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You again? (Niklaus and Rose)


For days there have been rumors about abominations that were created between Vampire and Werewolf. They called themselves Hybrids. Rose heard about these rumors as more and more of her subjects came to her castle with fear demaning that the Queen do something about it. "Calm down." Rose ordered her brows furrowing together. Rose was never pleased when her subjects came and demanded her, the Queen, to do something about what is happening outside her walls. "You have no proof that these Hybrids you speak of exist. I do not appreciate you storming into my castle and demanding me, your Queen, to take action." By now Rose was on her feet glaring down at the couple of vampires who were brave enough to speak to her as if she would be easily backed down. Taking a deep breath, Rose settled her anger that was wanting to be unleashed before speaking, her voice flat. "However, if you are so afraid as your Queen I will investigate the meaning of these rumors. And once I find out that they are false, you will pay for talking to me as if you have forgotten who I am." There was no hidden agenda, Rose meant exactly what she said to her subjects before dismissing them. 

Later once the sun has competely hidden in the horizon, Rose gathered up two of her best guards to accompany her to where the rumors of the creature that was both Vampire and Wolf resided. Rose found herself deeper and deeper in the woods until she came across a cabin and smelt the most unusal smell she ever knew. She could smell both wolf and vampire. Sweet and stentch. Life and death. Fear coursed her veins but she dared not show if upon her face. Walking closer to the cabin door, she nodded and saw her guards barge in and not a moment later saw both of them fly out, hitting the nearest tree with a sickening snap. Rose knew their spine had been broken but they would survive, they would heal. Breaking the spine of a vampire does not kill them, but it does slow them down. Gasping, Rose finally saw a man walk out. He was handsome and tall but his eyes made the Vampire Queen paralized in fear. His eyes bore the same color as a wolf but it was mixed with the darkest black that was found in vampires. The rumors were true. The abomination exist. 

With all her might, the Vampire Queen ran back towards her castle in fear faster than her legs could carry her.

~Present Day~

The woods were a place of comfort for Rose. They were deep, dark and mysterious, even in the small part of Maine where she resided. The woods always seemed to bring out the best in the Vampir Queen, making her light as a feather, happier than the bright sun that hung in the sky. Smiling, Rose twisted her daylight ring as she wondered the forrest. It wasn't often that she got to escape the boring life that the council offered. She just left a meeting about how the importance of daylight rings are, again. She had been through so many of those since she joined, and each one grew more and more boring to her. So Rose made a decision to leave the building once they were finished and replenish her mental state and only the forrest could provide that for her.

Lost in thought, Rose seemed to have wonder quite far but she didn't care, she knew the woods almost as if she knew like the back of her hand. She didn't care if she got lost for a few hours, she would eventually find her way back home. The more Rose walked the more she felt as if there was a shift in the air, almost as if she walked to far into something. The air felt thick with animosity and caution. Looking around Rose saw nothing but her instincts told her that someone or something was out there watching her. 

Gathering up her Queenly might, Rose ordered in a commanding voice, "Show yourself." There was no room in her voice for disobedience. If a vampire was lurking around her they would have to follow her command, but even if it wasn't hopefully they would still listen to the petite vampire. A heartbeat later Rose finally saw who was lurking around nearby.

A familiar Hybrid she thought she left back in the Romanian woods a lifetime ago. 

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  • Hybrid

    No matter how many years that passed, it was evident that people were still afraid of what they could not understand. Nik was no stranger to others’ reactions of their own fear had caused and had been on the receiving once he was turned into the crossbreed of vampire and werewolf. Words like ‘abomination’ and ‘monster’ was something that once struck a nerve in him but now merely earned an eye roll from the hybrid.However, there was only one time where Nik truly felt a blinding, white hot rage and a sinking, deep pit of misery and betrayal that all mixed into one. It was the one time where he had resided in a cabin, deep in the Romanian forest. 


    Vampires had been hunting him down like he was some creature they wanted to poke and prod at. It was unknown to them that he was one of the most deadly creatures that could take them down easily. It wasn’t until one small group of men had cornered him on his way back to his cabin. The flash of fear that crossed the men’s features was enough to make him smirk before he ripped into them. Extracting their hearts and ripping out their throats made the air thick with the scent of blood. He wiped his blood stained chin with the back of his hand when he heard a twig snap. He glanced around before his cold stare locked with a vampire that had stayed hidden behind the trees and they thought they could get away. The vampire froze as he stared back at Nik with fear before the hybrid turned on his heels and back to his cabin. He knew the vampire would send his warning to the other vampires and their so called queen. 

