to him, he beat her to it and his words alone caused her to freeze up. She needed to get out of there? Opening her mouth to question him and what exactly he meant by his words, he’d held up the picture of her, her own fingers moving up to grasp the photograph and just.. look at it. She had hoped it wasn’t her father who’d abducted him but now, she was sure it was but how he even knew about Sinn was beyond the succubus and it made her fear what other secrets he knew of her and her life she’d once tried to keep hidden from the outside world but with this newfound involvement from the man Luce had once believed was dead, it seemed she had to keep her guard up more. “So it was him.” Letting out a sigh, she peeled her hues away from the picture to look at him again. “I’m not going anywhere,” she said with a shake of her head.

    If there was one thing that was well known when it came to her, it was the fact that Luce was extremely stubborn, especially when it came to her people, Sinn being at the very top of that list and so the last thing she planned on doing was backing down or going into hiding. Her father would surely see that as weakness, like he’d appeared to see when it came to her since she was a child, and though she knew she had nothing to prove to the old man, she didn’t plan on backing down from a human either.tumblr_m3jc1kPdsa1r5uk6to1_500.gif

    Setting the picture aside as Sinn took a seat on the couch, she watched him for a moment, only listening to him speak before so much as voicing her own thoughts. “I’m not going to just back down now, Sinn. He involved you in his mess and I can’t let that slide.” She shook her head, giving him a look as if he was crazy to even suggest that she should flee.

    “Right now, I don’t give a fuck if he’s got eyes on me,” the brunette admitted though behind her words was also the fear she felt, fear that came from the troublesome childhood she was forced to endure at the hands of her crazed father. Kneeling before Sinn while he was seated on the couch, she took his bloody hand into hers, her hands turning his over just to inspect it and thankfully, there weren’t any wounds there, just plenty of dried blood. “What’d they do to you?” She questioned, her voice just above a whisper as she looked up at him now, one of her hands reaching up to cup his cheek, her thumb carefully grazing the bruise that was their while her other hand kept hold of his. “I’m so sorry.” The guilt she felt was more evident in her voice now as it cracked at the end.

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