Vampire Info

Queen of Vampires

Rose Conner

Second in Command: 

Antonio St.John



Inès Montgomery



Vampires are one of the oldest races in existence behind humans, the first one being named Lilith. The majority of them are very old fashion, believing in the way of Vampires being the superior of all supernaturals. Rose, the Queen of Vampires, set forth to abolish these thoughts, making sure that within her kingdom, Vampires are no better than any other creature. She strives for peace amongst the other supernaturals and makes sure all of her vampire subjects are taken care of. Being Queen and a descendant of Lilith, Rose, and Rose alone, has the ability to be connected with every vampire that exists, whether turned or born. Rose is the only Vampire on the council since she is the Queen and what she says amongst and on behalf of her people goes but she also has a second in command when she occasionally has to step out of the office to travel, only then can her second in command make decisions on her behalf on the council for her people. 

No Vampire may resist an order by the Queen as by nature's rule.

Vampires are creatures of the dark and cannot walk out in the sun without wearing a daylight ring! When turned into a vampire, they have the option of purchasing one from a Heretic or Witch/Warlock. They are the only ones who are able to make the daylight rings. If a Vampire dies, the Queen automatically feels their death, so by order of the queen, every vampire who chooses to interact with people in the day MUST wear their ring.

If any questions arise about the nature of Vampire, please talk to Rose.

Species information


  • They survive on blood to replenish their energy and stamina.
  • They have heightened senses than those of humans.
  • They are always drawn to the darkness for comfort and safety.
  • They are immortal so things such as diseases and war cannot kill a vampire.
  • Their beauty is surreal. 
  • Vampires have the ability to turn any other species into a vampire but please see Rose for approval to turn another. 
  • Vampire's eyes turn black when they are undergoing Vampiric emotions such as lust, hunger, hate, etc. Rose is the only one who's eyes will turn Red when undergoing Vampiric emotions.

  • Those who are older Vampires have the ability to Compulse. Depending on how strong the mind is of the other, a vampire may be able to control the mind of the other. Exceptions are the Queen, she is immune to any Compulsions. No Vampire may Compulse the mind of someone else to do harm, violation will be dealt with by Rose. Compulsions are mainly to wipe a memory or overwrite a memory in someone else.


  • Vampires cannot walk out into the sun without a daylight ring! Vampires will burn and disintegrate when in contact with the sun.
  • Silver steaks pierced through the heart is another way to kill a Vampire.
  • Snapping their necks and burning them in fire will also kill them. Simply snapping their necks is not enough and neither is fire alone.
  • Vervain weakens Vampires all around. It will not kill them.


Vampires can procreate with any species HOWEVER, a female Vampire may only get pregnant once in her lifetime and will have a Pregnancy term of 5 months due to the fast growth of a female Vampire womb. The outcome species of the child will differ. 

  • Vampire + Vampire will have a Vampire child.
  • Vampire + Human will have a Dhampir child but they are still under the protection and command of the Queen. 
  • Vampire + Siren will have a Vampire child
  • Vampire + Nymph will have a Vampire child
  • Vampire + Phoenix will have a Phoenix child
  • Vampire + Hybrid will have a Vampire child
  • Vampire + Witch/Warlock will have a Heretic child
  • Vampire + Succubus/Incubus will have a Vampire child
  • Vampire + Mermaid/Merman will have a Mermaid/Merman child
  • Vampire + Werewolf will have a Hybrid child
  • Vampire + Faerie will have a Faerie child
  • Vampire + Shapeshifter will have a Vampire child
  • Vampire + Heretic will have a Vampire child
  • Vampire + Dhampir will have a Vampire Child
  • Vampire + Cambion will have a Succubus/Incubus Child
  • Vampire + Angel will have a Nephilim Child
  • Vampire + Nephilim will have a Vampire Child 
  • Vampire + Dragon could have either a Dragon or Vampire Child. (See Dragon page for more detail) 
  • Vampire + Banshee/ Banhee will have a Vampire Child

Biography of a Vampire

When writing your Biography on being a vampire please include the following:

  • If born a vampire: How long ago? Where did you reside? If you reside in the kingdom where Rose ruled, how did you feel about her taking over the throne? (If you are more than 800 years old) (If you are less than 800 years old and Resided, how did the death of the Queen impact your life?) Please include how you met Rose. She loves all her subjects and wants to know them personally.
  • If you are turned: What were you before? Who turned you? How are you adapting to the life of a vampire? How did you meet the Queen?
  • If you died and came back as a vampire: What and who were you in your previous life? When did your spirit find a similar body? You may add the encounter of your spirit meeting the deceased look alike. (If confused please see Rose's page for an example). How did you meet the Queen?

Vampire Coven Symbol

Vampires are Coven type creatures. They survive by being in a Coven family-based. This symbol indicated you are part of the Coven and pledged your allegiance to Rose. Vampires are not forced to join Rose's Coven, they have free will. The symbol must be on the clothing the Vampire wears, tattooed on their body, or some kind of jewelry to show. Display the Coven symbol with pride.



Queen Under Intense Protection Services

QUIPS is a secret organization that was recreated by Slyvianna and another Vampire named Alistar when Slyvianna was still Queen when Lillith, the first Vampire created unsuccessfully tried to create a group of strong Vampires due to lack of numbers.
The purpose of QUIPS is to ensure that the Queen is protected from any threat no matter how small. The difference between them and the Queen's normal army is that the members of QUIPS consist of some of the stronger and faster Vampires. They are skilled at being undetected amongst others, making them one of the deadliest forces the Queen has up her sleeve.
QUIPS is loyal to the Queen Vampiress and consists of members of all genders and she is the only person who knows who is in QUIPS. If interested in joining QUIPS please contact Rose. 







◇Henri Sharpe
QUIPS Member
Recruited by the former Queen Sylviana, Henri was the first member of QUIPS and remains Rose's closest bodyguard and even a good friend.
Gamename PB Name
◇Narae Ryeo
QUIPS Member
Recruited by Rose, Narae once helped Rose escape a dire situation when younger. Years later Narae continues to impress Rose with her skills.
Gamename PB Name




Other Covens and groups may be created amongst other Vampires, but please let Rose know what Coven is being formed and what symbol.