    It wasn’t long until within the next few days, a couple of men in richer clothing came and broke his cabin door. Except they didn’t expect the hybrid to be on his guard as in a few maneuvers, he threw each man outside of his door against the trees that surrounded his home. He stepped out slowly, head held high as he anticipated for more men to be coming at him the second his presence was made clear. Only he was a bit surprised. 

    tumblr_inline_pazfmz6VTZ1ss8jpr_500.gif?profile=RESIZE_710xThere in the clearing stood a woman as she gazed back at him with the same look everyone has given him. He could smell the adrenaline that mixed with her blood as he sized her up from a distance. His eyes were already a rich gold as black veins popped out from underneath his eyes like a vampire’s from using his strength to toss her guards aside like nothing. Also it angered him as he stared back at her. He could tell from her clothing that she must be the queen that is spoken so highly of. He was ready for her to speak to him but instead, within a blink of an eye, she was already running in the opposite direction. With a scoff, he started to turn back into his house. However, he looked over his shoulder at the sleeping men in front of his house. If these were her finest guards, she needed better soldiers. 

    “If you are not going to introduce yourself, your majesty,” he uttered to himself before slowly walking over to one of the men. Both of them slowly starting to wake after their spines healed quickly. “Allow me to send a message,” he said before kneeling down to the man. 

    “Your Queen abandoned you. So you mustn’t mean much to her,” he said before plunging his hand into his chest. “She’ll replace you soon enough,” he simply told him through his screams of pain before ripping his heart out. 

    Walking over to the other man, he placed the heart into the man’s coat pocket and picked him up as he shoved him against the tree. “Send a message to her Majesty. She comes near my home again, I’ll be glad to get my hands even dirtier to show she isn’t welcomed,” he said as the man nodded his head quickly. “One more thing,” he said harshly and bit into the man’s neck. “Tell her there she won’t be able to stop what you are about to go through,” he said before shoving the man away as he watched him stumble his way through the woods before using vampiric speed out of the woods. 

    However, little did Niklaus knew that this was the beginning of his own demise. 

    ~End of Flashback~ 

    Everything about this new town was something he’s seen all before. Like bits and pieces of the past places he had been were placed together to make this place. There were more supernatural creatures that resided here than he was used to in the past and that only made the hybrid want keep away from those. However, that proved hard now that he was the clan leader of his own small pack of hybrids. He allowed others to do as they please. He would not stand to be no babysitter but he knew that peace must be kept for the sake of a deal he made with the witches. They were about as annoying no matter what time in history he was in. 

    He walking through the woods, finding time away to gather his thoughts. He had heard words that his sister, Willow, had been in town but he has yet to see her. And truth be told, he wasn’t sure if he were ready to see her just yet. So much history was waiting to be unfolded and he wasn’t sure his little sister could take it or if he could handle the anger and hurt she probably reserved for him. 

    He was pulled from his thoughts when he heard another approaching. Flashing out of sight, he saw a brunette that made him frozen from the blindspot he had chosen to conceal himself. She looked different but he would know her from anywhere. She had wandered around as if she were lost in thought which caused him to step closer. Though, the closer he got, the more aware she started to seem.


     That’s when she stopped and called out to him to show himself. He doubted she’d expected it was him that was lurking in the woods but once he stepped into her line of vision, a smug smirk found his lips. 

    “Your Majesty,” he said condescendingly with a hint of bitterness. He did a small, sarcastic bow as if he were one of her subjects before he used his enhanced speed to push her against a tree, a hand wrapped around her throat. “What the hell are you doing here?” He growled through gritted teeth as he squeezed tighter around her throat. “I swear if one of your little sheep come out of these woods, I won’t hesitate to rip their hearts out like last time,” he added before he awaited her answer. 

    • Vampire - Admin


      tumblr_oqc36y1wv71t5psc3o8_250.gifShe had broken the first rule her Father had taught her: Don't let them see your fear, it can cause your downfall. Well, Rose did exactly that as she ran away like the coward she was feeling at that moment. It was all true, the stories, the rumors, the Hybrid existed and its golden eyes stared right at her clearly unhappy that she was there. Instead of being and acting as the Queen she was supposed to be, Rose ran away. What kind of Queen would do that? A Queen should fight. A Queen would get rid of the problem that threatens her kind. Even if it is half of her kind. Before she could summon up the courage to turn around to face the hybrid that hid in her woods, she found herself at the gates of her Castle, a couple of her soldiers running towards her asking if she was okay. 

      As Rose relayed what she just saw, the guards were quick to usher her inside, despite her telling them to let her go so she could go back to face the male hybrid. She spent hours arguing with every guard that tried to stop her, even if one moved out of her way due to her command there was one right behind the previous to stop her. So far it was becoming useless to get through. Rose wasn't sure how long time had passed until she heard the front of her castle doors open and in walk a soldier that she took with her holding the side of his neck, slumping over as if he was ready to fall face-first into the floor due to exhaustion. 

