Site Regulations

Site Regulations

1. First and most importantly, be kind to everyone. We want this site to be a safe space for all our members to get away from their real life troubles and to have fun. Which leads into rule number two.

2. Any kind of bullying will result in punishment from the administrative team. None of that will be tolerated here. If you are being bullied or harassed in any form, please tell one of the admins on the home page. Please screenshot the bullying as we want to handle it in a private and respectful manner between members.

3. To recieve your **species badge**, you MUST read the rules and sign them, add the crew on the homepage so you can recieve messages/updates from them, add your species leader, join the absent group and then claim your FC. 

4. HOM will only hold single OC (original character) accounts, meaning that FANDOM related character are NOT allowed. You will be contacted if we see that you have a fandom related character and ask that you re-read the guildlines to create an original character. While we encourage to let your creativity run wild, please refrain from creating an account that serves a multiple group. Should you wish to have more than one character, please create a separate account.

5. To add on to the rule above. we are not going to have a character limit. HOWEVER, we ask to be active on ALL your accounts. To ensure activity, we ask for each member to have at least 1 threads on each role before creating a new one. Once you reach past 5 characters, we ask to have at 2 threads. Also please say the name of your main account when you sign up please.

6. We ask that when creating your character they cannot be older than the Species Leaders. They are the Leader for a reason. If you are found older than the leader you will be asked to change your age. Along with that, please refrain from making your character a powerful figure like a god/goddess. If you so wish to involve that element, we do have species that derive from gods and goddesses (ex. Nymphs, Shifters, etc.)

7. When you have thought of who and what you want your character to be we ask that you send the Species Leader of your character a small description of your character. Once they approve/accept your summary you may post your character biography on your page. This is just to ensure that you and your leader are on the same page. 

** ANOTHER NOTE **: We ask that all the species leaders and their SIC are to be respected. They are there to help you. 

8. We ask please be respectful in chat to members and during chat RPs to characters. No godmodding will be allowed in any circumstance. No killing or impregnating anyone’s characters without their permission. You’re welcome to plot whatever storylines you’d like but it’d be polite to talk to the other person beforehand. So don't assume your RP partner will be cool with what you will do. It's only polite to give them a heads up. Chat rules will provided in the chat box for the proper etiquette.

9. The platforms on which you can roleplay will be in main chat, private chat, comments, and forums. Whichever you prefer so have fun!

However, when it comes to privating your forums, we ask you type in the names of all the admins on the homepage. If something goes too far in the RP and we aren't able to see, we can't properly help you. 

10. To ensure we have active members on HOM, activity checks will be done every two months or so. It eliminates the hassle of inactive accounts that are taken up face claims or whatever concern may arise.

11. Please comment in the absent group in relation to activity. That way we can work with you about not losing any of your character’s information.

12. In regards to the relationship page, if you and your partner wish to be in a relationship on the relationship page, BOTH parties must tell their Species Leader. If Species Leader is not available, please speak to Inyana or Vincent.

13. Lastly, please sign the rules so we know that you read them.


With all that said, welcome to our site! We hope you enjoy your time here and make good memories of your own!


~ The Admin Team

Site Regulations

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