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It was no secret how much the Queen enjoyed throwing parties at her new place of Residence. When she was younger and living with her parents in Hunedoara she completely hated the idea of a ball. It meant her parents were trying to find her a husband, a husband she didn't want at the time. Since times were different for the Queen, she didn't mind throwing a party when she felt like it. 

This was normally the time of the year she gathered all of her subjects to attend a ball of sorts at her home. Last year she didn't have many but since she has seen the growing number's in her faction rise, she was hoping for a better outcome this year. Rose had spent the last couple of weeks sending out invitations to the Vampire's she knew about in Vrevale and the possible surrounding areas but she has also left a flyer where her kind mingled a lot: Particular blood banks, hospitals, bars, anywhere she knew a Vampire would enjoy going. She knew the risk of the other species finding out and possibly getting upset at her for not inviting them, but this was Rose's way to show her love and affection to her kind, as well as get to know them. 

When the day of the ball arrived, she was frantic at putting her home together, placing decorations where they should, making sure her almost endless amount of blood was stashed in the giant walk-in cooler that resided in her kitchen, and if they didn't want any from a bag, she had feeders on standby, continuously keeping up their blood supply by drinking orange juice and a snack. The Queen also made sure to have plenty of liquor around, considering most of the Vampire's she knew enjoyed a good drink. Everything was falling into place as Rose took a moment to look at her handiwork. Smiling in victory, Rose set forward to prepare herself for the ball and since this year was a masquerade, she was even more excited for it. There is a certain allure to a masquerade ball that she enjoyed. Perhaps it was the mystery of not knowing who was under the mask, but Rose would know, she always knew thanks to her bond with her people. 


When Rose was finally finished getting ready she stood to look in front of her body length mirror for the final time, giving herself a once over, loving the dress she decided to buy for this occasion but what really stood out was the fact that for a split moment, she resembled her mother. She could see the same determined eyes, the same smile, and even the same facial structure. Rose was in awe and felt a little sadness wash over her. The sound of the doorbell broke her of her trance. 8158218464?profile=RESIZE_710x
"Arnold, will you get that please?" Rose called down to the butler as she reached for her red and black laced mask. Gently putting it on to avoid ruining her makeup, she tied it in the back and smiled at her reflection. "Să o facem" She said quietly in Romanian telling her reflection to 'Let's do it.' As she made her way down the long corridor from her room to the giant ballroom she had in her home. 

The sound of a trumpet deceased any chatter that may have been going on as the Harold announced her. "Introducing Her Majesty, Rosalia Illena Constantinescu, Queen of Hunedoara." And Simultaneously both the white french doors open to allow her to walk in with a smile on her face. 
"Welcome everyone to this year's Masquerade ball! Let the night begin!"

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    98188d8d87604d22ca1c5b86229c0676.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xEver since she was turned Harlow had struggled with her hunger, but Rose and Jacob had helped her through that they were both confident that she was able to go out into the world. Tonight she wore a gorgeous dress that her sister had picked for her. As well as a matching Mask to the dress, her hair was down and curled to complete the outfit. Harlow looked herself over in the mirror and took a deep breath “You are ready for this, you can handle one night around fellow Vampires.” She whispered to herself. Running her hands over the belly of her dress she sighed and turned to walk out of the house and into the awaiting car for her. 

    732b8282a6fb93a62a9583d665abd394.jpgUpon arriving she climbed out of the car and affixed the mask to her head before walking inside just in time to watch Queen Rose make her entrance, she smiled softly at the woman she looked up to. This event was for Vampires only so Harlow was not expecting to see her other half, Jacob. Which made her a little nervous since she turned she had rarely been apart from the man as he seemed to be her anchor.

    She walked further into the room letting her eyes dance over the details of the room. “Beautiful” she whispered to herself as she made her way to the bar to get herself a glass of blood wine to calm her nerves. In her head, she was battling with herself on whether she could handle this night out or not. 

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    As the applause erupted when her words were spoken, Rose stood at the top of the stairs basking in the lights for another moment. The outcome had been worth the stress as the twinkling of the soft glow from the lights illuminated the ballroom giving more than what their eyes needed to see. The decor is plastered in shades of gold, crimson red, and royal blue to signify the colors of the Romanian flag, Rose's home. Once the applause had died down the Queen graciously made her way down the stairs keeping her head high and eyes straight, her mouth curved into a smile she hoped for a peaceful yet memorable night. Compared to the recent balls she threw in the past there was always one common factor that seemed to happen: Theodore arriving and making a mess out of her party and occasionally making her look bad. But tonight it will not be like that, she inwardly promised. 

    Upon the ground, she took note of all gathered tonight to see the newest Vampire in Vrevale, Harlow. The young Queen let out a small sigh in relief to see her out and mingling with the rest of her kind and so far, managing her self-control with the darkness that overtook turned Vampires. The ever needing feeling to feed oneself. Rose slowly moved her way through the crowd, speaking her greetings, curving her lips to form the perfected smile that she was used to giving. It always felt fake to Rose.
    "Harlow," Rose spoke in a light voice and her tone was equally as friendly "Lovely to see you have made it tonight. You look beautiful." She noticed the royal blue dress that complimented the vampire quite elegantly. "I say that is a lovely color on you, my friend." She giggled and took note of the glass of blood she held in her hand. "Tell me, child, how are you feeling tonight? Please speak freely if there is anything I can do to ease any thoughts of discomfort." The Queen's brows furrowed slightly, she too once was overwhelmed with the hunger when she was still but a little girl, all those years ago.

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    10515373890?profile=RESIZE_400xHenri looked at the jacket as it hung from his  car door as he sighed a little  a stressful few days, but tonight he was hoping to  relax  as he slid the jacket of  his suit of the hanger  he closed the door as he began to make his way towards the  entrance as he put on the black  jacket  that matched his  clothing  for the night  stopping  at the door he took a deep breath  he could hear  applause from in side“ OK Henri for once you  actually late for something “he laughed to his self a little as he made his way inside.


    Henri was met by the bright light as he  walked in  he  sighed a little as he missed the Queens entrance  nodding politely as she came down the  stairs as he walked into the crowds he nodded politely to vampires that acknowledged him  as his eyes scanned the environment  making his way towards the  bar stopping suddenly as his arm was grabbed, and a familiar voice  rang in his ear “Dmitri  when did you get here  “he smiled politely  as  he nodded  listening to his old friend  before excusing himself as he continued towards the bar stopping  as the barman  met his gaze “scotch on the rocks  please “he  turned around as he leant  back  against the bar  looking around his surroundings  as he smiled  hearing the clunk of the glass   behind him  as he turned to take his glass he  acknowledged more vampires  between sips of his drink    his eyes scanning the queens location  every few minutes  is mind constantly telling him to relax  as he moved away from the bar  and began to mingle  with vampires  that were there 

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