      "My Queen.." The soldier spoke raggedly, "The abomination...left this for you" reaching inside the pocket of his coat, Rose could already see what it was before the soldier pulled it out. The whole room went silent as the heart was displayed for everyone to see. No one said anything until the wounded soldier spoke again, "He also...did this.." Removing his own hand from his neck Rose saw the outline of fang marks that looked to odd-shaped for a Vampire alone and to narrow for that to be of a Wolf. The puncture wound leaked of the soldiers' blood and no matter how much Rose waited, it wouldn't stop. She saw small black tendrils that spread outward from the wound. "He said you can't stop it.."

      As his words ceased both the wounded soldier and Rose felt the pain that came from the bite mark, both of them shrieking, clutching at their own necks, begging for it to stop. The pain was short, but it was something Rose had never felt before in her existence, this type of pain was slow, agony and above all merciless. Rose could feel her eyes change to black as she became livid. "We will see about that." She spat, looking over to one of her other soldiers she told him, "Retrieve the body, bring it back here. If you see the hybrid, do not kill him, he needs to fix him." She pointed towards the wounded soldier, "And if he knew what was good for him, he will listen to me."


      ~End of Flashback~


      "Oh for fuck's sake." Was the first thing that slipped out of her Romanian mouth as she saw who stepped from behind the tree.df364ff86a4afaba4c9809a8700dcc95.gif Out of all the people to find in the woods, it just had to be the abomination hybrid himself, Niklaus. A disapproving look cast over her face as she observed him making a mock bow to her as he called her by her title.

      Before she could even get a word out the Vampiress was pinned against a tree with Niklaus holding her by her throat. Glaring at the male, Rose made sure not to make the same mistake twice by showing him any fear. Things are different now, Rose was different and she would be dammed if she allowed Niklaus to see her weak again. 

      "I'm minding my own business in these woods, what the hell are you doing here?" She spat feeling her Romanian tongue wanting to use all of their native languages swear words at him, but she held back for now. Instead Rose used her strength to push Niklaus off of her. He may be strong because he was a hybrid, but Rose was strong because of how old she was, the two pairs could possibly be evenly matched. "Does it look like I'm being followed?! Half of my soldiers are either back in Romania or six feet under there." She kept her glare on him as she suppressed the memory of all those years ago. 

    • Hybrid

      \| Flashback |/

      tumblr_mvrnzcRwsA1qii97qo6_250.gifAs much as Niklaus hated to admit it, his encounter with the Queen and her soldiers left him in a state of paranoia. That fact alone would have caused him to be angered but he well past that with them ambushing him and it left him in a rage that was almost unbearable. However, whatever quelled his anger just the slightest was remembering the look on her majesty’s features and the parting ‘gifts’ he sent her way. He knew the only way to get a cure for a bite like his was for them to get it directly from him and it was only a matter of time when he’d get another visit should the Queen want to protect her subjects. The thought of her asking for the cure to his bite made him chuckle and amused.

      So the time that passed without any encounter was spent being on high alert and tense for the hybrid. He was out hunting and when he was getting ready to strike on his prey, someone already had tackled him down before he could do anything. Getting up swiftly to his feet, he was met with two men. Seeing the same symbol that was stitched into their clothing from the last two men that came for him that night, Nik looked at the other two men in front of him with a look of annoyance.

      “Our Queen requested us to bring you to the castle,” one spoke up but was clearly shaken by Nik’s presence. “I thought I made my message fairly clear. Let me guess she wants me to give her a cure for her pathetic guard, yes?” He asked stepping closer but before they can answer, Nik spoke once again. “Tell her she’ll have to deal with that consequence herself,” he said before brushing past the two guards. Their sworn loyalty was clear when they were displeased with his response. Which caused them to attack the hybrid which only ended badly for them.

      Instead of ripping their hearts out this time, he decided it’d be better for them to share the same fate as their fellow brethren. “If she so badly wants to see me, tell her to come back here and face me herself,” he said before disappearing from the clearing they laid.

      He knew this time he had to do something different. Something to stop this queen from thinking she could dispose of him just like everyone else thought of him when he became a supernatural abomination. However, that wasn’t what irked him. He had a feeling, a bad feeling about the Romanian queen ever since he laid eyes on her. So he knew he would have to do something before she could and that’s when the idea hit him. If she wouldn’t listen to him, perhaps she’d listen to her people. He would have to pay a visit to one of the villages in her kingdom, knowing that it would all end in bloodshed.

      \| End of Flashback|/

      He stared up at her as he had her pinned against the tree, his grip around her throat growing tighter but just like back then, her strength was a match for his. He took several steps back as she pushed him off before he glared back at her with disgust. “Oh? Just like how I was minding my own business in that Romanian forest? Before you and your men decided to pay me a visit,” he spat back.

      tumblr_mqrm0qFDa71snteogo2_250.gif“Oh what a shame they aren’t here to protect you. Though this is a rare occasion, isn’t it? Us actually talking face to face? I think I may be responsible for some of your men. Our exchanges weren’t exactly pleasant,” he said with a slow and menacing smirk.

      “But what are you doing here? Out of all the places in the world, I doubt a quaint little tow like this one is really up to the standards of a Queen. Besides I think we both know what happens when the two of us are in the same town,” he uttered as his eyes never left her. It bothered him that she was here and especially since he knew that his sister was here, he didn’t want Rose anywhere near his family.

    • Vampire - Admin


      It had been hours since Rose sent her guards to find the hybrid monster and each hour that passed her wounded soldier seemed to grow weaker and weaker, only causing Rose more pain. Her shrieking echoing her whole castle, no doubt it would reach her subjects' ears. "Where is he?!" Rose yelled at no one in particular, the surrounding guards all jumped to her voice. 

      "My Queen it's only been five hours since you sent the men.." Replied a guard. She didn't waste time figuring out who spoke, the only thing she thought about was why it was taking so long. Pacing back and forth across the great hall that belonged to her magnificent front doors, the Vampiress thought about her situation and how she was going to get out of this, it didn't look like the hybrid was going to come, his actions earlier only dawned on her. She could still hear the echoing of her other guards' bones snapping as he flew against the tree.

      Her memories were intruded as the front of the doors opened to the men who she sent out hours before. A smile broke on her face as she rushed towards them only for her to gasp when she saw the same bite marks on both of their necks with the black tendrils seeping away from the hole. Rage filled her body, knowing her amber lit hues were now blackened, the hybrid's actions were causing a war upon Rose, she just knew it. Before the guards could speak, Rose instructed them to go in the cellar where her other fallen guard laid dying. 

      Rage was all she was consumed with until the pain of death filled her, causing her to clutch her chest as her mind slipped into that who was dying. Expecting it to be her guard, she was looking in the town that laid on the outskirts of her kingdom, the one closest to the forest, where peering up at the abomination himself as his sick, twisted smile was the last thing she saw, while the noise of everyone screaming in the background faded, leaving her in darkness.

      "No!" She screamed as her mind reverted to her own self her cries following her. He was in town, he was hurting her people. She couldn't stand for that, not the innocents who only wanted safety. The continuous pain shot through her chest like a bullet but she tumblr_n1bf9wBVGj1qzg2sjo3_r1_250.gifpushed past it as she made to her front gates, opening them wide as she stepped into the night. The pain coursed through her bringing her to her knees. All those people...dying. Rose couldn't think, not now, so instead, she acted.

      Running towards the village when her whole body kept urging to see what was going on with her dying people was no easy, yet somehow she made it. Seeing her people run wild, barely noticing who she was only made it more surreal. She could smell bodies burning and see homes being burned as well. No. No. No. No! 

      Taking a giant breath, Rose yelled louder than she ever did, hoping the hybrid would hear her. "Stop!" she made sure to expand the word with as much breath as she consumed, hoping it would be enough over the madness in her wake.

      ~End of Flashback~

      Brushing herself off from the dirt that the tree gave her Rose made a scowl of her own to throw back at Nik, "It was an accident! I didn't think you would be real! You know this!" Her tone lacked any emotion that indicated humor. She had mentioned to Niklaus once before that the reason why her troops and herself went looking for him was that she was to think he was just some story her subjects believed, that he was nonexistent. Now in times like this, she wished he was. 

      "I don't need protecting anymore." She rolled her eyes, "Especially not from you. After all, we somehow can't kill each other." Even though Niklaus bite could possibly kill her, she was about as fast and strong as he was so even if he tried to, she could counter and evade him, and even though he was half vampire, her authority on that side didn't work since, she believed, his wolf nature stopped 3667356714?profile=RESIZE_710xthat. "Had you just show up the first time as I demanded, we probably wouldn't have to have these unpleasant encounters."

      Crossing her arms over her chest, she placed her weight on one leg before deciding his next question wasn't that of ill intent but he probably wasn't concerned either, still, she would only give him a need to know basis, "Like I said, I was out strolling, minding my own business as for this town.." She hesitated not feeling comfortable in telling the hybrid how she left her kingdom "I'm here on business." Not missing a beat in her reply as her amber orbs never left his hazel hues. "But why are you here?" Her eyebrows pulled together as she thought about the possibility of why he was here and how she managed to run into him.

      Taking a small step forward she heard the sound of a twig crunching beneath her feet but the echo of its sound seemed to carry longer than she thought it would. Perking her ears, she listened more intently but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Perhaps this forest just echos more. She thought before turning her attention back towards the hybrid. "Listen Niklaus, I don't care why you-" and then she heard the sound of a drawback followed by an immediate release. It only took two seconds but the Vampiress saw it in slow motion as an arrow headed straight for the both of them. Giving Niklaus a small shove Rose had just enough time to step away and watch the arrow fly right in between the both of them landing in the nearest tree.

    • Hybrid

      \| Flashback |/

      322a4d28ad57150f139dd65c0fd6d85c.gifNik had navigated through the forest effortlessly to the village; avoiding every loose log or low hanging branches in his stride as he used his vampiric speed to get to where he wanted. He had only passed this village once and it was not a favorable experience. He had gone through the village when he first arrived in the Romanian forest. Hoping to find a home and, at least stay under the radar but that was no use. Right away his scent was detected and the treatment he received was nothing new to him. So he had stayed clear of the village until their Queen decided to pay him a visit. Arriving into the village, his presence went unnoticed. One of the villagers had walked up to him right away. He could only assumed they were the start of the rumors of his presence which prompted their Queen to visit him.

      “You’re not welcomed here, you bastard,” the man glared at Niklaus which only caused a small, evil smirk to find his lips. “Oh, I’m only here on behalf of your Queen. You see she paid me a visit and I’m just letting her know that I plan on staying after her little welcome,” his smile was laced with malice as his eyes turned into his hybrid form. In a swift movement, his hand pierced through the man’s chest as his fingers wrapped around his heart. “You thank her for this,” he said to the crowd that started to form around the hybrid. Ripping out his heart, he dropped it on the dirt ground and looked out to the crowd as he stretched out his arms, beckoning the carnage that he was going to cause. If they wanted to keep painting him as the bad guy in history, he’ll play the damn role the best he could. 

      Niklaus ripped through the whole village easily and without a care as the rage he saved from earlier was being used against her people.The strong scent of blood and fire was due to him and the fire burned strong as each little home was set on fire. Her subjects were either bitten or killed by his hands. He was just ripping into someone until he heard her scream. All these people were running around, trying to get away from the big bad wolf, that once they dispersed, he was able to see her. 

      tumblr_n435uzcStj1s8aql3o5_250.gifThe fire illuminated him which he was mostly covered in blood; his hands, clothing and it trailed from the corners of his mouth towards his neck. He could see what shape she was in from all the death he caused and it looked like it took a toll on her. Throwing the limp body aside, he started to take steps towards her. 

      “Looks like you received my message. You finally came to meet in person this time… It was hard to talk to you when all I saw was the back of your head and the hundreds of trees between us,” his tone starting out as condescending before it turned cold with frustration. Everything had gone calm in the forest due to everyone running and the others lying dead in the ground. The only sound that between them was the crackling of the firewood and their breathing. As he approached her closer, he couldn’t help his temper from flaring just at the sight of her as his eyes showed again. 

      “This wouldn’t have happened if you had met me in person for the second time. It’s a shame really,” he said as he stood in front of her. As a way of taunting her, he lifted his blood soaked hand and stroked her cheek, smearing her people’s blood on her. “It took this many people for their Queen to show,” he said as he dropped his hand, unimpressed with the royal Queen in front of him. “I think we are due for a chat,” he said as his golden hues bored into hers. 

      \| End of Flashback |/ 

      He shared the same intense stare that she was glaring back at him. He then scoffed at her words about him following her orders. “As you demanded?! In case you forgot, you’re not my queen or anything of the sort. I’m not one of your sad little puppets that follow you around and you have no authority over me, so get off your high horse or I’ll be happy to bring you back down again,” he uttered with disgust as he looked her up and down, clearly still angry with her. 

      Over the years, he thought maybe he would have handled things differently but that day in particular he had found news about his sister. News that his sister was dead so the little ‘invasion’ had sent him over the edge. Hence why he only made things worse between the Vampire Queen and him. He was sure nobody knew about their complicated history but tales of the things he’s done were no doubt heard throughout the supernatural community. 

      He heard her question though something about it told him it wasn’t the full truth. Though, he really didn’t have the energy to care unless she were to cause more trouble for him. He was different now, just by a tiny bit, because he now had people to think about and shedding blood first wouldn’t end well for this small town. He, too, was also hesitant about answering her question. In his hesitant state, he barely noticed the arrow coming right at them until the second she pushed him back. Annoyed at himself for being caught off guard, he was ready to start to accuse her of things but then another arrow landed right at their feet. He glanced at her before he focused his hearing on where it was coming from. Once he was able to locate who it was coming from, he didn’t waste a second to go after them. Giving her a glance, he was off in the blink of an eye and there he was behind the archer. Pinning them by the neck against the tree. 

      MisguidedThriftyAsiantrumpetfish-small.gif“You have terrible aim,” Nik said before the archer just smirked at him as he struggled with breathing. “That was my intention,” he told Nik who furrowed his brow at him in slight confusion. Before any questions could be asked, Nik’s vision went black as a witch muttered a spell to snap his neck. The last thought that crossed his mind surprised him just as much as the first thought that came to mind when he woke which was of the Vampire Queen. As he woke up, he felt his arms being suspended as he yanked them free, he heard the chains shackle. He thought of Rose, either assuming she had planned this or if she had managed to get away. On high alert, his hybrid side came out as he tried to break free of the chains that held him. 

    • Vampire - Admin

      ~ Flashback~

      4315970539?profile=RESIZE_710xAs the chaos and flames surrounded her, Rose stood tall and looked at the monster in his cold, dark eyes. How could someone torment and burn a village to the ground? What kind of self-loathing animal would torment thousands just for his own gain? Question after question filled her head but still, she watched him toss one of her people to the ground as if they were nothing. She could only guess what he saw her as now, she knew she probably looked pretty weak since she was still getting used to her connection but not only that, there were multiple deaths she just felt back to back. Such a strong feeling would take a toll on anyone. 

      As his gloating came through the screams all she could do was stand still and glare at him. "A mistake that won't happen again." She told him making her voice sound stronger than what she felt. Was she scared? Perhaps. Was she going to let him know again? She would rather die but most of all she was just exhausted from the pain. Rose never really needed sleep before but at this moment in time, she felt like she could sleep for a week if not longer but she would stand against the monster and make sure he knew she would not back down easily anymore. No matter how much closer he got and his eyes turned even colder towards her. The mere sight of him with her people's blood on his face disgusted her. She hated him. She hated everything about him. Still standing tall, she didn't flinch or move away from him as his hand touched her cheek to smear it with blood. "I would have been here sooner if I didn't have to stop almost every two seconds to feel the deaths you brought about!" She said angrily, her normal amber hues turning a shade of crimson red. Normally Rose was very well in control of her Vampiric nature but this man was bringing out the absolute worst in her.  Taking her hand, she wiped the blood on her delicate finger and looked at it. She could feel her eyes darken and a power she never knew she had flooded her as her fangs dropped from her gums. "How dare you think I will speak to you now that you have shredded the blood of my people. You are no one to order me around. From what I can sense you are half of me. My blood flows through you." She stated as her voice rose, laced with malicious venom. "You have fifteen seconds to tell me what you want then I want you out of my kingdom! I want you out of Romania!" There was no room for questions in her voice, even though Rose knew he was only half-vampire, she did not know how well her command would work on him. But it was worth a try. 

      ~End of flashback~


      Something wasn't right. Rose could feel it, someone was watching them and for some reason, they were hunting one if not both of them. As the second arrow landed in the grass at their feet after she had pushed Niklaus out of danger she could see his thought process. He was going to go after whoever was shooting at both of them and kill them. But there was a funny churning in her stomach that told her to run and getaway. Before Rose could even mention to the Hybrid, Niklaus gave her a glance and disappeared into the trees nearby where she heard him capture the hunter. 

      'You have terrible aim." 

      "That was my intention."

      Her gut feeling only got stronger once she began to hear murmuring and a sickening snap. When Rose first met Niklaus she knew his heartbeat was a little faster than most creatures, and she thought it was because of his wolf side, so when she only heard two normal racing hearts, she knew Niklaus's neck had been snapped. "Nik!" She yelled a heartbeat later, causing the attention of the archer and witch to glance her way. "Shit.." She whispered as the archer drew back another bow while the witch began murmuring a spell, probably the same one she used on Niklaus. Listening to her gut, she turned around and ran as fast as she could, silently apologizing to Niklaus but also vowing she would come to find him.

      She didn't go far at all, She actually had to get away far enough to where the archer's arrows and the witches spell couldn't get her so once she was sure she was far enough, she turned right back around and started climbing the nearest tree, only to jump from branch to branch until she was just close enough to hear the archer and witch talking. "Are you sure this is the guy?" Asked the archer to which, the young female witch nodded giving him the answer he needed. Rose watched as they picked up Niklaus and hauled him into a car before driving away. "Don't worry Nik..." She began saying, "I let you down once...I won't do it again." Even though Niklaus infuriated her to no end, Rose couldn't, no wouldn't allow Niklaus to become hurt. 

      She waited until it was dusk to follow the Hybrid's scent. It always made Rose feel more comfortable knowing darkness was on her side and plus she felt stronger once the sun went down. Wherever they took Niklaus sure did take her a long time even with running at her top speed, whoever these people where wanted to make sure that NIkalus would not want to be easily found. As the scent got stronger, Rose slowed down to where she could see an abandoned warehouse that looked heavily guarded with some men and their guns along with other men without guns. Letting the cold air pass through her lungs, she caught the smells of humans and other Warlocks. It wasn't uncommon for them to work together but what do they want with Niklaus? Disregarding the thought, Rose had to come up with a plan and quickly. She thought or sneaking in but the warlocks probably spellbound the place. No matter how much she tried to think of a good solution the only thing she knew would work would be to kill them.

      tumblr_mzluv97qIv1qzg2sjo1_250.gif"Damnit Nik.." She cursed. She was with him for only ten minutes and already he was bringing out the worst in her. Feeling her eyes glow an eerie red, she stepped out behind the cloaked trees and strutted her way towards the front, all eyes scanning her immediately. "Alright boys, here's the deal. Either you let me in no questions asked and let me walk out with my friend in there OR.." She paused for dramatic effect still continue to walk towards the door "I kill you all and walk out with my friend in there. What is it going to be?"

      As the humans raised their guns and the Warlocks began moving their hands in some weird motion, Rose had her answer. "Wrong choice." The next thing she knew she was ripping into their necks and enjoying their blood as their screams filled the air as one thought raced through her head. 

      "I'm coming for you Nik."

    • Hybrid

      \| Flashback |/

      Niklaus’ smug expression didn’t waver as he stood directly in front of the Vampire Queen. Over the years, Niklaus had built himself a wall between him and everyone else. It helped him from thinking anyone ever had control over him and even helped him believe that was somewhat invincible. Finally accepting his powers made him believe that he was. He had the speed and strength of a vampire, if not twice as much as a regular vampire meanwhile having the ability to use wolf venom to poison his undead counterparts. However, did he think he was a match for the Vampire Queen? He wasn’t naïve, that was a definite no. However, if his father had taught him anything, it was to attack an enemies’ weak points. He wasn’t aware of the connection the Queen had with her people; feeling their deaths personally as if she were the one to experience them. Well, that was just a little surprise that made the hybrid the smirk to himself. 

      He remained unfazed at the sight of her crimson eyes nor at the sight of her fangs peeking out from under her lips but it wasn’t until Nik felt something. It was something so small and deep but it wiped the smugness from his features that quickly got replaced by anger. Anger because he realized that her words may have had the slightest effect on him; that the blood she spoke up was the same blood those cursed witches had made him into this abomination that everyone called him. It was also possible the look that their royal Highness was giving him was something he’s familiar with. The same look that made his blood boil and the rage seated in him burned him as if flames coursed through his entire being. 

      tumblr_inline_p91wl0uQv81sg49zh_500.gifvSpotting someone he had bitten crawling near their feet towards safety. His baleful gaze flickered to the body before walking past the Queen. Stepping closer to them with a malevolent smirk that curled his lips as his eyes changed to that golden color of his wolf side, he practically scoffed at her words as he knelt down, grabbing the wounded vampire by his collar.. “You have no idea what you started. To think you can get rid of me so easily and that I would actually bow down to your foolish.” That’s when he dug his hand into his chest to rip out his heart before tossing it at Rose’s feet. “You’ve started something that won’t ever be finished,” Niklaus spoke with a spiteful smirk before he was gone within that same second.

      \| Flashback Over |/

      tenor.gif?itemid=10453069His vision was blurred beyond belief and he felt like white hot flames were coursing through his veins. The room spun around him as he willed it to focus but that’s when he heard an eerie chuckle come from the darkness. That’s when light footsteps started to approach him closer and that’s when he tried to will his limbs to break him free from the chains but each time he moved, it felt as if the metal of the chains were just ripping into his skin deeper. 

      “Are they too tight? I can always adjust them,” the witch spoke before a wave of her fingers made them tighten around his wrist which caused Nik’s focus to sharpen from the anger that was rising each passing second. That’s when the witch had stepped into the light that he got a good look at her. He practically scoffed and chuckled lowly as he shook his head. 

      “I should have known. Only witches can be such spiteful and petty creatures. Tell me, how long has it been? 100 years? And you’re still upset about what happened? Just get over it,” he smirked at her and that caused her to mutter a spell which a surge of pain came over him. The pain he felt earned a low growl from him as he could feel his wolf wanting to come out, even as much as resisted. He kept taunting answers out of her, why he was here and what she wanted but her responses only made him give out sarcastic retorts. She was in the middle of causing him more pain until he heard something. 

      No. It couldn’t be. 

      He thought to himself in disbelief. He could recognize her voice from anywhere. However grating as it sounded, he felt relief going through him. Only for it to be replaced by a sense of worry. Rose didn’t know what she was getting herself into and if they got the upper hand on him, he could only guess they would be prepared for anyone. Wait a second... Was he really concerned for someone he had hated for so long? He would have to make this witch pay once he was free from these ridiculous chains. 

      “What really was your plan here? I know you used to think you were so clever but really though, you were quite dim when it came to planning such things. Maybe that’s why I had to let you go. I’m just surprised you were able to find a way to come back from me snapping your neck,” he smirked, knowing if he kept trying to get under her skin, she probably wouldn’t notice the Vampire Queen coming through. 

      As he kept being put through more amounts of pain, he kept thinking to himself why in the hell out of all the people, Rose would be the one to save him. Unless she came here to just see him like this but with the sounds he heard of necks snapping and screams of terror from whatever kind of treatment she was giving the guards, it must not be for that reason. So kept buying her time, working the witch up as he silently hoped to himself that the Vampire Queen wouldn’t get caught because he had to admit that time certainly made this witch smarter.

    • Vampire - Admin

      8662842265?profile=RESIZE_584xThe screams echoed in her ears, some were ear piercing, some were barely a gargle from choking on their own blood but Rose couldn’t stop moving as her fangs ripped through neck after neck. She was in her true Vampiric state as her bright red eyes glowered at her next victim. She hasn’t been in this state since she found some form of humanity thanks to Theodore but now with Niklaus, he brought out her true nature and that was to kill. Rose would be lying if she didn’t enjoy the taste of the different types of blood running down her throat as she drank from some to keep up her stamina if she was going to rescue Niklaus she needed as much power as she could. And blood gave her power. On a couple of warlocks that stood in her way she didn’t even need her fangs, her fingernails were sharp enough to slice through the air. Rose felt unstoppable. 

      Once the deed was done, she drained the final body of any blood, high on the substance, before throwing it down on the ground. “Now,” her voice deadly cold as she stepped toward the steel doors, “Open says me.” and with a simple push of one pale, cold, hand the steel doors flew off their hinges, knocking into two more guards. Hearing bones crack Rose knew they were dead and she felt no remorse. The Vampire Queen walked into the warehouse and even though it was dimly lit Rose had no problem seeing. The only problem was this was no ordinary warehouse. It had hallways, turns, and from the way it seemed, a couple of floors. She would bet Niklaus was kept on the lowest floor. 

      The moment Rose turned a corner she was, terribly, ambushed by more guards, and as they tried to pull her down Rose stood tall, despite her small frame. She was high on her blood lust and at the moment she felt like death himself. She continuously broke neck after neck as she moved, replenishing her strength with blood every ten or so. Finally, her journey came to an end when she heard Niklaus’s growl. Pausing to listen, the Vampire Queen heard the conversation between Niklaus and a woman, she was probably the one who was behind this whole thing. 

      8662845671?profile=RESIZE_710xRose thought about how she could go about this, on one hand, she could barge right in and simply neck the woman’s neck killing her fast before they knew the Vampiress was there, or she could have a bit of fun and have the witch try to kill the persona of death. The second one seemed more interesting and given how Rose single-handedly killed everyone already, the woman inside was all alone. Her bloodlust high agreed for that option. 

      With her bright crimson hues set on the pair of doors in front of her, Rose moved to open them emerging slowly in with her hair flowing behind her. She felt like she was in a movie but if this was a movie her appearance would portray her as a villain, not the heroine she was trying to be. “Sorry to crash the party,” her deadly cold voice rang through to compliment her fangful smile, her eerie bloodshot eyes moving from the Witchy woman to Niklaus “But it seems like you took my pain in the ass friend here,” She chuckled darkly with no humor before her smile turned into a straight line, “And I don’t appreciate people taking my things.” 

      The Witch merely scowled at the Queen before raising her hands to deliver a spell to cast pain on Rose, and while Rose would admit it was a bit8662834673?profile=RESIZE_400x uncomfortable, the Queen only cocked her head while staring blankly.

      “Is that supposed to hurt? Wanna try it again? And I would be more successful this time because if you don’t kill me,” her gaze turned crazy, and once more her fangful smile returned, “I’ll kill you.” Being the giving Queen she was Rose thought it would be a splendid idea to let the Witchy woman know what was in store for her. Her eyes flickered towards Niklaus, her craze gone as she inspected him, seeing a bit of cut and bruises she deemed him okay before something powerful hit her causing the Vampiress to gasp and look at the witch who was performing a spell that made Rose drop down to her knees. It felt as if someone was taking away her breath, clenching her heart, and kicking her in her stomach all at the same time. The pain was indeed surreal, something that reminded her of when she looked into the minds of those who were dying.


      Could this be some kind of spell that inflicts the mind portraying death? Rose didn’t need to breathe, she could live her entire life not breathing, and her non-beating heart? Yeah, it would be a problem if someone ripped it out but ultimately she could survive long enough to retrieve it so long as it is not crushed. This pain she is feeling now feels similar to a heart attack, or what she could presume as she never experienced one. The kick to her stomach was nothing, her flesh was as if it was made of stone and iron, a simple kick would have broken the foot that dared. 

      “Enough!” her growl held power as she mentally broke free simultaneously casting her ruby orbs at the woman. “Your spell did not work Witch.” She obviously said while rising to her feet. Silently she stalked towards the woman who was backing away from the Vampiress begging for her life, but Rose didn’t take pity on her as she ran right into her, plunging her hand into the Witch’s chest and pulled out her heart. As the body fell Rose had a flashback of what happened in her home with Niklaus oh so very long ago as he too dug out a heart from her wounded soldier. Rose turned slightly to drop the heart at the ground of the Hybrids’ feet before her cold voice turned a shade warmer as she threw his words back at him while ripping off the shackles around his limbs. “I believe this finishes things?” 

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